As the most innovative award in the Asia-Pacific region, The IAI Design Award is one of the most internationally influential and prestigious design awards given to creative and talented designers in all fields of design. It is an international design award with a high degree of recognition and authority. The IAI jury will evaluate qualified candidates and bestow awards and honors for their outstanding design works.

The 2019 IAI Design Award has developed from the Asia-Pacific Interior Design Biennial Award, the Asia-Pacific Interior Design Elite Championship and the Bamboo Beauty Award held in the past seven years. It is a unique global design award with its area expanded from interior design to various design categories. IAI highlights its content in three areas of expertise interior design, architectural design and product design.
The host hopes to explore the concept of social innovation in the field of design and strives to improve the value of design, actively seeking the value of design as a driving force for the future. Its purpose is to advocate designers to uphold social responsibilities. Through the design concept, we encourage designers to use design intelligence, improve the relationship between people and the environment, finally achieving the peaceful and harmonious coexistence between people and nature.

The IAI Design Award are dedicated to finding outstanding works, promoting and marketing winners for their award-winning projects. It works to turn award-winning design ideas into reality and link award-winning creative ideas to business partnerships. IAI Design Award includes Interior Design, Architecture Design, and Communication Design. It also provides design forums, design publishing, design promotion and consulting services.

IAI Architecture Award

Winning the IAI Best Architecture Award represents achieving the peak of the architectural design field. As the IAI’s highest honor annual architecture award, it is given to heritage and innovative architecture, contemporary architecture, monolithic residential architecture, apartment building architecture, community remodeling and historic block protection and renewal and landscape design. The winning works will reflect the core values and abilities of the designer, including philosophy, culture, aesthetics, function, ecology, and social aspects. They represent the honor of the nation and reflect the social, economic and cultural progress of an era, while leaving permanent evidence of human behavior and permanent values.

IAI Architecture Finalist Award

The jury will select the shortlisted finalists in the entries, and commend their works for their outstanding solutions in terms of details or a certain aspect.

The criteria for the selection of the design awards are extremely demanding. The selection is conducted in strict accordance with standards of screening and qualification. For example, interior designs (actual entries) must be completed in the past year and architectural designs must be built within less than three years to be eligible for the competition.

The IAI Design Award is a recognized symbol of international creativity and design. At the same time, the winning works will also receive the greatest range of promotion and recognition. Therefore, winning the IAI Design Award has become a proud honor for every designer.

If you want to know more about the participation method and detailed information, please feel free to contact us and we will reply you in 24h. Aimir CG would be glad to inform you of all kinds of design events and help you address the challenges of taking part in these competitions and contests. Don’t worry, the consultation would be completely free.

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