Located in Futian Free Trade Zone, west wing of Shenzhen Park of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation Integrated Service Center is a window for image display and transport gateway of the free trade zone, which is inside the customs fence. On the east side of the project are Futian Free Trade Zone Central Park and Changping Business Building, on the north side is Fuyuan Garden, on the west side is Turbo Logistics Building, on the south side are HGST (Shenzhen) Co., LTD and Changfu Jinmao Building. The commercial area of the project is 8118.1㎡, the cultural and sports facilities area is 3000㎡, and the rail transit (metro entrance) area is 249.5㎡.

The total floor area of the commercial office plot (plot 01) included into FAR calculation is 89569.70 ㎡. The commercial office area is 75110 ㎡, the public supporting facilities area is 8600㎡ (including public supporting housing, community health service center and police room), the tower height is up to 200m, no less than 312 underground parking spaces, and the underground public passageway area is about 530㎡.

The total area of the land for cultural and sports facilities (lot 02) included in the FAR calculation is about 6,400 ㎡. The basement has no more than three floors. The distance between the boundary line of the commercial office basement and the boundary line of office & commercial plot is zero. The commercial office basement is connected with the office & commercial plot above the ground.

This project is designed to limit the design, construction and installation of commercial office plot (plot 01) total cost should be controlled within 71,322.00 million, total cultural and sports facilities (lot 02) construction and installation costs should be controlled within 1,2000.00 million.

Work Content

Scope of Tender: 1.1 The whole process design is for the integrated design of office and commercial (plot 01) and cultural and sports facilities (plot 02) of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation Integrated Service Center. The work contents in the bidding stage include but are not limited to (see “Design Brief” for details):

1) Architectural scheme design.

2) Landscape conceptual design.

3) The overall urban design of the block in which it is located (see Figure 7 in the Brief for the scope of the study).

4) Conceptual design of main indoor spaces (including but not limited to the indoor conceptual design of the lobby, commercial and cultural and sports facilities).

5) Investment estimates. 1.2 The winning bidder shall complete the following contents in the form of design general contracting and meet the corresponding requirements:

(1) All design and design services related to this project such as early-stage design coordination (such as coordination of land-use-related procedures), overall urban design, general drawing design within the construction land area, outdoor engineering design, building and structure design, underground engineering design, planning design and single design, including scheme design and scheme deepening design (including investment estimation), design development (including design development budget estimate), construction drawing design, construction cooperation and completion acceptance, preparation of as-built drawings.

(2) The work contents and scope include but are not limited to the following: architecture, structure, building electricity, water supply and drainage, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, gas (the design contents of relevant specialties included in the above-mentioned construction projects include general layout and vertical design), design of fine decoration of model rooms for public areas and office demonstration zones (all public spaces in office, commercial and other functional spaces), design of prefabricated building, design of indoor and outdoor garden landscape and greening, outdoor general drawings, various pipe networks and roads and their integrated design; municipal supporting facilities within the boundary line and interface design of municipal pipelines outside the boundary line; deepening design of height limit, civil air defense, fire protection, anti-seismic support and hangers, reserved holes, energy conservation, water conservation, flood control, traffic, metro impact assessment, environmental assessment, geological disaster, traffic impact assessment, road opening, metro impact assessment, green building, lightning protection, floodlighting, marking system (including above-ground and basement traffic marking), intelligence, design of prefabricated building, window washer design, elevator and escalator engineering, BIM design, external wall and roof cleaning and maintenance system engineering, curtain wall, steel structure and grid structure, etc.; prepare all the special reports, including but not limited to project application report, environmental impact assessment report, Soil testing, soil and water conservation report, geological disaster report, green building, sponge city, seismic safety assessment, wind tunnel test and traffic impact assessment report, and connection of municipal pipeline network, etc.; relevant documents such as technical requirements and descriptions required for project bidding; all special consultation, special design, special research and special review (including communicating with the metro company and submitting the design at all stages to the metro company for approval) required by Party A meeting the requirements of relevant government departments for review, review materials for application and approval, meeting affairs and coordination with relevant government departments. The design of the systems, specialties, other special projects, and projects included in the investment plan that is not listed above but are essential to the project. 

(3) The winning bidder shall also cooperate with the tenderee to complete the following work during the design and project implementation: cooperation in construction start application; cooperation in secondary deepening design and review of relevant secondary deepening drawings; all the cooperation related to project implementation (such as subway connection design coordination, engineering foundation survey coordination, foundation pit design and pile foundation engineering bidding coordination, project general contracting bidding coordination);

(4) Other design work related to the project.

(5) If the winning bidder has no corresponding special design qualification or the work that requires the cooperation of other professional companies (such as curtain wall design, interior design, mechanical and electrical consulting, structural consulting) it shall entrust a unit with corresponding qualification and strength to undertake the project. For projects requiring intensive design by professional companies, including but not limited to those described in (1-4) above, the design depth must meet the design depth requirements of construction drawings. The design results shall be reviewed and approved by the winning bidder.

(6) Participate in and accept the necessary and special reviews in the design process, such as over-limit reviews, accept the drawing review of third-party consulting companies entrusted by the bidder and the drawing review agencies and fine drawing review agencies, and negotiate with them to modify their opinions until the approval of the review.


1. The tender is divided into three stages, separately, Stage 1 Application &Qualification, Stage 2 Design bidding, and Stage 3 Determination of Winning bidder. Design schemes will be collected at the first stage where bidders shall submit the corresponding application documents and conceptual proposal according to the tender rules and design brief, and 5 bidders will be pre-qualified to enter the second stage, with another 2 alternative bidders (sequenced).

2. Tender Schedule

☆ This schedule is for the convenience of the bidders to understand the general process of the project. All dates and time listed are Beijing time.


The shortlisted bidders shall make a quotation for the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation Integrated Service Center according to the design scheme, and submit the quotation together with the design tender outcome document.

The total contract price for the design of commercial office plot (plot 01) shall not exceed RMB 32.69 million (tax included). The total price of the design fee is inclusive. Units bidding for 01 plots are quoted at the total price.

The design contract design cost of the cultural and sports facilities plot (Plot 02) is tentatively set at RMB5.2664 million. United bidding for Plot 02 shall quote at a unit price, and the bid price shall not exceed RMB 487.63/m2 (including tax). The area is based on the total floor area in the Construction Engineering Planning Permit. The design fee is a fixed unit price. The cultural and sports facilities plot is contribution land. After the planned funds are allocated, they will be paid according to the relevant contents of the fund supervision agreement in the administrative measures for the agent construction system of investment projects of Futian District Government.

The fees paid by the tenderee shall include tax. The winning bidder shall provide the tax payment invoice in China. Design fee payees must be domestic (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)


(1) This tender will select the top two winning candidates, from which the award committee will determine one winning bidder. The winning bidder will obtain the design contract of the project, and the other candidate will receive a design compensation of RMB800,000(including tax).

(2) Other shortlisted bidders who have entered the design bidding process and whose schemes have been approved by the review committee will receive a design compensation of RMB 600,000(including tax).

(3) Payment of design compensation: the design compensation for this tender shall be paid in RMB, including tax. The bidders that have obtained the design compensation fee shall sign the substandard compensation agreement and provide the payment request information within one month after the conclusion of the bid-winning publicity (without objection). The tenderee shall go through the payment formalities after the bid-winning publicity (without objection). The payment agreement and the payment request information will be published in the tender documents.

If you want to follow up on this competition and submitting prequalification documents, please feel free to contact AIMIR who is happy to help you. You’re more than welcome to share this information with your friends and colleague.

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