WE ARE 17 NOW! 💖

AIMIR has been delivering story-telling 3D architectural visualization works to the world and demonstrated the beauty and art found in the ArchViz industry since 2006. Which is why we’ve been pacing next to the 17th year with ambitions and appreciation.

Especially for the past two years, like the majority of companies around the world, we’ve faced the unknown head-on. But this has allowed AIMIR to progress to a totally new level. Until June 2022, we’ve delivered 8,232 projects for 598 clients to 26 countries across the globe. With our solid team of 56 colleagues and proven working systems, the Pricing, Delivery, Service, Workflow, and Quality System, we’ve been achieving a degree of trust from our clients and partners for the past 16 years and providing excellent 3D works worldwide.

Now in the 18th year, AIMIR wishes all our colleagues, clients and partners to maintain, build and acquire health and happiness, as there are unlimited horizons, new discoveries, and achievements ahead.

Thank you for being with us!

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