Project Overview and Main Design Tasks

  1. Construction scale and functional positioning
    The new project of the second people’s hospital of Huiyang district shall be designed as a whole and implemented by stages according to the standards of the “third-class” hospital. The proposed project covers an area of about 51120 square meters, with a total construction area of about 88000 square meters and 500 beds. The total investment is tentatively about 830million yuan. 
  2. Location of Project and Scope of design 
    The project is located in Dongfeng Meilong new area, Xinxu town, Huiyang district, covering an area of about 51120 square meters (see the red line diagram for details). 
  3. Main Contents of the Competition 

(1)Main design tasks (design time is about 30 calendar days, the actual arrangement shall prevail)
Architectural design work content: The design content is a program design of overall planning and architectural design within the scope of the project construction, including but not limited to, the overall layout of the building, floor layout, the functional partition, traffic organization, the vertical design, landscape design, public space design, single building (or group) scheme design concept and scheme description, architectural modeling and structure scheme concept, design of underground space and green building, explanation of related technical difficulties, the main technical and economic indicators, area allocation and other necessary, etc. 

(2) Requirements for the Design results of This Competition
The results of this competition include: text album, display board, electronic document, physical model, etc.
① Text album: 25 copies of all the design results bound in a volume of A3 paper.
② Display board: 6 copies of all display drawings mounted on the lightweight board of A0 paper.
③ Electronic files: 2 copies of all design results made into electronic files in U disk including the electronic files for program demonstration (within 10 minutes, dubbing in Chinese), files using AVI, MP4, MPEG and other multimedia formats (with playback software).
④ Solid model: 1 model. 

(3) Requirements for further design of the competition (working time: about 20 calendar days; Excluding the time for consultation, discussion and evaluation of the competition organization, the actual arrangement shall prevail, determine in writing). 

Competition Rules 

The competition is divided into two stages: the first stage is application and pre-qualification; The second phase is competition design. 

1. Stage 1 — Application and Pre-qualification (approximately 16 calendar days, the actual arrangement shall prevail) 
(1) This competition adopts the method of open competition, and the applications of domestic and foreign design companies (including consortiums, the same below) that meet the requirements of the competition are accepted. 
(2) The organizer of the competition shall set up a qualification committee, which shall review the qualifications, performance and the team to be invested in the project of the design company that has submitted the application documents for the competition, and select 9 official competitors by ballot to enter the design phase ii of the competition. At the same time, two alternative companies will be selected. If the official competitor withdraws, an alternative company will be replaced in order.
(3) The 9 official competitors will receive invitation letters from the competition organizer.
(4)If there are less than 9 but not less than 6 official competitors selected, the competition will continue as usual, otherwise, the start time of the second stage competition will be postponed. 

Stage 2– Competition Design Stage (about 30 calendar days, the actual arrangement shall prevail) 

(1) The 9 official competitors shall carry out the design work in accordance with the requirements of the subsequent release of the technical documents of the competition, and submit the formal design documents on time. Each of them shall submit only one design scheme, and the design scheme submitted by design companies other than the 9official competitors shall not be accepted.
(2) The competition organizer shall invite relevant industry experts to form a scheme review committee to review all submitted design schemes and select the top 3designsthat are not ranked, and the 4th and the 5thdesignsby ballot as the winning scheme of the competition.
(3) The competition organizer will compare the three winning schemes according to the expert evaluation opinions and the comprehensive strength of the winning scheme design company, and determine the top three positions. The winning scheme ranked first is the winning scheme. If the winning scheme is difficult to achieve the purpose of the competition, the selected scheme may be vacant.
(4) The selected design company shall complete the follow-up in-depth design work.
If the winning scheme unit gives up the competition, the security deposit will not be returned. The organizing unit of the competition may, in accordance with the provisions of the technical documents for the competition, the results of expert evaluation and the opinions of the department, select another scheme as the selected scheme or the vacancy of the selected scheme. 

Competition Fee Setting

1. Incentive Fees

If the scheme is evaluated as an effective scheme by the scheme evaluation committee, the competition organizer shall award the outstanding scheme designer.

The design company ranked the first among the winning company will be awarded CNY 600,000, and the second and third winners will be awarded CNY 300,000 each (the copyright of the second and third place winners will belong to the competition organizer). The fourth and fifth winners will be awarded CNY 150,000 yuan each (the copyright of the fourth and fifth winners will belong to the competition organizer).

Note: There is no compensation for the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth places in the list; Any competitor whose scheme has been judged by the evaluation committee to be invalid will not be eligible for compensation for the cost of the competition. Participants in the form of the consortium will be uniformly paid to the exclusive collection account designated by both parties of the consortium.

2. Payment Method

The cost compensation fees received by the competitors shall be paid in CNY and settled in mainland china. If an overseas company is unable to collect CNY from its account, it may authorize an independent legal company within the territory of mainland china to collect the incentive fees, the costs incurred shall be borne by the competitors. The award fee for the first ranked design unit will be paid after the completion of the further design work related to the competition.
For the award fee ranking first, 50% of the award amount shall be paid within 7 working days after the successful selected scheme design company completes the follow-up design work related to the competition after written confirmation by the competition organizer. After the selected scheme design company sells the scheme design result document to the construction drawing design company according to the regulations, the remaining full payment shall be paid within 7 working days. 

