Exterior architectural renderings are a visualization of the surroundings of the buildings. A good rendering can not only show the realistic potential of the future neighborhood but also avoids possible incoherence between the building and the landscape.

In June, AIMIR completed two exterior architectural renderings for a residential complex project called “The Walker Residence” in California. There is detailed landscaping design around the building so we use simplified white boxes for surrounding context to make the landscape outstanding. Now let’s come with AIMIR together to discover its beauty.

Project name: The Walker Residence
Location: 607 S 8th St, Colton, CA 92324
Project Description: 10 – 1,500sqft townhouses & 2 – 1,400sqft offices, located at the end of the townhouse buildings

The site on google earth

Overall landscaping design

The landscape design mainly includes three parts: tree planting, shrub planting, and vine planting.

Final high-resolution images were submitted within one week and clients were satisfied with the quality.

Image 1 – Semi-aerial view with daytime

Image 2 – Eye-level view with dusk

If you are looking for some inspiration in your architectural design, you can refer to our works on our website. Welcome to contact us for amazing architectural visualization.

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