Project Positioning

Shenzhen Natural History Museum aims to be leading in China and first-class in the world, interpreting the laws of natural evolution, showing “geographies of Shenzhen and ecology in the global perspective”. It is to become a natural history museum “to actively advocate science”.

Project Location

Shenzhen Natural History Museum will be located around the Yanzi Lake Area, which is the geometric center of Pingshan District, on the southeast side of downtown of Pingshan. It is close to Pingshan Central Park, library, art museum and other public service facilities. The east side is right next to a 1-kilometer-wide urban ecological corridor. The west side is adjacent to the old city center with traditional trade service. The area, filled with unique natural elements such as Yanzi Hill, Pingshan River, wetlands and forests, is important space for upgrade and transformation of Pingshan Central District.

Project Scale

Shenzhen Natural History Museum covers an area of 42,000 square meters, with a gross floor area of 100,000 square meters. Total investment is limited to 3.5 billion RMB (excluding specimen collection cost), in which construction cost is around 2.1 billion RMB. The final project scale and investment are subject to government approval.

Work Content

The work scope for this project: conceptual design, schematic design and architectural design development; BIM in schematic design and architectural design development phases; Cooperate with feasibility study report, budget preparation and project approval; Review drawings of exhibition design, interior design, curtain wall and landscape design that have an impact on the overall architectural effect; Be responsible for the material and sample selection of materials that have a great impact on the project. The final work scope shall be subject to the tender documents and design contract.

Registration Requirements

1. Applicants must be domestic and overseas entities with legal business registration.

2. Consortium are permitted. One consortium shall include no more than 3 members (including the leading member). Each member of the consortium shall not further apply alone or participate by joining another consortium. 

3. The consortium members shall sign the Consortium Agreement legally and specify the leading member, as well as work distribution in each design stage and their share of rights and interests.

4. Individual or teams of individuals will not be accepted.


Tender Rules

Procedure of invitation + open call (pre-qualification) is adopted for this project tender. There are Invitation Stage, Open Call and Pre-qualification Stage, Design Competition Stage and Final Evaluation Stage.

Invitees (in alphabetic order by Chinese company name):

1. Consortium: Bjarke Ingels Group A/S + CCDI


3. Consortium: Grimshaw Architects + Urbanus + CNADRI

4. Consortium: CCTN Architectural Design Co. Ltd + Shenzhen AUBE Architectural Engineering Design Co., Ltd

5. Consortium: Artech Architects & Designers Limited + KRIS YAO | ARTECH


Tendering Schedule


The total design fee is RMB 53.50 million, consisting of two parts listed below:

1) Basic Design Fee: temporarily priced at RMB 40 million (maximum RMB 400/square meter). The exhibition design fee is not included. 

2) The total amount of honorarium for outstanding bidders and compensation for scheme optimization temporarily determined at RMB 13.5 million (currently calculated with the highest possibility). Honorarium will be paid by the winner after the contract between winner and tenderee is signed and the first payment is processed.


1. In the design competition stage, 12 design teams that have not entered the final evaluation process will be compensated. Each of the invitees will be compensated RMB 1,000,000, while the shortlisted teams from open call pre-qualification review will be compensated RMB 600,000 each.

2. Among the 3 finalists, the final winner will be awarded of design contract, the other two teams will be paid honorarium for their outstanding proposals, each RMB 1.5 million.

3. The tenderee reserves the right to request the three finalists to further optimize their proposal. If so, an extra fee of RMB 300,000 will be paid to each team for the work. If no need for further work before final evaluation, such fee will not apply.

If you want to more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

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