Architectural 3D renderings bring our imagination to life. A successful 3D rendering can not only inspire people but also give them the complete picture of the building as it would look after completion. For most cases, 3D renderings are done before the start of any project to avoid any ambiguity and misunderstanding right through the project. We’ve recently finished a set of Volvo Auto dealership renderings in Walnut Creek, California, which we think have successfully illustrated this perspective.

This site location used to be an existing concrete tilt-up building. After the transformation, it became a modern, state-of-the-art auto dealership. The concrete panels were replaced by a structural steel beam system, integrated with the design of the exhibition room to accomplish the design goal.

The major feature prototype of the rendering is an exhibition room surrounding by a large curtain wall system, radiating the interior space with natural at day sunlight and flooding a soft glow by night. So much for the information, now let’s take a look at our 3D renderings.

Existing photos:

Rendering images showing the look after innovation:

If you like the renderings and want us to help you create the impressive architectural renderings to get your properties visualized, contact us now and we are happy to help.

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