The project is located in the No.07 and No.08 neighborhoods of Unit No.19 in Qianhai, Shenzhen, an area enclosed by Yihai Avenue, Qianhwanhe West Street, Moon Bay Avenue, Zimao East Street, Tonggang Street and Mawan First Road.

The project enjoys an abundance of high-quality landscape resources such as mountain scenery, seaside, park and river, together with well-established infrastructures and convenient transportation. And with that, it promises to help Qianhai evolve into a globalized highland of industries, creating opportunities for talents from home and abroad, building world-class, high-end residential community and a new center of luxurious communities in Qianhai, and setting up a pilot demonstration community with characteristics of socialism for Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay.

Work Content

1.The tender applies to the general design contracting throughout the whole process, covering the first phase for 19-07-02 and 19-07-03 plots, second phase for 19-07-05 plot, and third for 19-08-03 plot.

2.The design work for each phase should include schematic design and design development(including budget estimate), preliminary design (including budget estimate), construction drawing design, cooperation between the construction team and tenderee, cooperation between the design and construction teams, completion of as-built drawing, general design contracting, etc. Design drawing for each phase shall comply with applicable regulations and requirements of Qianhai Administration Bureau, Shenzhen Municipal government and central government. The bidder shall complete all works phase by phase and make any modification arising from the review by government authorities according to the terms of the tender document.

Registration Requirements

1. The bidding adopts open application, soliciting excellent bids from across the world, and the number of joint groups should be no more than 3. The bidders should be registered enterprises inside or outside the People’s Republic of China. The domestic bidder undertaking preliminary design, construction drawing design, and general contracting management (including subdivision design) should have Class A or above building (building engineering) qualification issued by the government administrative authorities; and it shall be the leading member while bidding as a joint group.

2. And individuals are unaccepted.

3. Members of joint group should not re-apply for the bid independently in the name of their own or other joint group constituted with other design institutes, nor may they participate in the bidding in as a consultant.

4. The bidder should submit the deliverable in compliance with the Design Brief and the conceptual proposal in accordance with the requirements of the international tender document for the project.


Three Phases of Tender Process:

Phase 1:Open Application And Conceptual Proposal Design;

Phase 2:Bid Evaluation;

Phase 3:Bid Determination

Tender Schedule 


Tender price is controlled at: RMB 50.3 million. The unit price (calculated by GFA above ground) is controlled at RMB 264.66 per square meter. And the costs for schematic design, design development (preliminary architectural design development) and construction coordination shall not exceed 50% of the total controlled price.

Any applicant who intends to participate in this tender, warmly welcome you to contact AIMIR for more information or the latest news. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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