Shenzhen, as a world-renowned “creative capital”, has an increasing demand for high-end design and creative capacity. To enhance cultural brand awareness in the city, Shenzhen Institute of Design and Innovation (SIDI) is planning to be built as New Top 10 Cultural Facilities in Shenzhen, it would become the important cultural brand in this region.

Ⅰ、Project Positioning

This project aims to build an international, high-level, innovative design institute that focuses on practice. It is expected to become a platform for international design talents and meet the urgent need of talents in the city of Shenzhen and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. With this institute, design leaders will be attracted to teach and innovate the cultivation of talent. SIDI is the talent training base for the creative industry, design transformation base for innovation and creativity, and high-end think tanks for creative industry development in the Greater Bay Area.

Driven by design, creativity, innovation and internationalization, SIDI will become an intelligent, creative and green campus powered by technology. Upon completion, it will be a world leading practice-oriented and interdisciplinary design institute enhancing creative industry in the Greater Bay Area.

Ⅱ、Project Overview

1.Project Location

The plot is located at the Greater Airport area in Bao’an District,Shenzhen City ,3.5 kilometers away from Bao’an International Airport, 25 kilometers away from Pingan Financial Center. To the north, Shenzhen Polytechnic is planning to build a new campus. Nearby, Bao’an No.1 Foreign Language School, Shenzhen Oriental English College, Bao’an Vocational Educational Technical School, and other schools have already been established here.

2.Project Requirements

The land area of the institute is about 365000 square meters,the total construction area is 319,252 square meters, of which, the construction area on the ground is 280,240 square meters, the construction area on the underground is 25,000 square meters, and the construction area of overhead floors and corridors is 14,012 square meters. The total investment of the project is estimated to be RMB 3 billion, including RMB 2.65 billion for the project cost.

There isa building height restriction at 100m around Bao’an International Airport. The west side of the site increases from the lowest height of 15.46m to the east, and the highest height is 128.4 m.

3.Discipline Setting

3.1 For Undergraduate

Industrial design : focus on product design, environmental facilities design, visual communication design, digital design, exhibition and display design and other directions to carry out research and training talents.

Fashion design: to train high-end fashion innovative design talents with advanced design ideas, creative thinking and artistic expression, help enterprises build brands, enhance brand value, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading.

Media art and science and technology : in cutting-edge areas like online games, public space display, user experience, animation production, interactive interface design, advertising design, entertainment performance, digital media development, digital library, etc., to carry out frontier research, and training compound design talents.

Urban and indoor environmental design: to train high-level professionals of urban and interior design with modern design ideas and thinking, imagination and creativity, as well as artistic competence.

Human-computer interaction design : to cultivate students’ ability to develop certain interactive means or specific products through various means such as programs, software and hardware, products and services.

3.2 For Postgraduate

Design strategy and management : to create strategic management courses that belong to design enterprises, and train excellent design strategy and management entrepreneurs with leadership.

Ⅲ、Tender Scope

1. Tender ScopeInternational tender for schematic design and design development (architecture) of Shenzhen Institute of Design and Innovation.

2. Tender methodOpen tender


The announcement of the tender will be released soon. Local and international design teams are welcome to make a pre-registration with us. If you want to know further information and notice about this design competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR.

As we all know that 3D architectural visualization is a powerful tool in the design and architecture industry, it shows all the design elements in real-time. If you want to visualize your design, warmly welcome you to try AIMIR.

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