As a modern, international, innovative coastal city and a one of the core cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, Shenzhen has emerged as one of the most economically competitive and dynamic cities worldwide. It also has the reputation of “City of Design”, and now is striving to build itself into a global marine center city.

Xiaomeisha Area is located in the eastern golden coastline of Shenzhen, adjoining Dapeng New District on the east, Dameisha on the west, Maluan Mountain Country Park on the north and Dapeng Bay on the south. The Area is 28 kilometers away from Futian downtown area, boasting stunning mountains, lakes, beaches, reefs and other coastal resources. It is one of the seaside leisure and tourism attractions with natural beaches and being nearest to Shenzhen downtown area. In the future, Xiaomeisha will build a world-class urban coastal tourism resort with extraordinary mountain and sea tourism resources based on the theme of “creating a delicate Xiaomeisha Town that embraces the sea”.

As a pioneering coastal tourism resort since the establishment of Shenzhen, Xiaomeisha Area has won such honors as one of the “Top Ten Scenic Spots of Shenzhen” and“Top Eight Scenic Spots of Pengcheng (Shenzhen)”. After 3 decades of development, the Area has witnessed the emergence of “Xiaomeisha Resort”, “Xiaomeisha Sea World”,“Xiaomeisha Hotel” and etc. At present, it receives more than 2 million tourists annually.

Recently, the urban renewal Plan on Xiaomeisha Area has been approved, and the architectural design for its plots will be carried out step by step. The Organizer has initiated the International Bidding of the Architectural Design for Architectural Design for Plot 02-09, Plot 02-10, Plot 03-01-01 and Plot 03-01-02 of Shenzhen Xiaomeisha Area in March, 2020. As Plot 03-01-02 is located in the core of Xiaomeisha, an iconic and innovative architecture is essential for it to further improve Xiaomeisha’s popularity, so open selection is adopted for this Open Competition to call for far-sighted and innovative architectural concept schemes and the best concept will be selected as design reference to the Organizer and the winning bidder of Plot 03-03-01 and Plot 03-01-02.

Work Content

The design content of this Open Competition is the architectural concept design of Plot 03-01-02, and its relevant info is as follows:

Plot function: tourist service center

Plot area: 9,755.0 m2

Type of land use: C5 (Recreational facilities)

Plot ratio: 1.3

Height limit: ≤24m

Building area: 12,730 m2; including the recreational facilities of 10,150 m2, and public supporting facilities (incl. underground utilities) of 2,580 m2.

Rate of coverage: not exceeding 50%

Main functions: tourist service center, convention & exhibition, display space, multi-functional hall

Registration Requirements

1. Registration Requirements

(1) No design qualification is required for this Open Competition. The applicant can be a company, or a team or an individual. Avant designers, crossover designers, college students or any citizens with dreams for Xiaomeisha are warmly welcome to take part in this event.

(2) Those that apply as a company shall submit the scanned copy of application form which is stamped by the company.

2. Submission Requirements on Deliverables

Please submit the deliverables to us via [email protected] before 15:00, May 15, 2020 (Beijing Time). The list of submittals shall include but not limited to the following:

(1) 3 posters in A3 size (420mm*297mm), including those drawings that can express the design creativity, such as the general layout plan, horizontal, elevation and section drawings, perspective view, diagrams, and design explanation within 500 words (combined in the posters), etc., with no limitation to the scale;

(2) Design brochure in A3 size, no more than 20 pages;

(3) Other supplementary explanation documents (such as video, model and so on).


The Organizer will release the competition announcement on local and international websites of similar industries to openly accept the registrations.

After the registration and submission deadline, the Organizer and Supervisor will carry out a preliminary review on the submittals and select not more than 30 concept schemes for online voting.

After online voting, the Organizer will invite 6 design experts and 1 representative from the Organizer to constitute the jury panel. In combination with the online voting result, the jury panel will carry out review on the selected 30 schemes and select 1 winning prize and 5 honorable mentions. Both the concept scheme that’s awarded the winning prize and the winning bid of the International Bidding will be submitted to the Organizer for final decision.

1.Timetable (Provisional)

Note: All the time and date above are applied in Beijing Time. The Organizer reserves the right to amend the schedule.

2. Miscellaneous

(1) No submittals will be returned to the applicants after the review and the Organizer is entitled to use all the contents or part of them in every submitted scheme for review, online voting and publicity.

(2) Applicants shall promise that all the deliverables submitted (including but not limited to drawings and report, etc.) are original and will not infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of any third party. In case of infringement, the infringing applicant shall bears all consequences of infringement and compensate for all the losses suffered by the Organizer therefrom.

(3) The Organizer reserves the rights for the interpretation of this Open Competition.


Winning Prize: 1, who can win an award of RMB 80,000 Yuan (tax included);

Honorable Mention: 5, each of whom can win an award of RMB 30,000 Yuan (tax included).

All winners can have the certificate of award issued by the Organizer.

If the concept scheme that’s awarded the winning prize becomes the one to be optimized by the winning bidder of Plot 03-01-02 in the International Bidding, the winner will enjoy the authorship together with the latter. The awards above paid by the Organizer shall include the fees of the Organizer’s one-off buyout of the copyright (IPR) of the concept scheme that’s awarded the winning prize.

Any applicant who intends to participate in this competition shall register by filling the relevant documents and submit the concept design scheme before 17:00, May 15, 2020 (Beijing Time). If you want to know further details about this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR.  What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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