Public space quality has become an important representative measure for urban competitiveness these days. The “Smart” era is now driven by creative technological advancements, and it is integrating, intricately, into the improvements of our city and the way we interact with people, with space and with information in our everyday lives. As an important part of “The Third Hebei International Urban Planning and Design Competition”, “Planning and Design for Beautiful Hebei – The Third Q-City International Young Designer Competition (China · Handan)” revolves around the topic of “Quality City”, with an emphasis on the integration of technology, we hope to start a global discussion regarding the core values of public space.

This year’s competition site is in Handan City, Hebei Province, which contains both historical value and potentials in development. Taking Renmin Road, the main image road of Handan as the carrier, through the implementation of cutting-edge technologies such as 3D-printing, 5G technology, and artificial intelligence, it explores the ideas and methods of urban micro renewal and strives to enhance the value of existing factors through limited investment, precise design and persevering implementation strategies, and hopefully generates “huge” benefits with “small” intervention in the end. Through interdisciplinary collaborations across science, technology and design, and integrating the wisdom of many parties, it strives to create a “Handan Model” to provide new paths and new vision for future urban developments, exploring an acupuncture method to urban space by using smart design, establishing Handan a social image of a potential city for high-precision technology development, thus further improve the quality of the city and its public service capabilities.

“Planning and Design for Beautiful Hebei—The Third Q-City International Young Designer Competition” as an exploration to improving quality of urban public spaces, it is also an exploration in finding innovative and or artistic approaches. With the potential of introducing automated urban renewal/repair systems, the integration of smart health or sports facilities, intelligent urban furniture, interactive art installations, intelligent lighting and way-finding systems, competitors are encouraged to implement new technologies such as 3D-printing, 5G technology, and artificial intelligence, and propose new perspectives, new stages and new focus to enrich the daily life and stimulate the vitality of the city. 

Competition Requirement

1.Design Principles

(1) Creativity: Create diverse and interesting places for Handan citizens and tourists. Design should be original;
(2) Science & Technology: Design should consider the most cutting-edge technology, such as 5G, AI, 3D printing, etc., reflecting the power of science and technology;
(3) Locality: Project should be designed with a comprehensive consideration of local history, culture, and natural environment of Handan with its regional features highlighted;
(4) Sustainability: The sustainability of materials and operation should be considered;
(5) Feasibility: The selection of material, and the form of construction should all be feasible;
(6) People-orientation: Designs should fully consider the diverse needs of different groups of people and provide citizens and tourists with urban spaces for activities.

Submission Requirements

1. Submission Form: Please submit the digital version of drawings and relevant documents to [email protected].

The official language of the competition is Chinese and English (English must be included in the language of title and main design description). Chinese and English drawings are required by Chinese competitors; English drawings are required by international competitors.

3.International Measurement Units
(Meters, Millimeters, etc.)

4.Submission List: 
(1)The panel size shall be A1 (594mm x 841mm) Landscape orientation, 3 panels required for each submission(at least 3 panels should be submitted). If more than 3 panels are submitted, only the first 3 panels shall be taken. Provide panels that can fully express the creative intention of the work, such as general layout, renderings, plan, elevation, section drawing, enlarged key drawing and diagrams, etc., as well as design description (combined within the panel) of about 500 words, there are no limits on the scale and effect of all drawings on panel. If there are physical models, photos of the physical models can be included. 
Panel Requirement As Seen in Diagram Below:

(2) Appended materials (Design Texts, Videos, Model etc.) can be submitted as auxiliary instructions of the design.

  • The participants shall attach an identifiable scanned copy of their ID along with the email of submitted works (the participants in mainland China shall provide a scanned copy of their local ID, participants in China Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and International participants shall provide scanned copies of their passports). In case of team participant, the scanned copy of valid photo identification of all team members shall be provided.
  • The submission of the work shall be accompanied by a text (in the format of TXT / Word) named after the title of the work, including the names of all participants in the group, registration serial numbers, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, team names or the full names of relevant institution and departments, title of design and the design description should also be included in the text only document.
  • “The Declaration of Original Work” should be downloaded from the official website, and signed, scanned and submitted together with the project.

Layout and Format Requirements 

(1) Please submit the drawing layout (300 dpi, long side is more than 1500 pixels) in the version of jpg. and name the picture according to the content (such as XXX plan 1).
(2)Please submit the text information in TXT/Word format in the folder named by the participant(s)’ name(s).7.Competition Schedule
Registration Deadline: 24:00 ( GMT +8), June 1st, 2020
Submission Deadline: 18:00 (GMT +8), June 15th, 2020


  • Individual participants and groups shall agree with and follow the competition requirements and regulations. The organizing committee reserves its right of final interpretation. 
  • Entries with words or pictures relating to the name or department of participants in the digital drawings will be disqualified from the competition.
  • Participants have the copyright, while the organization committee can exercise all other rights except authorship.
  • Entries will not be accepted if found to be published under others’ names or in other competitions.
  • Juries cannot act as advisers to participants; otherwise, participants will be disqualified from the competition.


First Prize – (1 Team) Honor Certificate + Bonus 300,000 RMB (before tax, around 43,000 USD) Each
Second Prize – (4 Teams) Honor Certificate + Bonus 100,000 RMB (before tax, around 14,000 USD ) Each
Third Prize – (10 Teams) Honor Certificate + Bonus 30,000 RMB (before tax, around 4,300 USD) Each
Honorable Mentions (Several Teams): Honor Certificate + UED Magazine
(The prize-winning projects might be implemented on site and the local government has the final say)

For more details about this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR or access our website. If you need 3D rendering service for this competition, kindly reach back and ask for a quote. AIMIR has a professional team who with more than 10-year experience in CG industry, we are dedicated to deliver high-stand service to you. If you have any projects that need architectural visualization service in the future, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us.

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