Deadline of Submission 2019-07-08 18:00


OPPO International Headquarter, another famous enterprise headquarters in Nanshan Super Headquarters Base, which is the most significant area in Shenzhen, is seeking a qualified architectural scheme from prospective bidders at home and abroad.

Located in Super Headquarters Base in Nanshan District in Shenzhen, OPPO International Headquarter Project takes up a total land area of 18126.75 m2, while the total floor area is 185000 m2 (including the ground area of 171000 m2 and underground space of 14000 m2 for commencing).

Design Content

The architectural scheme within the red line; the development of the scheme; the preliminary facade design; the conceptual design of scheme for landscape and lighting; the scheme of interior design in public area; the review and control and construction assistance on scheme effects involved in each consultant’s work as well as on-site effects.

Registration Requirements

  1. The tender will be open to the public without any qualification restrictions. Independent registered companies with relevant design experience, whether at home or abroad, can register for entry. No application from individuals or individual combination is accepted.
  2. Design consortium is allowed with no more than 2 members for each consortium. Moreover, any member of the design consortium can’t apply for the tender alone, or join the other team, or participate as the consultant.

Competition Rules

The prequalification committee will select the top 10 bidders based on documents summited such as qualification, achievements, the team to be put into the project, and conceptual drafts, etc. Among them, the top 6 shortlisted participants come to Stage 2 Scheme Design. The other four participants will get design compensation for Stage 1, two of which will be the alternatives at the same time.


  1. There will be two winning candidates in this tender, from which the committee will determine the winner. The winner will be the architectural designer to perform this project. The other candidate winner will receive RMB1,500,000 as a bonus.
  2. The other shortlisted participants not in top2 will get compensation of RMB1,000,000 each after submitting the qualified deliverables.
  3. The other participants from 7th to 10th at Stage 1 will receive compensation of RMB100,000 each.

Registration Time

It’s expected to begin in mid-late June. The registration period lasts 20-25 days.


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