1.Project Background

According to the Master Plan of Shenzhen Railway Hub (2016-2030), a new transport hub will be built in the east of Shenzhen Airport, and the hub will be set up underground in line with the scale of 6 stations and 14 lines, so as to provide arrival and departure service to Shenzhen-Maoming Railway and other lines, achieve seamless connection with airport terminals, and form an integrated transport hub of “air-rail intermodal transportation

The Airport East Transport Hub is planned to connect the urban rail lines and transfer with the Shenzhen-Daya Bay Intercity Line and the Airport MRT System. It will integrate various modes of transportation, so as to become a new gateway and benchmark for external transportation of Shenzhen.

2.Project Overview

Located in the axis of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, the Airport East Transport Hub serves as the backbone for the Greater Bay Area’s Development; meanwhile, it is also a key node node in Shenzhen Western Corridor and an important carrier to create a high-end bay area, introduce in international resources and display the internationalization of Shenzhen.

Fig. 2: The Hub Development Belt

The design scope concerning this International Consultation is as follows:

Concept Design Scope of the Hub Core Area: the area enclosed by Hangzhan 6th Road, Hangzhan 7th Road, Bao’an Avenue and Xinghua Road, including the airport east integrated transport hub (high-speed rail, intercity rail, urban rail transit, motor vehicles and other transport facilities included) and property development (including underground and upper development), with a total area of 67.7 hectares and an estimated development volume of 700,000 square meters.

Coordinated Research Scope of Surrounding Areas: the area enclosed by Bao’an Avenue, Xiashiwei Road, Huaide South Road, Natioanl Highway G107 and Xinghua Road, covering an area of about 194.6 hectares。

Fig. 3: Planning and Design Scope

Work Content

This International Consultation aims at soliciting practical design schemes with international perspectives and forward-looking concept as well as being innovative in spatial design, so as to achieve the goal of “integrated urban-hub, transit-oriented development, convenient interchange, and deep integration”, implement the principle of passenger-oriented, construct an ecological, intelligent landmark and a model of new-generation hubs, and lead the transformation and promotion of surrounding areas.

It’s required to carry out concept design for the railway station, comprehensive transport hub and upper property, conduct coordinated research on surrounding areas by taking the hub’s functional positioning as the core, and propose feasible solution for the hub’s internal and external integrated traffic so as to support the engineering feasibility study in next stage.

Registration Requirements

Design qualification will be not required for this International Consultation, and it will be open to design firms at home or abroad, while consortiums are accepted as well. Those top design firms or consortiums in concerning professions are welcome to take part in it. It’s required that the key designers shall have experience of directing the design of landmark buildings in international cities, and priority will be given to design firms with following project experience:

(1)Having successful design and building experience of landmark buildings;

(2)Having rich practical experience and successful cases of railway and urban transportation planning.

Registration by individuals will not be accepted. The project team shall be consisted by professionals in multi disciplines, such as architectural design, urban planning and design, transportation planning and etc.

Work Rules

The International Consultation on Concept Design of Airport East Transport Hub and Coordinated Research on Surrounding Areas will be organized by Shenzhen Urban Rail Transit Construction Headquarters Office, and undertaken by Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. It’s planned to release the official announcement in the middle of September, and the duration of design is about 90 days.

Stage 1, open registration will be adopted and 5 design firms will be shortlisted to participate in follow-up consultation. 5 shortlisted design firms and two alternatives will be selected. In case any shortlisted firm quit, the alternative will take the place by order. The Undertaker will set up the prequalification panel, which will be consisted by experts from relevant areas. The prequalification panel will select design firms to enter next stage according to the company’s project experience, design team and project experience of key designers, as well as the company’s reputation.

Stage 2 will be the design and its evaluation. In this stage, interim report shall be included. The 5 shortlisted design firms shall submit deliverables that satisfy the design requirements. After reviewing the schemes, the jurors will select 3 winning design firms and recommend them to the Undertaker, who will report the aforesaid result, schemes and experts’ review comments to the administrative department in charge and select the final winner.

Stage 3 will be the integration and deepening of deliverables, for which the first-prize winner will be responsible.

This Consultation is reproduced from https://www.szdesigncenter.org/, for further information, please pay attention to Website of Shenzhen Center for Design (www.szdesigncenter.org).

Or please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need 3D rendering services for this competition.

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