Beijing Daxing International Airport, which is ranked as “the Head of the Seven Wonders” by foreign media, is put into use officially on September 25th in 2019. Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, this is an airport built for the future, whose initial operational target is to accommodate a 100 million annual capacity.

As the world’s largest airport, it covers a total area of 70 thousand square meters, equivalent to 98 soccer pitches. There is a high-speed rail tunnel under the terminal building, which is the first to achieve the goal that passengers can take high-speed rail to reach the terminal in the world. As well, the radial hexagonal plan is used to reduce walking distance for passengers, presenting the shape of five concourses connected to a main hall. The distance from security checkpoints to the furthest gates is no more than 600 meters, which takes nearly 8 minutes to reach the boarding gate.

In addition to its scale and convenience, it is also full of unique beauty. The “starfish” shape is endowed with a special meaning, that is, the phoenix spreading its wings. The aviation hub contains 12,800 pieces of glass, in which over 8,000 pieces are used for the roof. There are 8 white columns stretching upward to the ceiling and the flower-shape glasses are spreading out at the top of the columns. It is astonishing that these roof glasses are totally various because of the streamline design. Everything looks peaceful and beautiful as the sun shines through the glasses.

Besides, there are five gardens at the end of five corridors outside the core area, respectively named “Silk Garden”, “Tea Garden”, “Ceramics Garden”, “Countryside Garden” and “China Garden”. All of these Chinese cultural design dazzled domestic and foreign travelers.

Many amazing black technologies are used during the building process. Meanwhile, the speed to build this airport impressed people deeply. Began in 2014, it finished at the end of June, 2019. It just spent 3 years to complete this outstanding construction. Located in the south central axis of Beijing, it will bring a interflow of people, goods, funds and information, making it a new potential driving force for the development of this place.

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