Architectural 3D rendering is a visually attractive way to clad all kinds of architectures, presenting way more details to leverage the realism of the planning. The lifelike 3D rendering works well for various types of architectural styles, from old house neighborhoods to the most popular house-style buildings.

The future of 3D rendering is set to help developers, architects, designers, as well as viewers to assess the accuracy and design quality before the construction begins. Exterior 3D architectural renderings take the design to the next level by creating an authentic experience of a space. That’s why exterior renderings are a perfect tool for architects who are proposing the major selling point of the unbuilt projects.

We’ve created two exterior renderings for the Borden Residence in Birmingham. Let’s experience the classic American cottage-style villa with our renderings.

When you’d like to partner with AIMIR CG, we’re happy to help you create the impressive architectural renderings to get your properties recognized. Get in touch with AIMIR for more futuristic ideas. We’re ready to visualize your design dreams.

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