Shenzhen Natural History Museum will be located in the area around Yanzi Lake, Pingshan District. The Museum may cover an area of 40,200㎡ with a gross floor area of 120,000㎡. The total investment is temporarily determined as 4.353 billion RMB. The Museum will accommodate functional modules including collection, exhibition, research, science and education, public service and support functions.

Shenzhen Natural History Museum aims to be a world-leading large-scale modern comprehensive natural history museum, which is also a center for collecting natural historical relics, displaying natural specimens, researching natural science and conducting education programs. It aims to be the first innovative natural museum in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay.


Schematic design and architectural design development.


The project shall be conducted by “Invitation and Open Tendering”.


The official announcement of this tender will be issued in the near future. We welcome domestic and international design teams to pre-register in this bidding. Please visit the website below ( and fill in the table if you’re interested. Once the formal announcement is published, the office will also send e-mails to you.

Pre-Registration is NOT an official bidding application. According to the management requirements of the follow-up procedures of Shenzhen Construction Engineering Transaction Service System, it is recommended that the bidders firstly learn the relevant bidding process and register online enterprise information in advance.

Please refer to Shenzhen Construction Engineering Transaction Service Network or contact AIMIR for specific information.

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