The plain original village is the biggest characteristic of a happy ancient village. The folk dwellings in western Sichuan with green tiles and earthen walls are built against the mountain, facing the river, well-arranged and integrated with the natural environment. It’s a rare ancient village with relatively complete preservation.

The whole village takes the green mountain forest as the keynote, the red sandstone culture as the foundation, the folk houses, courtyards, ancient roads, trees, bridges and rare stone landscapes as the representatives.


According to Danling happiness ancient village in characteristic, combined with the regional environment and humanistic resources, initiate a public art installation and generic museum monomer architectural design in the integrational competition, to attract the world’s of art and architecture monomer to form their own brands and talent community, increase happiness, an ancient village across the country beautiful rural construction profile, for the happiness of the ancient village township construction work.

The village is a museum of the senses. Happiness grows together with the original village.

The competition relies on the concept of the whole village as a museum that combines nature with culture, folk customs, and happy life. It’s divided into two sections, namely, tour line public art installation and pan-museum single building design.

Pen-museum architecture is the summary of the whole village exhibition, and as a single space carrier, the exhibits of the whole village are sorted out. The reason why it’s not just named museum is to hope that pan-museum architecture is not only a display but also a prospect and design of existing, future, all kinds of sensory, nature, humanistic, historical, culture and folk customs. Design monomer at the same time to arrange the surrounding format and layout, so that the region more three-dimensional.


  1. Competition release:1123
  2. Submission of work:0106
  3. Award-winning work announcement:0113


1.The first prize (1) 60,000 RMB (before tax)

2. The second prize (1) 40,000 RMB (before tax)

3. The third prize (1) 20,000 RMB (before tax)

4. Finalists (3) 5,000 RMB (before tax) for each

A total of 14 finalists will be selected through the preliminary selection of the organizing committee, and a decision will be made by the panel of judges. The first, second and third prizes of the two groups will be selected in the final selection.


1. There shall be no less than 2 A1 (841mm×594mm) drawings, including but not limited to general layout、building layout、elevation、section、effect drawing and analysis drawing, as well as picture data that can fully express the design idea. There are no special requirements for the layout of the chart, you can customize the layout.

2. Scale and size shall be in metric units.

3. Drawings, pictures and drawings shall be submitted in JPG format with an accuracy of not less than 300dpi.

4. Please submit several creative sketches, working photos and other creative process materials (JPG format, with an accuracy of not less than 150dpi).

5. Participants should express their works according to the content of their works. The form is not limited, and the scale of drawings can be determined by themselves.

6. One copy of WORD format design on A4 paper with no more than 500 characters.

Please contact AIMIR for more follow-up information if you’re interested in this competition. And as always feel welcome to drop us a line if your need 3d rendering or 3d animation to visualize your design.

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