Competition theme

With the theme of “let’s BRIDGE”, this covered bridge competition is part of the renovation plan of Nanjing Maogaoqiao Street, launching creative design competitions for designers both at home and abroad. This competition aims at boosting public participation, creating a group of street furniture with cultural characteristics in a way of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, and further improving the function of the river landscape belt. Therefore, ecological remediation and urban renovation can be promoted to enhance the citizen’s sense of gain.

Design  content and requirements

“The bridge gathers the earth as the landscape around the stream.” —Martin Heidegger

As part of the plan for the renovation of  Maigaoqiao Street, a landscape bridge (site 1) is planned to be built near the river in the park to stitch the relationship between Shijingshan Park Yanhe Road landscape belt and the surrounding neighborhood, to show the overall charm of the civic park as well. In addition, two covered bridges (sites 2 and 3) are set up to meet the needs of citizens’ rest and community services (specific locations can be viewed in the following picture). In the end, it is hoped that the three bridges together with the north-south landscape river channels and landscape belts form a unique “Long Garden”, and each bridge is part of the “Long Garden”. Participants can choose any one of the bridges to design, and the design area should be controlled between 50-100㎡, meanwhile, it can provide rest and convenience facilities.

Design works with smart coordination, utilization and structure will be preferred.

Smart Coordination- to coordinate the surroundings and to leverage the overall environment.

Smart Utilization- to put forward special usage scenarios and thinking models.

Smart Structure- to consider reasonable constructing method with the combination of topography.

Competition Process

1. Design Upload

From November 19, 2019, to March 31, 2020 (deadline for design uploading).

2. On-site Survey and Q & A Exchange

In early December 2019, the organizing committee has organized on-site surveys and Q & A exchange.

3. Expert Evaluation

An expert panel will be held to assess the shortlisted design works and the exact time is to be informed until further notice.

4. Online Voting

The competition organizing committee will release the shortlisted designs, meanwhile, open a public voting channel to initiate online voting and the exact time is to be informed until further notice.

5. Award Ceremony

The competition organizing committee will determine winners and honor them.(Exact time is to be informed until further notice).

6. Design Display

During the period of 2020 Nanjing Creative Design Week, the organizing committee of the competition will hold a themed display to present winning design works.

Contest Registration


Participants can be individuals, teams or institutions. Works that have already been implemented,  been participated in other competitions, or been published are not allowed to participate.

Requirements for Design Works

(1) Graphic content

① A brief design description (not more than 300 words).

② General plan, showing the position of the bridge and the connection with the neighboring environment.

③ A complete set of drawings that can clearly express the designer’s intent (plan, elevation, section, perspective renderings and detail, etc.).

④ No information reflecting the identity of the designer should appear on the drawing.

(2) Graphic layout requirements

The final submitted design is an electronic version with a format of PDF or JPG whose size is 841mm (W) * 1189mm (H), and the image accuracy is not less than 300dpi. The page number is limited to one with a vertical layout.


1 first prize, 80,000 yuan / piece;

2 second prizes, 40,000 yuan / piece;

5 third prizes, 20,000 yuan / piece;

6 awards of popularity, 10,000 yuan / piece.

Note: all the awards mentioned above are before taxation. 

Other Awards:

1) The winning designers and design works will be announced and awarded.

2) Winning companies and independent designers will be awarded a certificate of honor.

3) The winning design works will be selected and then constructed on the spot.

4) The outstanding winning design works will be exhibited in the “Nanjing Urban Space Youth Art Season” section of Nanjing Creative Design Week in 2020.

5) The organizing committee of the competition will hold special forums, inviting winners and guests to share their experience.

6) The organizing committee of the competition will post exclusive interviews with outstanding winners on its WeChat official account.

If you want to know more details, please feel free to contact AIMIR  or visit our website. 3D rendering service, advanced technologies provide better customer service and real-time images, which can help design companies attract customers more efficiently and conveniently. If you’re interested in working together, please feel free to drop us a line.

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