Architectural rendering is a significant technical advancement that perfectly presents the proposed architectural designs. Through this remarkable technology in architecture, architects and designers can easily develop photo-realistic and detailed architectural visualizations for their clients. The astounding 3D visuals have significantly given viewers a whole new way of assessing the buildings, particularly for projects that are working with existing structures.

High-quality architectural 3D renderings can always make your design more charming and desirable. In Yr2018, we were honored to be involved in creating architectural 3D visualization for MWC Block A Tower. This 47-story 499-foot Fifield tower was proposed by Chicago’s Fifield Companies, which will be built at Miami Worldcenter. Now, let’s take a close look at how our work visualizes the awesome architectural rendering styles in this tower.

MWC Block A Tower includes:

533 multifamily residential units
15,000 square feet of ground floor retail
456 parking spaces
Seventh-floor amenity deck atop a parking podium
Rooftop pool and sundeck at the top of the tower

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