Evolo is a well-known architecture and design magazine that focused on technological advances, sustainability, and innovative design for the 21st Century. It dedicated to promote and encourage the most avant-garde ideas in design and offers a platform for people around the world to discuss those amazing designs. On April 20th, eVolo Magazine has announced 3 winners and 22 honorable mentions of the 2020 Skyscraper Competition from 473 projects worldwide, in which there are many projects from China shortlisted. Now, let’s enjoy the imaginative ideas from China.

Epidemic Babel: Healthcare Emergency Skyscraper

Designed by Chinese architects D Lee, Gavin Shen, Weiyuan Xu, and Xinhao Yuan, they took the first prize in the competition. This design responds to the coronavirus pandemic that outbreaks this year.

Facing the current situation, this healthcare skyscraper is inspired by the purpose of relieving the burden of the existing healthcare resource. The main structure of this high-rise hospital is a steel frame with several functional boxes that can be easily installed to the main building with a very small footprint. Besides, these boxes can be assembled in five days in response to sudden outbreaks of contagious disease. It meets the demand of a temporal hospital, that is, simple construction and rapid response.

The project corresponds to the aim of the annual award that is to encourage visionary ideas that challenge the way we understand vertical architecture and its relationship with the natural and built environments through the novel use of technology, materials, programs, aesthetics, and spatial organizations.

Other projects from China in Honourable Mentions

Drilling Water-Scraper: Power Plant And Underwater Recycling Center

Designed by Xuejun Bai, Chucheng Pang, Lei Zhai, Yuyang Sun, Dianao Liu

Blooming Tulou Skyscraper

Designed by Jiang Donglin, Yue Kaiyun, Tian Shaohong, Dai Mingqi, Ma Xinyue, Zhu Yilong

McFashion Skyscraper

Designed by Jingxuan Yang, Jingwen Na, Tianhao Wu, Hangyi Guo

Stockholm Mill Skyscraper: Hedonistic Resilience As Landscape

Designed by Yiran Fu, Zhen Meng

TaoBao Tower: Cyber Mall Skyscraper

Designed by Gu Jiaxi, Zuo Minghao, Mu Rongxuan. Feng Gang (Tutor)

Fill The Gap Skyscrapers

Designed by Zhong Chen, Wenheng Wang, Naiqiang Yu, Peng Zeng

Vertical Tidal Settlement

Designed by Xiangyu Zhang, Jingwei Tang, Qiuyuan Yang, Linxiao Li, Pengfei Li

 (All the pictures above are reprinted from ABBS.)

There is no doubt that these forward-looking architectures really make us rethink the relationship between humans and architecture. Do you like these innovative designs? If you want to know first-hand information about architecture, warmly welcome you to visit our website. In addition, if you are designing some outstanding and futuristic designs, why not assign them to AIMIR? We worked tirelessly for high-quality 3D rendering services and bring life to your design.

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