Located on the outskirts of Parana, Brazil, GRIS garden house which along the main street is the new member of the community. Surrounded by different kinds of vegetation, the habitats of the building can find themselves easy to get close to nature. Now let’s find out how architectural 3d renderings delivery a garden-style concept in the apartment building.

As you can see from the rendering, it is a high-rise garden house with a green belt consisting of beaucarnea recurvate, Eugenia brasiliensis, and Plinia cauliflora around it, which can also serve as the buffer strip between residential area and the main street, blocking the noise, keeping the privacy and offering habitants a sense of security. There are many tibouchina trees set around the green belt as some decorations. Among them, there is a Japan cherry tree, whose color is similar to the tibouchina tree.

On the left side of the building, various vegetation is planted on the foot of the wall, such as philodendron, trandescatia, liriope spiciata and so on. What’s more, on the canopies, you will see the ficus benjamina. Planting so many vegetation, our clients want to echo to the local feature of abundant plant species. From day one, our client doubt that we are lack of material to present the vegetation well on the rendering. It is turn out that we have whatever model you need in order to create the best rendering. In order to enhance the sense of reality, our client has a high standard on the layout of these plants on the rendering. All in all, you can call GRIS a garden in name and in fact.

The color of concrete and metal texture become the main color of the façade, which makes the construction concise and majestic. Many movable panels make up the façade of the building, allowing habitats to open for the sunshine and to close to block it. Whilst different state of the panels saves the façade from monotony. As for the question How to express different stages of panels well to show the active and pleasing appearance of the façade, our clients have a lot of discussion with us, aiming to get it done perfectly.

When it comes to the models, on the one hand, we chose models from different races and different age groups to reflect the diversity of races in Brazil. On the other hand, to do so is to show that the residence is suitable for all kinds of people. The drive-path leading to the garage is well designed so that it can integrate well with the whole building.

During this collaboration, our client placed emphasis on the sense of the reality of the 3d renderings. The height, species, and outlay of the plants, the type and color of the path, and the movable panels have to be consistent with the reality. Undoubtedly, AIMIR has the common ground between the two parties, and we had many discussions with our client with patience, aiming to comprehensively understand the need of them. We presented every detail meticulously, and finally, we offered the best 3d rendering to our clients.

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