Engineering task & construction content:

The Blueway along the Trunk Stream of Pingshan River totals 15.1km with the construction area of 310.27 hectares (of which 243.37 hectares of land for municipal use; 66.9 hectares of land for district use) and the total rough investment estimate of CNY 2,110,807,300.

The core area mainly consists of eight nodes built around five major systems: Jingshui park, Kuangkeng park, urban square, Nongshuian backyard garden, urban activity platform, Pingshan water street, landscape farmland, landscape wetland, etc., and Pingshan River Exhibition Hall, Billing water purification plant, Shijing wetland, office buildings for water construction in Pingshan Wetland Park, transformation & upgrading of Shangyang Wastewater Treatment Plant, beautification of municipal bridges and road guardrail, etc.; connection routes for node continuity of main core construction zone in the expansion area, including the upgrading of sidewalk and greening.

Work Content

Design contents:may include but is not limited to: 1. Scheme design, requires approval of the relevant authorities; 2. Preliminary design, requires approval of the relevant authorities; 3. Construction drawing design, (including the detailed design of professional subcontract) requires reviews of the relevant departments; 4. Compilation of as-built drawing, requires reviews of the relevant departments; 5. Bill of quantities, the technical part of bidding document, and bidding drawings required for construction and equipment bid; 6. Send a design team to the construction site to provide technical services for the engineering construction, and fulfill their duties and obligations for the project quality and safety in accordance with the national rules and regulations; 7. Design extended services: include but not limited to participating in joint trail operation, regular project visits, and award declaration and cooperation; 8. Assist in the approval and application for construction, provide complete application materials, and assist in the project review, approval, audit and filing with relevant competent departments and units; 9. Collect and purchase third-party materials related to the design of the project; 10. Undertake the review meeting of the design results at each stage, and bear the expenses incurred.

Registration Requirements

Qualification requirements:

1、Qualification requirements for the bidder:

The bidder shall have:

(1) Professional Class A and above qualification for landscape architecture engineering design.

(2) Professional Class A and above qualification for water conservancy industry (urban flood control or channel improvement).

(3) Professional Class A and above qualification for the construction industry (construction engineering).

2、The consortium bid is accepted for this project and overseas design institutions are allowed to participate in the bidding. The consortium shall consist of no more than three (3) organizations. The leading unit of the consortium shall have the Professional Class A and above qualification for landscape architecture engineering design.

3、Qualification requirements for project leader: Have the title of senior engineer and above. As for the consortium’s bid, the project leader shall be appointed by the leading unit of the consortium.


Limited price of this contract construction CNY 59,467,000.


Design service time: From the date of signing the contract to the completion of final acceptance, and audit of settlement and returns.

Others: The Tenderer shall have the right to reject the submission of the bid applicant if the bidder is in the period of rejecting the bid due to his/her bad behavior recorded by the Shenzhen Water Authority prior to the bid closing (subject to the search results at

The registration deadline is 2020.04.13.18:00. If you’re interested in this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR for more following details and submit the relevant documents timely.

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