The International Consulting on the Urban Design of the Central Area of Guangming Science City is to find the most creative and the most practical space design plan, which can reflect the characteristics of Guangming Science City and make the Central Area of Science City a “Capital of Science, Core of the Bay Area, Green City”, as well as a future-oriented, international leading player in high-quality development, a new engine of scientific and technological innovation, and a good example of sustainable development, so as to provide the target population with a green, ecological and intelligent urban area suitable for living and research, and set an example of development featuring international quality and local characteristics in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. At the same time, the design shall consider the land use characteristics of the Central Area at present stage, strengthen the refined management of the whole process, put forward the urban design control requirements, and revise and improve the statutory plans in preparation, providing guidelines for urban renewal and recent development and construction.

Work Content

This consulting includes two levels, corresponding to two design scopes respectively: The urban design scope of the Central Area and the urban design scope of the key areas.

1、Urban design scope of Central Area

The area (including Chaishan Mountain, Science Park, Zhenyuan Road and Guangqiao Road) enclosed by Longda Expressway, Gongchang Road, Guangqiao Road, Guangming Street, and Shuangming Avenue is about 7 square kilometers, including Science Park and Chaishan Mountain of about 2.5 square kilometers.

2、Urban design scope of key areas

Two areas within the scope of urban design in the Central Area shall be specially selected, including a required node area surrounding Guangming Station with an area of 1.4 square kilometers. The other three key areas include: the surrounding area of Science Park Station, with an area of about 0.5 square kilometers; the surrounding area of Lou Village, with an area of about 0.6 square kilometers; the southern area on Guanghui Avenue, with an area of about 0.3 square kilometers. The design firm may independently select one of them for urban design in key areas.

Figure 1 Urban Design Scope

Registration Requirements

1. This consulting will be open to the public and those independent registered companies who have relevant design experiences can register for it. Joint design participation comprised of no more than 3 members is allowed. And any of them should not register by itself or join other design companies. No individual application or individual combination is accepted.

2. Teams with similar design experience will be prioritized in consideration:

a) Practical experiences in planning and design of international or domestic science cities.

 b) Research abilities and practical experiences in comprehensive design of key urban areas.

 c) Rich experiences in landscaping, ecodesign and environmental creation.

 d) Experiences and successful cases in overground and underground integration design of transportation hub or track station surrounding areas.


This consulting will be undertaken by 2 stages: Stage I-Prequalification and Conceptual Proposal, Stage II – Urban Design Competition.

1.The applying design institutions or joint groups shall submit the prequalification documents according to this consulting Document. The hosts will set up the prequalification jury, which will select 10 shortlisted competitors for Stage II – Urban Design Competition according to achievements and experiences of principal designers, composition and experiences of the proposed team, corporation qualifications, industrial reputation, and conceptual proposal and other documents for prequalification of the applicants.

The 10 shortlisted competitors shall submit the deliverables as required by the Design Brief. The jury will make an open vote on them in rounds after full discussion and 1 first prize winner, 2 second prize winners, 2 third prize winners and 5 participation prize winners will be selected, with written comments for the first prize and second prize winners.

2. Schedule (Tentative)



First prize (1): RMB 4.5 million

Second prize (2): RMB 3.3 million each

Third prize (2): RMB 2.2 million each

Participation prize (5): RMB 1.5 million each

If you need more information, please kindly visit our website, or contact us to explore more international design competitions. All these information AIMIR provided is free.

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