The Public Bid announcement of Schematic Design and Architecture Development Design of the Project of The 3rd Children’s Hospital of Shenzhen is officially released today, on April 29, 2020. Sincerely we invite outstanding design teams to participate in.

Project Positioning

The development positioning of The 3rd Children’s Hospital of Shenzhen is a modern comprehensive third-class children hospital. It serves all the districts of Shenzhen City. To adapt itself to the rapid development of economy and society and meet ever-increasing medical health demands, in an aspect of overall planning, the project should feature foresight, scientificity, advancement, and adaptability, insist on “human-oriented”, highlight “children’s characteristics”, pay attention to environmental protection, embody the design concepts of sustainable development and circular economy.

Project Overview

(1)Project location and scope

The project site is located in the Wulian Community, Longgang Sub-district, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, northeast of Zhengquan Mountain Park, and the intersection of Qingyou Road and Xieping Road. On the legal map, it is the Longgang 202-09 area and 07-20 land parcel.

(2)current situation and conditions of the land

The site, which is an open area with a river about 7m wide passing through it, sits in the northeast of a local mountain park—— Zhengquanshan Park. No buildings or structures should be built within the scope of the river management.

(3)Scale of construction

The project covers a land area of 35,319.04m2. The total building area is about 100,000m2. 500 sickbeds are configured. The construction content is mainly about the main body architecture of 500-sickbed children hospital and other auxiliary facilities. 

Work Content

The content of the bid invitation is schematic design and architecture development design. 

The involving scope includes but not limited to: Planning, general plan, architecture, structure, electrical works, water supply, and drainage, ventilation and air conditioning, indoor design, intelligent architecture, fire protection, landscape, green architecture, fuel gas, elevator, steel structure, curtain wall, road (including the setting of intersection), civil air defense, medical process design, BIM design, sponge cities, floodlighting, identification system, pipeline introduction outside the scope of the construction land (excluding 10KV outside wiring works), kitchen, industrial design, acoustic design, lab, and riverway reconstruction (including landscape) of Phase I and Phase II, etc.

Registration Requirements

(一)This public tender is open to all. The bid applicant shall be an enterprise or institute incorporated within or outside the territory of the People’s Republic of China.

(二)The bid applicant shall have qualification of class A or above of the architecture industry (construction works).

(三)Bid of consortium is acceptable. Bid of an individual or a group of several individuals is unacceptable. Partners which submit a bid as a consortium shall meet the following requirements: 

(1)The consortium shall include two members at most.

(2)Members of the consortium shall not separately or in other names form other consortia with other design units to participate in application. 

(3)Partners of the consortium shall sign a Consortium Agreement with legal effects to specify the leading unit, both parties’ labor division mode, amortization ratio and distribution mode of the design fee, etc. in each design stage. 



(1)The bid inviter legally organizes the prequalification review committee to review effective prequalification application documents submitted by bid applicants. Nine candidate units without a ranking and two candidate units with a ranking are determined, in the way of disclosed ballot.  

(2)Nine bid applicant candidates passing prequalification shall submit the Bid Confirmation Letter on time. If some candidate of these nine candidate bid applicants exits bid competition of the second stage within three working days after the bid invitation document is released, the standby bid applicant will substitute this one in order. 

(3)In case the bid invitation unit submitting the Bid Confirmation Letter withdraws in the midway or waives the bidding finally due to force majeure factors, the bid inviter has the right to refuse such bid invited to participate in its bid invitation of any other construction projects in the future. 

Design bidding stage

(1)The bid inviter legally organizes the scheme review committee of the second stage.The scheme review committee will review all the achievement documents submitted. 

(2)The review committee adopts vote by open ballot to determine the top 3 candidates for winners without ranking, and put forward the optimization opinions to top 3 candidates.

(3)Review applies the sealed bid mode. And bid units do not need to report on site. 

(4)Each bid unit should only submit one scheme for bid competition. 

Bidding method: Direct voting method

According to the provisions of (SF [2015] No. 73), the bid inviter legally organizes the committee for award of bid and determines one bid winner from three candidates for winning the bid recommended by the scheme review committee.

Tendering Schedule


The total design fee is about RMB 11.84 million, including the basic design fee, BIM fee and the Compensation for non-winning schemes.


Two units that are selected as the bid winner candidate but lose the bid will be compensated RMB 300,000 respectively. Six units that pass the prequalification review phase but fail to be selected as the bid award candidate will be compensated RMB 150,000 respectively. The compensation fee is fixed and will not be adjusted at the time of settlement.

The bid compensation shall be paid in CNY, and the above expenses are tax inclusive. The bidders who are qualified for compensation for excellent schemes not winning the bid shall provide the payment request information. After the contract is signed by the client and the winning bidder, and pay the first schedule design fee (including compensation for excellent schemes not winning the bid), winning bidder should pay the bid compensation to corresponding bidders.

If you want to know further details, please feel free to contact AIMIR.  We will reply to you ASAP. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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