Project Background

The Nanshan District People’s Government attaches great importance to education and insists on prioritizing education development. With the goal of making education the core competitiveness of Nanshan District and the principles of “safety, stability, development, and improvement”, the government is dedicated to promoting education urbanization, informationization, internationalization, and modernization, steadily increasing the satisfaction and sense of gain of the people towards education.

To implement the 14th Five-Year Plan for Education Development in Nanshan District (2021-2025), it is required to reasonably layout and construct primary and secondary schools in Nanshan District, and to promote the balanced and high-quality development of basic education. As an important and well-known school in Nanshan District, this project helps to enrich and improve the basic education facilities, alleviate the pressure of shortage of school seats in the region, consolidate and promote the development of basic education, and lay a solid foundation for talent cultivation and social development.

In this context, the Public Works Bureau of Nanshan Districtplans to launch the Open Tender for Scheme Design and Architectural Design Development of Lvgem Shahe School. This is to expand the coverage of high-quality education resources in Nanshan District, lay a solid foundation for creating a high-quality and balanced development zone for national compulsory education, and build a strong education powerhouse in the province and city.



Public Works Bureau of Nanshan District



Shenzhen Guanzhu Architectural Development & Communication Center


Design Principle

– Using the environment as a means of inspiring learning and communication, and developing our campus into a third teacher alongside our educators and peers;

– Promoting the exploration of local history, and encouraging open sharing of campus resources within local community;

– Strengthening the flexibility and diversity of spaces.

– Creating safe, comfortable, and sustainable green environment.


Project Location

The project is located at the southeast corner of the intersection of West Xiangshan Street and the planned Huaxia Street in Nanshan District, Shenzhen City. It is close to the Portofino The Riviera community on the south, adjacent to the planned Huaxia Street and Xintang Street on the west combined with Shahe East Road, and in the vicinity of Xiangshan West Street on the north, about 1.1 kilometers away from Baishizhou station of Metro Line 1.


Project Location


Project Scale

The project plans to build a high-standard and modern 9-year integrated primary and secondary school with 63 classes (primary school with 42 classes and junior high school with 21 classes) and 2940 seats.

The school is projected to occupy an area of 28,508.10 sqm, with GFA of 67,579 sqm, of which the above-ground floor area accounts for 43,420 sqm and the underground area 24,159 sqm. The project includes a comprehensive teaching building, underground parking lot, staff dormitory, gymnasium, lecture hall, three-dimensional sports field, etc. The functions mainly include ordinary classrooms, flexible classrooms, professional classrooms, public teaching rooms, office spaces, dining hall, staff dormitory, underground parking lot, swimming pool, basketball court, lecture hall, equipment rooms, open floor, running tracks, etc.

Scan the QR code below for the panoramic view of the site:




Requirements for Open Application

  • There is no qualification restriction in this tender. Domestic applicants shall be independent legal entities (except the design firms established according to the Partnership Law of the People’s Republic of China) and provide valid business licenses. Overseas applicants (including applicants from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions of China) shall be legally registered enterprises or institutions and provide valid business registration certificates.
  • Individual or individual group enrollment shall not be accepted.
  • Consortium is accepted for this project, and the consortium shall consist of no more than 3 members (including the leading unit).
  1. The leading unit of the consortium shall be a domestic organization;
  2. Members of the consortium shall not form other consortium with other units or register in other names for the bidding;
  3. The consortium members shall sign the legally effective Consortium Agreement which specifies the leading unit, the division of work, and the share of rights and interests of each party;
  4. The applicant (consortium) shall designate 1 project leader and 1-3 chief designers (ranked in order) in the application materials.
  5. Two or more enterprises or institutions with the same legal representative (partner) as well as companies with controlling or managerial relationships with a parent company and its wholly-owned subsidiaries are considered as the same applicant, and are not allowed to register under multiple names at the same time.






Design Fee

The tender price for the project is estimated at 4.4711 million CNY (about US$611,700).

Notes: according to the billing method stipulated in the Engineering Survey and Design Charging Standards ([2002] No.10) jointly formulated by the National Development and Planning Commission and the Construction Department, the design fee in the scheme design stage accounts for 40%. The fee in the budget approval shall prevail.


The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to know more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

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