3D rendering, regardless of what type of project you’re working on, is unavoidable being used in making the design real and attractive, is the key to unlocking your design’s true potential. There are many possibilities in architecture by using the powerful computer-driven 3d rendering technique. There are many merits rooted deeply in 3D renderings, like turning architectural plans into virtual images, easily making changes in the 3d model, and providing top-class 3d rendering to stun potential clients. This is quite a long list. What benefits you can get from 3d rendering is more than ever you can imagine. Modern designers armed with beautiful rendering that can help them to break the boundaries of limitation in design.

In the world of design, no matter it’s the new proposed building or a home renovation, it’s important to represent the design before actually building it. Not only does the 3d rendering enable you to control and adjust the design but also convince the clients that you are capable of making their property becomes more beautiful. In early summer this year, AIMIR has made a few renderings for Chabad of Lakeview, as it’s undergoing a renovation. Now, let see how the future Chabad of Lakeview will be and learn how AIMIR created this photorealistic 3D visualization step by step.

Project Details:

Project name: Chabad of Lakeview

Production: August, 2020

Project location: Chicago, United States

Chabad of Lakeview is a vibrant Jewish center located in the heart of Chicago’s beautiful Lakeview neighborhood. Chabad of Lakeview is dedicated to providing every Jew regardless of background, philosophy or level of commitment, an open door environment for strengthening and enhancing Jewish family life. This is a place where offers Friday night dinners and services, adult education offerings, kids learning experience, and participate in holiday celebrations. As the Chabad of Lakeview has served the community for many years, there are some of the places that need to renovated and refurbished.

The Main Design Concept

Front Façade, Shul (Jewish Sanctuary), Social Hall, Preschool Classroom, Aerial View, there are totally 5 views for this project. As the Shul and aerial view is in the design process, we are working on the other renderings simultaneously to save time. Our client sent the detailed information with references and monitored the whole creating process from start to finish. Thanks to the well-prepared information, we can have a clear picture of the design and working on the 3D renderings smoothly and swimmingly.

The Working Process

1# Create 3D model draft for angle and model checking

2# Add texture and entourage to the rendering, filling the scenes

3# Material or texture changing, adding 3D objects to increase realness

The Result

After several rounds back and forth, the renderings are finally ready. The owners were very impressed by the renderings that were effectively portrayed in the CG visuals.

It’s been a sheer pleasure working with such talented designer and truly satisfied with the results as well as the positive feedback. There’s no doubt that without his highly cooperative spirit and professionalism, we can’t have this successful cooperation.

3D architectural visualization is the stepping stone to create visually appealing images for architectural design. The exceptional interior rendering brings your design to a new height, broaden your horizon with many creativities. However, making a beautiful rendering requires a special blend of talent and education. Luckily, AIMIR is a professional CG company for you. If you need 3D rendering service, please feel free to contact us. We are always here to air your design.

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