In order to improve the internationalization, refinement and specialization of Jincheng Greenway Project Design, focus on improving the architectural form, implanting the consumption scene, creating the landmark landscape and supporting facilities, our company will open the public collection of Panda Base Sightseeing Tower Creative Scheme of Jincheng Greenway Project at home and abroad. Now the related matters are announced as follows:

1. Project Overview

1.1 Project name: Solicitations for Panda Base Sightseeing Tower Creative Scheme of Jincheng Greenway Project.

1.2 Project Sites: The core area of Chengdu panda base in Sichuan province.

1.3 Project Scale: The panda Base Sightseeing Tower has a building area of about 2500 square meters.

1.4 Solicitation scope: Panda Base Sightseeing Tower Creative Scheme Design of Jincheng Greenway Project. The selected applicants shall deepen the creative scheme in the later stage, design the landscape around the building, interior design, control the effect and guide the construction drawing design, etc. For details, please refer to the《design specification》.

2. Applicant qualification requirements

2.1 Applicants must meet the following qualifications:

A. If the applicant is a domestic institution, he/she shall have the status of an independent legal person and have the qualification of class b or above in the construction industry (construction engineering) design issued by the national construction administrative department.

B. If the applicant is an organization in Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan, he/she shall have a permit for legal business and architectural design in his/her locality.

C. If the applicant is an overseas organization, he/she shall have the license of legal business and architectural design in the country or region where he/she is located.

2.2 Achievements: Since January 1, 2016, at least 3 designs (under construction or completed) that are similar to the scale of this project (no less than 2500 square meters for a single building) and public buildings of similar functional nature.

2.3 According to the characteristics of this project, the main designer who participates in this application should have the experience of presiding design of similar projects (sightseeing tower, viewing platform, etc.)

3. Registration and collection of documents

3.1 Time scheme: collection and registration is 9:00~17:00 from October 12, 2019 to October 31, 2019. (Beijing time, the same below).

3.2 registration and collection of documents:

Method 1: by mail

Applicants who adopt this method should mail the application materials to room 510, 5th floor, 170 TaiHe 2nd street, high-tech zone, ChengDu (recipient: Ms. Liang, tel: 028-85186931, zip code: 610041) before17:00 October 31, 2019. Meanwhile, please send the electronic documents of the application materials to the following 2 email addresses: [email protected], [email protected].

The registration materials are subject to the paper materials finally received. Registration materials received after the deadline will be rejected.

Method 2: enlisters accept registration on site and issue collection documents

Applicants using this method should register with the registration materials (including electronic documents) at room 510, 5th floor, 170 taihe 2nd street, high-tech zone, Chengdu (contact: Ms. Liang, tel: 028-85186931, zip code: 610041) before 17:00 October 31, 2019.

3.3 Composition of registration materials

1. Application form

2. Company profile

3. Copy of valid business license and qualification certificate (domestic institution) License of legal business and architectural design (overseas organization or Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan organization)

4. Applicant’s achievement certificate:

A. Copy of the notification of winning the bid (selection) or the design contract (including the content page of project name, project profile and signature and seal page) (relevant certificates may be attached if the award of excellence is obtained).

B. Related photos of the design work (completed project) or renderings (projects under construction).

4.Solicitation Description

4.1 The first stage — public registration and selection: 10 shortlisted institutions and 2 candidate institutions (in order) will be selected by the selection and evaluation committee. If any of the 10 shortlisted institutions quit, the candidate institutions will be replaced in order.

4.2 The second stage — program preparation and review: The 10 shortlisted institutions selected through the first stage will enter the program preparation stage. After the program preparation, they will submit the result documents, which will be reviewed by the review committee and recommended to the top 1 to 3 candidates.

5. Award

First prize: RMB 300,000 yuan (tax included);

Second prize: RMB 150,000 yuan (tax included);

Third place, RMB 100,000 yuan (tax included);

Interpretation rights: the final interpretation rights of the proposal solicitation and related documents belong to the solicitors. All notices, correspondence and outcome documents related to this activity are in Chinese and English. In case of any discrepancy between Chinese and English descriptions, the Chinese description shall prevail.

The source of this international competition comes from Bidding and tendering in China public service platform.

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