Shenzhen North Railway Station Hub Area is located in the central part of Shenzhen, and borders Banxuegang High-Tech Zone to the east and Xili University Town to the west, about 6km away from Futian CBD on the south, which will be the critical junction for south connection, north expansion and central axis enhancement of Shenzhen City. The area comprises Shenzhen’s largest high-speed railway hub (11 stations, 20 lines, designed passenger flow of 200,000 people/day). In addition to the completed Metro Lines 4/5 and the Metro Lines 6/22 under construction, there will be Metro Line 27 and Shenzhen–Huizhou Intercity Rail Line in the future. The area will help Shenzhen connect to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and build a pilot area for integrated regional development, and turn into a window and gateway for Shenzhen to build a pilot demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics and demonstrate its urban culture and people’s happiness.

In order to create a people-oriented urban space with international vision and regional characteristics and continue to improve the urban design at a high level, the municipal and district governments will jointly carry out this international consultation, and solicit prospective, creative and feasible urban design schemes from excellent planning and design agencies at home and abroad, for the purpose of building Shenzhen North Railway Station Hub Area into a world-class leading gateway to Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macao Greater Bay Area and an urban living room of Shenzhen with green ecology, openness and sharing, diverse charm and high happiness index.

Work Content

This international consultation consists of two levels: coordination area and core area.

The coordination area covers 2.75 square kilometers with limits to Meiguan Expressway in the east, west park of North Railway Station in the west, Minfeng Road – Nanyuan Road – Minkang Road in the south, and Baisong 1st Road – Mintang Road in the north.

The core area includes the East Square of North Railway Station (including the section of the Intercity Station), Station Park in East Square, and the adjacent construction land on the north and south sides of the Station Park, totaling 29ha.

Fig.1 Scope of International Consultation on Urban Design

(1) Urban design of the coordination area: make study on city-station relationship, functional composition, spatial organization and form, spatial place and environment design, inter-modal transport connection design and streamline organization, urban staging and implementation guidance, etc., and prepare an urban design scheme.

(2) Detailed design of the core area: make detailed design of the city-station layout, functional modalities and facilities planning, public space and environment design, urban form design, traffic organization and three-dimensional space connection in the core area.

Registration Requirements

There are no restrictions on the qualification of applicant. Any design agency at home and abroad can sign up for this international consultation. Design agencies in different professional fields are encouraged to form a consortium, and at least one member of the consortium shall have experience in integrated transport planning.

We will give priority to the design agencies that have the following project experience:

(1) Rich experience and successful cases in urban design of integrated transport hub area;

(2) Experience in research and design of key areas in a city;

(3) Experience and successful cases in architectural design of large-scale integrated transport hub;

(4) Rich experience and successful cases in integrated transport planning.

This consultation does not accept individual application. The project team should be composed of professionals in urban planning, urban design, architectural design and transport planning.

For open application, the performance, team composition and conceptual ideas of design agencies (consortium) shall be provided. Any design agency that has an interest is welcome to carry out related preparations in advance. The specific requirements of this international consultation shall be subject to the official consultation documents published in the near future.

To obtain the subsequent information for this pre-announcement, please contact Aimir or access the website. If have any questions related to 3d rendering service, please feel pleasant to drop us a line at any times.

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