The Lexin Headquarters Building Project is located at the intersection of Haide Second Avenue and Zhongxin Road, Yuehai Sub-district, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, with the parcel No. of T107-0088 and the land purpose of commercial land. The area is at the core of Houhai Central Area, Nanshan District and enjoys convenient transportation and complete supporting facilities around; it will be built into a place where headquarters enterprises gather in the future. The area has geographical advantages and policy support, superior “finance + technology” industrial agglomeration effect, and large appreciation potential of fixed assets investments.


The Lexin Headquarters Building Project will be built into an integrated project that combines office and commerce. The plot faces the D-06 commercial plot of Anbang project across Haide Second Avenue in the north, with the SCEH & Bauing Holding project on its east side and Area B of Shenzhen Bay Cultural Plaza on its south side.

The project enjoys complete supporting facilities around, including Shenzhen Bay Sports Center, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Haide Branch, Poly Cultural Center, Coastal City, Second Foreign Language School of Nanshan, Guanhaitai residential area, and Bank of China Shenzhen CNOOC Building Sub-branch, etc.

Registration Requirements

The prequalification of this tender will adopt the method of invitation + open application. The Tenderee will issue the invitation to the invited agency candidates and select two as the shortlisted ones; the other three shortlisted agencies will be selected from the bidders through open application. The five shortlisted bidders will jointly participate in the second stage: scheme design and review.

1. The tender has no qualification restriction and will be open to the public. The bidder must be the enterprise or institution legally registered inside or outside the People’s Republic of China. The registration of individual and team of individuals will not be accepted.

2. The registration of consortium will not be accepted.

3. The bidder must have design capability and practical experience in similar office building schemes.

4. The designers participating in the tender shall be registered personnel of the design institute. Chief Designer shall be a person who has held several projects of the same type, shall be directly involved in the whole bidding process, and make scheme presentation as per review requirements. The designer team is required to have fixed personnel, and the need to replace any main designer must be consented to by the Tenderee in writing in advance. In order to ensure that the project designers have an accurate understanding of the regional background of China and the related requirements, there should be at least one project designers fluent in Chinese.

5. Registered bidders shall submit the application information as required by the tender document.


1. Application & Prequalification

This stage shall adopt the method of elimination round by round and open ballot, the Prequalification Committee will make comprehensive review on the application materials of the open applicants. The contents of review include the applicant’s industrial reputation, project achievements, awards, proposed project team, etc. Three applicants will be selected and enter the second stage together with the two invited agencies.

Meanwhile, two back-up agencies (with ranking) will be selected. In case any of the three shortlisted applicants withdraws from the second stage, the back-up agency will replace in order.

2.Scheme Review

The Scheme Review Committee will adopt the open ballot method of elimination round by round. After full discussion, experts will vote to select the top 2 successful candidates without ranking to enter the stage of determination of bid winner.

3.Determination of Bid Winner

The Bid Winner Determination Committee shall review the deliverables of the top 2 successful candidates recommended by the Scheme Review Committee. On the basis of fully respecting the professional review results of the Review Committee, according to the bid opening results of the commercial bid and combined with factors such as cost, time limit, and technology, the top 2 successful candidates shall be ranked. After the review of urban planning or urban design, the Tenderee shall finally determine the bid winner according to the review procedures.

Schedule (tentative)

Remark: All the time mentioned is Beijing time. The Tenderee reserves the right to adjust the schedule according to Client operation or government arrangement. In case of any change, the notice will be informed 7 days in advance.


Except for the bid winner, other unsuccessful shortlisted bidders will be given a design compensation if their submitted deliverables meet the requirements of the design brief: the one entering the top two will get RMB600,000, and the other three shortlisted bidders will get RMB450,000 respectively.

Any applicant who intends to participate in this solicitation activity shall register first. If you want to know further details about this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR.  What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization. Welcome to let me know if you need more help, I would be rather happy to take it further!

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