Shenzhen, known as an important special economic zone for reform and opening up, a national economic center, an international center for science and technology, an international cultural exchange center, and a global marine central city, while Guangming District is a national science city in Guangzhou-Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, an important source of innovation in the Pearl River Delta, and the north center of Shenzhen.

Located in Phoenix Town, southeast of Guangming District, Shenzhen, Guangmingcheng Hub is currently the intermediate station of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong High-speed Railway. According to the relevant planning of Shenzhen railway, intercity railway and urban rail transit, Ganzhou-Shenzhen High-speed Railway, Shenzhen-Dongguan Intercity Railway, and the branch line of Metro Line No. 6, as well as Metro Line No.13 & 18, will be introduced into Guangmingcheng Hub in addition to the current Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong High-speed Railway, which will make it become an important transport hub in northwest Shenzhen.

Work Content

1. Solicitation Scope

The solicitation scope covers two parts, namely “the architectural concept design of the core hub area” and “the comprehensive transportation planning research on the area”.

Scope of the architectural concept design of the core hub area: Covering an area of 14.9 hectares, which is enclosed by Kelin Road (Planned), Qiaokai Road, Feng’en Road, Fengxing Road (i.e., the area enclosed by the road centerline in the statutory plan).

Scope of the comprehensive transportation planning research on the area: The area enclosed by Guanguang Road, Ketai Road, Outer Ring Expressway, Longhua-Daling Mountain Expressway, and Guangqiao Road, which may not be limited to this if necessary.

Research Scope of the Solicitation for the Conceptual Design of Guangmingcheng Integrated Transport Hub

Solicitation Contents

This Solicitation mainly includes two parts of work contents, namely “the architectural concept design of the core hub area” and “the comprehensive transportation planning research on the area”.

1Contents of the Architectural Concept Design of the Core Hub Area

The architectural concept design of the core hub area is the focus of the Solicitation. Under the negative influences including noise, vibration and division of landscapes caused by high-speed railway elevated lines and stations to the city, key consideration shall be given to the application of architectural techniques to eliminate the above influences.

Under the circumstances that existing elevated high-speed railway lines are still under operation while a new high-speed railway station is going to be built, carry out overall design for the integrated transport hub (including high-speed railway, intercity railway, urban rail transit, motor vehicles and other traffic facilities) and its comprehensive development, define the layout plan, circulation and vertical layout of the building, realize seamless connection and integrated design for various functions, and bring forward a practical and feasible development plan and phased implementation suggestions for the integrated transport hub and its property development.

(2)Contents of the Comprehensive Transportation Planning Research on the Area

Comprehensively consider the distribution traffic and access traffic of property development in the Hub, put forward the traffic organization proposal as well as the layout planning concerning road system, slow traffic system, parking system and other facilities; optimize the access traffic organization, and propose the traffic network planning and important section design combined with the overall traffic demand of the Hub, so as to form an efficient and coordinated integrated traffic system.

Registration Requirements

1. This is an internationally open solicitation. Domestic and international design firms can sign up for this Solicitation, subject to no restrictions on qualifications, and consortiums are welcome, but registration submitted by an individual or a team of individuals is not acceptable.

2. The joint participation of outstanding design firms in various disciplines is encouraged. A consortium shall give priority to including comprehensive research units in fields of architectural design, rail transit, and comprehensive transportation, etc. Partners applying in the name of a consortium shall meet the following requirements:

1)Each consortium should have no more than 4 members, and no member is allowed to register twice for the Solicitation itself or in the name of another consortium.

(2)The members should sign a legally effective Consortium Agreement, which shall specify the division of work between members and way of distribution of the design fee.

3. Bidders (independently or in consortiums) shall have at least 1 design case in landmark buildings of international cities or large-scale integrated transport hubs from January 2000 to the present.

4. Domestic design firms within the Chinese territory shall be independent legal entities with a valid business license issued by relevant departments. Overseas design firms shall be independent legal entities or organizations, which are legally registered in the country where they operate. Legal entities (two or more) with the same person in charge, the parent company, wholly-owned subsidiary and its holding company, or companies that have management relationships, are not allowed to participate in the Solicitation separately. Those companies that have connection, shareholding or management relationship can partner together as a consortium to apply for this Solicitation.

5. The chief designer shall have directed the design of landmark buildings in international cities and must take charge of the main design work of the project, including architectural concept design and scheme design, as well as important briefing meetings required by the tenderee. If there is any inconsistency found between the actual chief designer and that in the name list submitted for prequalification, or there is a false situation found in the project experience submitted for prequalification, the tenderee reserves the right to nullify the involved design firm from being shortlisted and winning the bid, and hold such bidder responsible for corresponding legal liabilities.

6. At least 1 key designer shall have the design experience and cases in large-scale integrated transport hubs.


There will be three stages, namely, “Prequalification”, “Conceptual Design” and “Bid Finalization” in this Solicitation. At the stage of prequalification, 5 design firms will be shortlisted to enter the next stage of conceptual design according to the registration documents submitted by the applicants (at the same time, 2 alternatives will be selected; in case any shortlisted firm quits, they can take its place in order). At the stage of conceptual design, the 5 shortlisted firms shall submit deliverables that meet the design requirements; the scheme review committee will review these deliverables, and select 2 recommended schemes (without ranking) and rank them 3rd to 5th places. At the stage of bid finalization, the jury panel of the final selection will be set up by the tenderee according to law to determine the winner from the 2 candidates recommended by the scheme review committee.

Schedule (Provisional)

☆The timetable above is applied in Beijing Time. The tenderee reserves the right to amend the agenda.

☆The specific deadlines above are subject to the announcements on the Shenzhen Construction Project Transaction Service Center.


After the experts’ review, design firms (consortiums) that meet the design requirements will receive the following fees depending on their rankings:

1st place: It can win the design contract and receive the fee of design integration and detailing of RMB One Million Yuan (¥1,000,000) (tax included);

2nd and 3rd places: Each can receive bonus of RMB Two Million Yuan (¥2,000,000) (tax included);

4th and 5th places: Each can receive bonus of RMB One Million Five Hundred Thousand Yuan (¥1,500,000) (tax included).

The first-prize winner will be eligible to win the Architectural Scheme Design Contract of Shenzhen Guangmingcheng Integrated Transport Hub and Its Superstructure Development, whose design fee is estimated to be RMB Thirty Million Yuan (¥30,000,000) (tax included) according to RMB 160 Yuan/m2 and specific design scope will be determined by the tenderee after negotiating with the winning bidder when the design integration and detailing is completed.

The design fees concerning this Solicitation will be paid in RMB, and any taxes and fees incurred from the design fees etc. shall be borne by design firms (consortiums).

For more details of this competition and download the relevant Prequalification Document, please contact AIMIR. AIMIR aims to provide high-quality 3D architectural visualization, if you need our service, you’re more than welcome to ask for a quote. Further competitions can be found on our website as well.

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