For those who work in architectural visualization and real estate marketing, it is universally acknowledged that there are both pros and cons for choosing 3D rendering companies or freelancers when it comes to doing 3D architectural renderings.


PRICING – Undoubtedly, you can get 3D renderings done at low prices with freelancers and artists on different platforms.

ACCESSIBILITY –It is not hard to find freelance 3D artists for your 3D rendering project.

AVAILABILITY –Freelancers may work on your project outside regular hours or even overnight to meet your tight deadlines.

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NO GUARANTEE OF QUALITY –It is possible that the freelancer you choose for 3D rendering services cannot achieve the expected quality or specific requirements for the project.

ORGANIZATION – The architectural 3D rendering process of a freelancer is less organized than that of visualization companies, resulting in an extremely high management of time and cost.

NO CONTRACT – 3D freelancers will often ask for some deposit, and there is a possibility that you may receive an image much different from what you expected and cannot get a refund on the 3D rendering services.

RESTRICTED TECHNICAL CAPABILITY –Though many freelancers have great 3D skills, they may be insufficient in devices or a set of high-speed computers used to create CGI, which diminishes their speed in providing three-dimensional architectural rendering or animation when rendering projects. You cannot expect freelancers who only use one or two computers to create a variety of high-quality rendering or three-minute animations within a few days.

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After seeing the advantages and disadvantages of employing freelancers on architectural rendering projects, it is time for us to analyze how 3D rendering companies measure up.


PROFESSIONALISM – If you are cooperating with a good rendering company, it is likely that you will get the highest quality service that will be achieve or even exceed your requirements. You may have your own project manager to assist you during the whole project and will receive project milestone delivery in a timely manner. 3D rendering companies will not only follow your instructions, but will also provide professional guidance on how to visualize your construction project in the best light and make it an artwork.

COMMUNICATION–If you have found the right 3D rendering studio as a partner, then the communication will probably be quite good and there will be no obstacles to the free exchange of your ideas. A good visualization company will respond quickly to any questions by email, phone or other platforms, and truly acknowledge your needs, thus successfully converting your vision into 3D images.

VERSATILITY – One of the advantages of collaborating with a 3D rendering company is that it can complete the entire process from the beginning to the end. Working with freelancers usually means dividing your project into different steps, each requiring a different freelancer with the appropriate skill set and suitable experience, including 3D modeling, rendering, and post-production. If you want to animate your project, you have to pass it on to another freelancer or studio. Pursuing and managing freelancers is not a good way to save time for busy real-estate developers and marketers. Choosing 3D rendering companies can completely avoid this problem because your project is handled from beginning to end without having to separate parts or organize deliveries between various freelancers.

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PRICING – As to actual prices, a rendering firm is likely to be more expensive than a freelancer, but most of the time it is worthwhile to get professional guidance and good working relationship with spending a few hundred dollars more. If you are working on a development worth hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars, you had better go to a high-end visualization studio.

AVAILABILITY– Most rendering companies can usually only contact you within office hours. Different from them, staff at AIMIR is willing to work overtime to catch up with the deadline. If you have any urgent questions or tasks at 10 pm, you will not have to wait until the next day. Yet during national holidays, we might not be able to reply you immediately.

As a company specializing in architectural visualization and 3D renderings, AIMIR CG provides architectural visualization solutions to bring every feature of your idea and project to your target client, all within your budget and time frame. To procure mutually beneficial cooperation and ensure that the project is carried out in the most effective way, we make sure that all 3D visualization processes are completely clear between both parties, minimizing any potential inconveniences that may arise in our professional relationship.

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