Submission Deadline: September 10, 2019

In order to replicate the path of reviving the villages by art in more areas, AIM again holds Changchun Lotus Mountain Public Earth Art Competition in August this year. It is an attempt to bring potential energy to the area with the use of art, striving to satisfy people’s spirits and emotions and explore another possibility of development in Changchun.

Theme – Lotus Four Seasons Come Together

Centered on “Lotus Four Seasons Come Together”, the design competition aims at “Global Tourism + Ecology”. It invites participants to put forward the unique cultural spirit and language of Lotus Mountain based on the observation and reflection of life, production and ecology, with the public installation art as the carrier, among 12 regions within Changchun Lotus Mountain Eco-tourism Retreat, Quannong Street.

“Lotus Four Seasons Come Together” shows the inclusiveness of Lotus Mountain in a year in the global ecological vacation: the growth of spring, the leisure of summer, the harvest of autumn, and the health of winter.


Located in the east of Changchun, Jilin Province, Changchun Lotus Mountain Eco-tourism Retreat is adjacent to Shitoukoumen Reservoir and Yinma River in the east. There are rich resources in this district which covers an area of 362 km2, such as unique ice and snow, hot springs, and forests. 120 km2 of forest, 30 km2 of waters and 20 km2 of wetlands together create a unique ecological base for mountains, forests and water. High-quality air, distinct seasonal changes and good natural environment offer favorable conditions for the habitation and reproduction of animals and plants. Men and nature live in harmony here and share the gift of nature.

The retreat is surrounded by mountains and rivers. And the landforms formed by low hills and alluvial plains are comparable to charming pastoral scenery in Europe and America. After years of protection, the region has presented a purely ecological natural landscape surrounded by lush green forests, vast land, forest roads and clear water.

The temperate continental climate has endowed Lotus Mountain with four distinct seasons. The landscape varies from season to season. People can admire flowers in spring, spend a holiday in summer, enjoy leaves in autumn and play snow in winter, which can be described as “four seasons in a year and different scenery in different seasons”. It’s an ideal summer resort and ice and snow paradise, with more than 350-day fresh air throughout the year.

In addition, hot springs are abundant here where the hot spring belt of Changbai Mountain Dahei Mountain located. Ethnic groups such as Han, Man, and North Korea have lived here since ancient times and developed diverse national cultures and Kanto folk customs.

According to the plan, Changchun Lotus Mountain Eco-tourism Retreat will be built into a leisure and holiday center in Northeast Asia, a modern service base in Changji United Metropolitan Area, a system innovation base in Changjitu Pilot Area, and a new eco-livable demonstration area in Changchun.

AIM Challenge

Since Emperor Kangxi advised to work in agriculture and garrison the frontiers in Quannong Mountain and Quannong Road, the national agriculture had developed rapidly. After 300 years, human society has transformed from agriculture to the service industry. However, the northeast region has developed hard for a long time because of the heavy burden of the old industry.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of cultural tourism, along with the desire of the Northeast to “awake”, we hope that the competition could make full use of the excellent location, perfect infrastructure, rich natural resources, colorful legends and strategies to carry out a local environmental transformation. It is encouraged to create art installations with environmental protection materials or recycled materials, re-make aesthetics on the basis of respecting the environment and add long-term vitality to the earth.

As for Lotus Mountain, this competition could present the inclusiveness of “four seasons” in the atmosphere of the global eco-resort. As for public art, it provides new challenges, new creative elements (environmental protection materials or recycled materials), and new ways of integration. As for participants, it is another opportunity to display their talents.


Announcement of the Competition: August 15, 2019
Workshop: From August 24 to August 25, 2019
Submission Deadline: September 10, 2019
Announcement of the Results: September 15, 2019
Public Vote: From September 16 to August 20, 2019
End of the Review: September 20, 2019
SMART Lotus Mountain Global Tourism Summit and Competition Award Ceremony: September 27, 2019


The tender will be open to all over the world. Artists with relevant experience and achievements can register for entry. Besides, 5 artists will be recommended to participate in the competition by the organizing committee.


① There will be 12 finalists for each selected area with a prize of RMB 10,000 each person.

② The first, second and third prize will be selected among the shortlisted candidates.

1st prize: one person, with a prize of RMB 80,000

2nd prize: one person, with a prize of RMB 50,000

3rd prize: one person, with a prize of RMB 30,000

③ Best Popularity Prize in Network: one person, with a prize of RMB 5,000

④ Liwang Peacock Forest Most Popular Award: one person, with a prize of RMB 5,000

Registration and Entry Requirements

  1. Materials submitted include:

A1 drawings (841mm × 594mm) are not less than 2 sheets, including but not limited to plans, elevations, sections, effect drawings, analysis chart and screen materials that can fully express the design concept (Plate layout shall have no special requirements and can be customized to typeset). The ratio and size are all in metric units, and the plates, pictures, drawings and etc shall be submitted in JPG format with an accuracy of not less than 300dpi.

(2) A copy of WORD format design description in A4 paper (no more than 500 words);

(3) Entry information table (The information table template is provided in the downloaded materials);

(4) Works ideas: creative sketches, work photos and other materials of the creative process (Pictures shall be in JPG format, whose accuracy is not less than 150dpi);

(5) Participants should adopt corresponding ways of expression according to the content of the entries, and the form is not limited, and the proportion of drawings is self-determined.

  1. Optional submission:

Video (2-4 minutes): In order to present the work better, you can submit a short video including the team members, combining with the exhibition board to describe the design concept of the entry. The form of this video is not limited. And the best video format is MPEG, MP4, AVI.

Please scan the QR code for more details about registration and documents of the competition.

If you can’t join the group, please scan the QR code below.

Aimir would be glad to inform you of all kinds of design events and help you address the challenges of taking part in these competitions and contests. Don’t worry, the consultation would be completely free. If you’re interested, please feel free to contact us.

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