A shocking study by Microsoft has revealed that the average human attention span is going through a sharp decrease from the average attention span of 12 seconds in the year 2000 to 8 seconds now. Inevitably, we are living a new age of attention economy that constant advertorial, posts, alerts, and notifications popping up from all corners of the globe have been pervading our lives. Having said that, we will find this quite inspirational that grabbing and capturing people’s attention would be an essential skill in the field of architectural visualization, and is one that the idea behind the design and achievement of the 3D visuals is in the most important aspect of successful visual representation and explanation.

Keeping on influencing trends in the architectural frontiers has been one of the visions in AIMIR CG, especially when it comes to winning over clients by visually fascinating and maintaining their prospects’ attention. With this practice in mind, recently three architectural 3D renderings for a project called New Orleans Racquet Club has done the trick.

For years, New Orleans has been well -renowned for its enthralling and captivating natural splendor and scenery. Located between Palmetto Overpass, Monroe Street and Airline Drive, the tranquil country landscape everywhere in the largely vacant site dramatically greets the eye and seemingly it is doomed to be an asset for land development.

The streetscapes of the site are as follows:

Since the project site is situated in a specific area, the regional architectural styles play equal importance on its shapes and surroundings. We never stopped our exploration and practice of regional expression of architecture over decades, and this approach has been consciously embodied the essence in our photo-realistic 3D renderings. Let’s see how we apply the spatial structure, material application, node disposal and color selection to this as-yet-unbuilt racquet club.

Whether you’re sketching out the rough floor plan on your architectural design or are looking for a trustworthy CG company to visualize your conceptual design on your upcoming projects, let’s experience AIMIR CG together!

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