As one of the most economically viable and strategically pleasing cities in China, Shenzhen has listed the cultural industry as the fourth most important pillar of the city and vigorously implemented the “Cultural Orientation” strategy from 2003. With a yearly growth of the municipal financial investment in public cultural service, so far Shenzhen has built more than 30 municipal cultural facilities and 2,000 primary-level cultural sites scattered across the city, including cultural centers, public libraries, cultural squares, museums, cultural activity centers, and cultural corridors, laying a solid foundation for building a public culture service system in the city.

Futian District is the administrative and cultural center of Shenzhen. It possesses lots of municipal cultural infrastructure facilities, including Shenzhen Concert Hall, Shenzhen Children’s Palace, and Shenzhen Library, which are located along the urban axis from Lianhua Mountain to the Civic Centre. However, there are relatively few cultural and sports facilities at the district level with uneven spatial distribution. Specifically, the Meilin area in the northern part of Futian District is in short supply of cultural facilities, and the small scale of existing district-level cultural facilities hardly supports large-scale cultural events. Aiming to make up for the shortage of district-level cultural and sports facilities in Futian District, and to respond to the increasing cultural needs from the local, it is planned to build a district-level cultural center in the Meilin and launch an open design competition.


1. Project Overview


Fig.1 Site Location
Fig2. Buildings surrounding the site


2. Competition Contents

The project site locates at the Meilin street, Futian district, Shenzhen, Guangdong province. Around the site, adjacent to Kaifeng Road on the east, Meiling Road on the south, Meifeng Road on the west and Linfeng Road on the north, it is only 150 meters away from Shangmeilin metro station and 350 meters from Maling metro station. In a regional view, it is about 600 meters away from Beihuan Avenue in the south, about 400 meters away from Caitian road in the east. Hence, its transportation is convenient.

The land has two plots, with an coverage of 8,773 square meters (4,456 square meters for 26-10 and 4,317 square meters for 26-12). It is rare construction land to be developed in Futian District.

The project site of Futian International Sports and Culture Exchange Center has two plots, both adopted as cultural facility lands. The plot contains a high-standard Main Hall \”IN Space\” and related supporting facilities of the Main Hall (such as Exhibition Hall, Hall of the Fame, Press Conference Hall, Multi-Function Hall, indoor Sports Science and Technology Theme Park, Music Interactive Space, etc.), as well as service and supporting office areas (such as industrial incubation, office area, multi-function hall, restaurants, etc.). In addition, it is required to build Social Service Housings, together with public parking lot (garage) at the south plot (plot 26-10), as well as Community Neighborhood Committee and Community Health Service Center at the north plot (plot 26-12).


3. Competition Rules

Stage One: Registration and Pre-qualification

  • The registration will be opened to design firms and design consortiums home and abroad, while personal registration is not accepted. Once registered as a design consortium, members of the consortium are not allowed to register the competition on its own name or with other design firms.
  • Competitors with relevant design experience will be prioritized.
  • Designers involved in the competition should be current personnel of the registered design firm. The chief architect shall have profound experiences in leading similar design projects and personally participate in the whole process of the competition. In order to ensure the accurate understanding of the project background and relevant requirements of the competition, each competitor shall include at least one personnel who is proficient in Chinese language.
  • Upon successful registration, competitors should submit pre-qualification documents according to competition conditions.


The host will invite experts to constitute the jury panel to carry out assessment of the pre-qualification documents (details about pre-qualification documents can be found in term 5) submitted by competitors. Five (5) competitors will be shortlisted to move forward to Stage two of the competition. Two (2) alternatives will be selected and ranked by order, in case that any of the 6 shortlisted firms quits the competition.

The five (5) shortlisted competitors shall submit the Participation Confirmation Letter on time. Once submitting the Participation Confirmation Letter, if any competitor withdrew due to non-force majeure, the host reserves the right to refuse the competitor’s participation in any other future competition held by the host.

Stage Two: Urban Design and Conceptual Scheme

The five (5) shortlisted competitors shall submit all the deliverables according to the Design Brief. The jury panel would review all the deliverables.

Three (3) competitors will be selected to move forward to Stage Three of the competition by the jury panel. And two (2) alternatives will be selected and ranked by order, in case that any of the 3 shortlisted competitors quits the competition.

Stage Three: Conceptual Design Development

The three candidates will be required to submit all the deliverables according to the Design Brief. The jury panel will review the deliverables and select the winner through open ballot. Also the panel will rank the candidates, and propose optimization suggestions for the winner. Each competitor shall only submit one design scheme.


4. Schedule

Fig.3 Schedule

Note: All the time and date above applied in Beijing Time. The host reserves the right to amend the schedule.


5. Design Bonus & Compensation Fee

The five(5) shortlisted competitors will receive RMB 200,000 yuan (¥20 0000) as design compensation after submitting the conceptual schemes responding to Stage Two.

In the conceptual design competition( Stage Three), the winner will receive a design bonus of RMB 1.3 million yuan (¥130 0000) , the second place will receive a design bonus of RMB 500,000 yuan (¥50 0000), and the third place will receive a design bonus of RMB 200,000 yuan (¥20 0000).

The winner of competition would be rewarded the opportunity to participate in the architectural design until the construction application stage. The amount of design fee is specifically confirmed based on the depth of participation and the work contents.

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