To promote the development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) and its cultural exchanges and cooperation, the city of Guangzhou decides to upgrade and redevelop the Asian Games venues in Haixinsha into GBA Music Museum (the Museum or the Project). In this context, an open call for prequalification is launched to solicit competent and experienced design teams to participate in the design bidding of the project and ensure high-quality project planning and construction.

1. Project Profile

Located at the intersection where the city’s new central axis meets the Pearl River, Haixinsha enjoys a prominent location. Originally a barrack, it was developed into the main venues for the opening/closing ceremony of the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou. With the Pearl River as stage and the city as a backdrop, the opening/closing ceremony presented the unparalleled modernity and vitality of the city.

Site Location

On the south, Haixinsha faces the Canton Tower, a new city icon, as well as other cultural facilities like the Guangzhou Broadcast and TV Station Headquarters, Guangzhou Daily Headquarters and three culture projects under construction, namely, Guangzhou Museum, Guangzhou Science and Technology Museum and Guangzhou Art Museum. On the north, it connects the Huacheng Square, known as the city’s showcase, the four representative public buildings including Guangzhou Opera House, Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou Library and Guangzhou Children’s Activity Center and the Central Business District (CBD). Meanwhile, it neighbors the Xinghai Concert Hall, Guangdong Art Museum and Guangdong Gymnasium on the west and the Finance City and the Internet Innovation Agglomeration Zone on the east.

The Central Axis

Haixinsha Island covers an area of 170,000 square meters. Currently, it has a built area of about 119,000 square meters, including 98,000 square meters of venues (including underground space) in the West Zone and 21,000 square meters of former barrack in the East Zone. Together with the Canton Tower, Huacheng Square, and the Pearl River night cruise, it has become a popular attraction and an important tourist distribution center and destination in Guangzhou.

 Site Condition

2. Design Contents and Scope

2.1 The project design aims to redevelop, regenerate and reuse the facilities while keeping intact the former Asian Games spectator stand structure, and develop the GBA Music Museum and the GBA Music Park, turning this area into an icon and hub of music culture in the GBA.

Functional Zoning Concept

2.2 Deliverables of the design bidding will cover three levels, i.e. the architecture design of the museum, the stand renovation planning concept and the Haixinsha Island planning proposal (including studies on its relations with the surrounding projects such as the Huacheng Square, the Canton Tower, and the Ersha Island).

2.3 Design Requirements

2.3.1 The museum is planned with three parts, namely, the static display, the dynamic exhibition, and research and education. With a GFA of about 6,000 square meters indoors, it will accommodate the permanent exhibition and temporary exhibition (theme exhibition), communication space for small salons, experimental theater, piano practice rooms, musician studios and recording studios.

2.3.2 The supporting functions of the museum mainly include facilities for Internet music display and experience, music-related creative products exhibition and sales, multi-purpose/conference room, creative office, large performing arts theater, boutique apartment, supporting commercial services and parking.

2.3.3 Outdoor landscape upgrading.

2.3.4 Others

The project investment is estimated to be 350 million yuan and the design fee approximately 17.82 million yuan.

3. Prequalification Materials Required

  • Materials Required
  1. Letter of Intent for Participating in Bidding
  2. Company profile
  3. Similar reference projects
  4. Brief of chief architect/designer and proposed design team.
  5. Bidders are suggested to include into the design team not only the experts in architecture, planning, interior and landscape architecture, but also those in music, art and operation.
  • Requirements on Submission
  1. Application documents prepared and bound into A4 (210mm×297mm) brochure, with the cover indicated with Prequalification Documents of Design Bidding for GBA Music Museum.
  2. Application Documents in duplicates.
  3. Documents are indicated with the applicant’s name, duly signed or affixed with the company seal.
  4. All application documents are submitted in digital form, mainly in PDF or word.
  5. Other materials deemed necessary by applicant.

4. Others

(I)     Application deadline: 16 / 08 / 2019 5:00 PM

(II)    Evaluation schedule is subject to separate notice.

  • Bidders submitting bid documents as required in the Bidding Documents and passing the evaluation will each be compensated with 300,000 to 500,000 yuan.
  • The bid winner will undertake architecture schematic design, design development, construction documents design and relevant site administration services during the renovation for works within the project investment scope. Where the bid winner is not a local design institute and holds no qualification licenses as required by the Chinese regulations, a local design institute with corresponding qualification licenses should be solicited to work together on this project.

(V)   English Contact person: Miss Song

English Consulting Tel: +86 13829751840
Fax: +86 20 38089991
Email: [email protected]

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