Competition Requirements

The applicant should choose one main designer for the design scheme. If the applicant is selected as the official competitor, the main designer shall be personally responsible for and follow up on the whole work of the project and participate in the further design work after the end of the competition. Without the consent of the competition organization, the main designer and the main professional leader of the team shall not be replaced.
During the competition period, the main designer shall attend the project conference and site survey, interim report meeting (if any) and expert review meeting, and make the project report in person. If the main designer is unable to attend the above meeting due to special circumstances, the competitor must submit a written explanation to the competition organizer, stating the reason for the designer’s absence, the resume of the replacement and his/her specific work content of the project. the substitute may attend the meeting only if the organizer agrees in writing to do so. Otherwise, as determined by the competition organizer, they will be disqualified and the entry deposit will not be returned. Among them, if the main designer is absent from the conference of this project, he/she shall arrange another time for an on-site survey, and provide the organizer with the certification documents of an on-site survey of the main designer (such as on-site work photos, etc.). 

Ways to Participate in the Competition 

1. Qualifications of the design company

(1) A business license or certificate of business commencement that has been legally registered and is valid; A design entity registered in China must have the status of an independent legal entity.
Design company within mainland China shall have the status of an independent legal person and have valid engineering design qualification issued by the construction department. A domestic design company can be individually or in the form of a consortium to sign up. 
There is no limitation on the qualifications of a design company for foreign investment or overseas investment (including the areas of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao). It is required to hold the approval certificate of foreign-invested enterprises or the approval certificate of enterprises invested by overseas Chinese from Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong.

If the design company with foreign investment or overseas investment (including the areas of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao) does not have the above certificates, it shall provide the company registration certificate (the non-Chinese version shall be translated into Chinese version), and shall form a consortium with a domestic entity with the above conditions to register. If the design institution is an overseas institution, in order to ensure that the project designer has an accurate understanding of the background and relevant requirements in China, the project designer shall have at least one person who knows Chinese. 
If different organizations with the same legal representative, or the parent company, holding company or wholly-owned subsidiary of the participating entity are the same legal representative, they may not register for the competition at the same time, except those who jointly form a consortium for the competition. 

(2) There is no qualification requirement for this competition. The applicant should be a design company with strong comprehensive strength, high reputation in China or abroad, and nearly 10 years of experience in designing large-scale public buildings of the same type.

(3) Requirements for the reputation of the competitors: the competitors should have a good reputation in the industry and have not been revoked of their business licenseor, revoked of their qualification, closed for rectification, or had their property taken over, frozen, or entered into bankruptcy proceedings by the relevant departments (the declaration of the competitors shall be provided and the official seal shall be affixed). 

(4) The competition accepts the consortium, and the number of members of each consortium shall not be more than 2 companies.

2. Submission of Entry Application Documents

(1) Interested companies shall email the completed pre-qualification questionnaire to the competition organization agent before the specified time.
(2) Any company wishing to participate in the competition must send all the application documents in written form to the agency of the competition organization(Address: 701, Yuezhou plaza, no. 19, Maixing road, Huizhou city) before the deadline(2020-3-11) for submission of the application, and at the same time make the electronic documents of the application documents into a U disk and submit them together with the written application documents. The submission time is subject to the time when the competition organization agent receives the application documents. Late arrival of the application documents will not be accepted. 

3. Deadline
The submission time of each applicant’s documents shall be subject to the time when the competition organization agency receives the written application documents. Late applications will not be accepted. 

4. Entry Application Documents 
The application documents should be bound in A4 paper in duplicate, one original and one copy each, according to the “requirements on the content and format of the application documents”. Based on the consideration of environmental protection and economy, double-side printing is recommended. Send or mail the application documents to the competition organization agency. 

Entry Guarantee 

In order to ensure the successful completion of the competition, all competitors who are officially invited to participate in the competition must pay a security deposit of CNY 2,000.00 to the competition organization agency to confirm their participation.
If the scheme is not awarded, the security deposit will be returned to the payment account (excluding interest, the same below) within one month after the scheme review. If the scheme is not selected, the security deposit will be returned to the payment account within one month after the successful scheme is determined. The security deposit of the selected scheme will be returned to the payment account within one month after the completion of the further design work. 

Other Matters

1. All documents and correspondence in this global competition shall be written in Chinese or in both Chinese and English. In case of any ambiguity between Chinese and English, the Chinese version shall prevail.

2. Beijing time shall prevail for all times mentioned in this announcement.

3. The copyright in addition to the authorship of the scheme which gets the cost of this competition belongs to the competition organizer. Competition organizer has the right to introduce, display and evaluate the scheme by media, professional magazines, books or other forms after the competition, and use, adjust or change the plan in the construction of the scope of this competition.

4. Any form of plagiarism is not allowed in this competition. Otherwise, all duty caused by plagiarism shall be borne by the participating company at fault, the competition organizer shall not undertake any legal liability The competition organizer does not assume any legal responsibility, those who cause losses to the competition organizer shall also be liable for compensation.

5. The laws applicable to the competition itself and documents related to the competition shall be the laws of the People’s Republic of China.

6. If there is any discrepancy between this announcement and the officially issued technical documents of competition, the technical documents of the competition shall prevail.

7. The territory of the design company shall be determined on the basis of the business registration address of its corporate headquarters (or the group headquarters).

8. All application documents will not be returned.

9.The right to construe and amend the Announcement resides in the Host.

For more following information about this design competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR or access to the official website. In addition, if you need architectural visualization for your design, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us.  

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