This project is located at Houhai Business Finance Headquarters of Nanshan District, Shenzhen City. The project land reaches Zhongxin Road on east and Chuangye Road on north. The plot is situated at the intersection of main landscape belt (greenbelt, water system) of Houhai commercial area, directly facing Shenzhen Houhai and Talent Park on east, with good display interface and view. The west side of the project is the already built Hisense Southern Building, the south side is the completed China Railway Building, the north side is the landscape belt of Houhai commercial area, and the east side is the urban water system, adjacent to inner lake of Shenzhen Houhai, which can directly enjoy sea view of Shenzhen Bay.

Work Content

The content of this tender is the planning and architectural design of ByteDance Houhai Center Project. The scope of design service of the winner includes: overall planning within the red line of the project, architectural (including facade) scheme and design development, architectural floodlighting conceptual scheme design, conceptual scheme design of key indoor areas (lobby, elevator hall, exhibition hall, bytemall, etc.), outdoor landscape scheme and design development, review of architectural construction drawings and construction site service, review of landscape construction drawings and construction site service. 


This tender is divided into three stages:1st stage: Application and prequalification stage;2nd stage: Scheme review stage;3rd stage: Bid award stage.

1. 1st stage: Application and prequalification stage

1.1 Composition of Application Documents

1) Consortium agreement (See Attachment 1 for details, original, affixed with official seal or signature):

For the application in the name of design consortium, the Design Consortium Agreement jointly signed by all consortium members shall be submitted, which shall be affixed with the official seal or signature of all consortium members, specifying the leading member. The Consortium Agreement shall indicate the equity share of each member during the competition stage, proposed work content, work division and responsibilities.

2) Application form (See Attachment 2 for details):

The documents to be provided shall include: company profile, valid business license (or certificate of incorporation) (copy, affixed with official seal), qualification certification documents (if any), and other certification materials that it thinks necessary.

3) Certification documents of similar projects of the applicant in the past 5 years (based on the time of project completion) (total number (including consortium) is no more than 5), and provide the following certification materials:

a) Photocopies of the bid-winning notices or sealed and signed pages of the design contracts (excluding competition awards);

b) Photos (completed projects) or renderings (projects under construction) of the design works;

c) Valid office telephone numbers and contact persons of clients of the design works.

4) Introduction of the project chief designer and design team (brief introduction and personal occupational qualification certification documents of the chief designer and design team members), achievements of the chief designer in similar projects (no more than 5, excluding the competition awards) in the past 5 years (based on project completion time);

Note: If the chief designer changed his or her job within the past 5 years, and the achievements provided were completed in the former design agency, the designer shall specify his or her work in the original design team and provide the information of the contact person.

5) Certificate of Legal Representative and Power of Attorney of Legal Representative (original, affixed with official seal or signature), ID card of authorized representative (photocopy, affixed with official seal);

6) Description and certification documents for famous architectural design awards that the company received, including Pritzker Architecture Prize, MIPIM, Mies vander Rohe Award, Stirling Prize, RIBA Awards for International Excellence, ARCASIA Awards for Architecture, Luban Prize, Liang Sicheng Architecture Prize, etc.

7) Other materials that the bidder thinks necessary to provide.

1.2  Concept Proposal

Concept proposal text can adopt different forms to express the design ideas and thoughts, which is a separate chapter, mixed with images and texts, describing in detail the understanding on this project, and core design intent and thoughts.

Main contents include but not limited to:

1.Put forward ideas with reference to urban design requirements of the project site

2.How to understand the office needs of Internet or hi-tech companies

3.Propose thoughts over the project form design by combining with the corporate culture and characteristics

1.3 Prequalification 

The prequalification committee will review the company qualification, achievements, proposed design team and conceptual proposal, etc. of open applying agencies. It will select the top 6 to enter the second stage: Scheme Review through the open ballot and elimination round by round and also select 2 alternative agencies (with ranking) that will replace in order any of the shortlisted agencies that quits the bidding.

2. 2nd stage: Scheme review stage

2.1 The scheme review committee will adopt open ballot round-by-round elimination method to select after full discussion non-ranking top 2 winning candidates to enter the bid award stage.

2.2 The open bid will be adopted for this round of review, namely, 6 shortlisted design agencies will make spot presentation (the chief designer of the bidder shall present the scheme and answer the committee’s questions). Any issues and disputes incurred during the review will be discussed in the review committee and adjudicated by the committee chairman.

3. 3rd stage: Bid award stage

The bid award committee will review the deliverables of the top two winning candidates as recommended by the scheme review committee. Based on the full respect of the professional review result of the review committee, the Tenderee will determine the winner of the bid.

4. Tender Schedule (Tentative)

Note: All the time mentioned is Beijing time. The Tenderee reserves the right to adjust the schedule due to Client’s operation or government work arrangement. Any change will be notified 3 days in advance.


The minimum design fee: this project executes minimum design fee threshold policy. The design fee is no less than ¥7,660,000 with tax included.


This tender will select top two winning candidates, the bid award committee will determine one winner from the two, and the winner will be awarded the design contract, without extra design compensation; the other winning candidate will get design compensation of RMB1.20 million (tax inclusive). Other shortlisted bidders failing to enter top two shall get design compensation of RMB0.8 million (tax inclusive) each if their deliverables meet the deliverable requirements of the design brief.

Registration Requirements

1. The tender will adopt an open application method. The independently registered design agencies qualified as legal persons with relevant design experience from home and abroad can make the application. A consortium is allowed, the consortium members cannot exceed 2, and each member of the consortium can no longer make the application in its own name or in the name of another consortium formed with other design agency. No application of individual or combination of individuals is accepted.

2. The designers participating in the bidding shall be registered personnel of the design agencies. Chief designers shall be persons who have led several projects of the same type and must directly participate in the whole bidding and make scheme presentation as per review requirements. The design team must have fixed personnel. If the main designers need to be changed, prior written agreement from the Tenderee must be obtained. In order to ensure that the project designers have an accurate understanding of the regional background of China and the related requirements, the project designers shall have at least one person fluent in Chinese.

3.The applicant shall submit prequalification application documents as per requirements of tender document.

The official announcement of the tender call for entry. Local and international design teams are welcome to make pre-registration. Interested parties are welcome to contact AIMIR for the more following information. If you need 3d rendering service for this international tender, warmly welcome you to discuss more with us.

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