Ⅰ. Name of Competition

Yuejiang Road (Canton Tower-South China Expressway) Riverside Section Landscape Environment Enhancement Design Competition (hereinafter referred to as “design competition”)

Ⅱ.Design Competition Background

In August 2021, the 15th Plenary Session of the 11th Guangzhou Municipal Committee formulated a work deployment plan to promote high-quality development of the Pearl River coastal area, oriented to high ecological protection standards, oriented by high-quality development of composite functional areas, high-quality public spaces, and cultural charms that highlight Lingnan’s unique characteristics. This will build a world-class waterfront vitality area that comprehensively and accurately implements the new development concept.

The section from Guangzhou Bridge on Yuejiang Road to South China Expressway is the launch and demonstration section of Guangzhou’s work deployment plan for promoting high-quality development along the Pearl River coastal area. Located at the intersection of the central axis of the Guangzhou New City and the former waterway of Pearl River, it connects a series of functional sites and landmarks such as the Haixin Bridge, Guangzhou International Media Harbor, Canton Tower, Party Pier, and internet clusters.

In order to implement the idea of ecological civilization construction, the execution of people-centric development concept, and addressing the needs of Guangzhou’s comprehensive urban functions, comprehensive urban cultural strength, modern international business environment and services, these key requirements will serve as inputs and guidance to the construction of the high-quality development demonstration section along the Pearl River coastal area, and Yuejiang Road (Canton Tower-South China Expressway) Riverside Section Landscape Environment Enhancement Design Competition work.

The design competition is co-sponsored by Guangzhou Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau and Guangzhou Urban Construction Investment Group Co. Ltd. The Guangzhou Urban Planning and Research Center will represent the Guangzhou Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau as the technical advisory unit, and Guangzhou Xin Zhongzhou Construction Co. Ltd will be the design competition organizer. Guangzhou Urban Planning Association and Guangzhou Urban Investment Development Research Institute Co. Ltd will be the technical consultants, and Guangzhou Construction Engineering Supervision Co. Ltd will be the organizational planning unit.

Ⅲ.Scope of design competition

The scope of design competition comprises of research scope and design scope (see Annex 1 for details).

(I) Research scope

The research scope includes the former waterway of Pearl River, west of Bidao Yuejiang Road demonstration section, the 3.6 km riverside section from Guangzhou Bridge to South China Expressway and its deep hinterland, covering an area of about 87.5 hectares.

(II) Design scope

The design scope is to the west of Bidao Yuejiang Road demonstration section, and the 3.6 km riverside section from Guangzhou Bridge to South China Expressway, covering an area of about 27.5 hectares.

Ⅳ.Content of Design Competition

The content comprises of 3 separate parts: Peripheral coordination research; Overall improvement design; Key landmark/functional site design. For specific requirements, see Annex 2 《Design Task Requirements for Yuejiang Road (Canton Tower-South China Expressway) Riverside Section Landscape Environment Enhancement Design Competition》。

Ⅴ. Design Competition Registration

(I) Registration Requirements

The following items 1-5 are mandatory requirements for registration, and item 6 is for reference only.

i. The design competition accepts domestic design companies individually or collectively as a consortium, and registration of consortium of overseas design companies. Registration of natural persons or combinations of natural persons are not accepted. Overseas design companies must form a consortium with domestic design companies for registration. Overseas design companies must form a consortium with domestic design companies for registration. Both domestic and foreign design companies must complete legal and effective company registration at their locations; Design companies with shareholding structure as predominantly overseas based shareholding ratio will be regarded as overseas design companies. The number of design companies forming a consortium shall not exceed three, and each design company in the consortium shall no longer participate in the competition in its own name or form a new consortium with other design companies . When registering a consortium, it is mandatory to submit the “Consortium Agreement” and specify the main unit of the consortium in the agreement (see Annex 3 for details).

ii. Different design companies with the same person in charge or with controlling or management relationship shall not register separately or join different consortium at the same time.

iii. Designers participating in the design competition should be employees of the design companies , and the lead designer should participate throughout the entire competition process; the lead designer should also be an employee of the main unit of the consortium.

iv. The participating team should comprise of personnel from multi-professional disciplines including but not limited to urban planning and design, architectural design, garden landscaping, transportation, and municipal government administration.

v. The team should be able to prepare and present conceptual proposals that meets the design task requirements of the design competition.

vi. Lead designers with the following requirements are preferred:
(i)Recipients of industry or national awards/honors;
(ii)Comprehensive design research capabilities and practical experience in first-tier megacities design projects;
(iii)Comprehensive capabilities and hands-on experience in the detailed design of central business district, central vitality zones, urban core landmarks and surrounding waterfront areas design projects;
(iv)Extensive experience in ecological landscaping and environmental design projects.
(v)Extensive experience in planning and creating high-quality public leisure space.
(vi)Proven track record of delivering completed waterfront landscape environment enhancement design projects.

Ⅱ ) Registration time

Chinese Standard Time: From 30 September 2021, 2:30pm to 21 October 2021, 5pm (acceptance time for on-site submission of registration materials is from 10am to 5pm on working days; No submissions on statutory holidays).

(III) Registration Procedure

i. The design Company shall email the registration presentation document and the “Design Company Profile List” (detailed requirements can be found in “(4) Design Competition Registration Documents” of this announcement ), at least 3 days before the registration deadline (i.e. before 18 October 2021, 17:00), to email address: [email protected]

ii. All registration materials, prepared in accordance with “(4) Design Competition Registration Documents” of this announcement, must be delivered on-site or by mail delivery to the receiving address before the registration deadline. The registration is deemed successful if the registration materials are delivered before the registration deadline (subject to mail delivery receipt or on-site receipt record). If the registration materials are not delivered before the deadline due to mailing and other reasons, all consequences arising from mailing and other reasons shall be borne by the participating design companies.

The receiving address is as follows:
Name of receiver: Guangzhou Construction Engineering Supervision Co, Ltd
Attention: Mr Liang
Tel: +86 13535323251, +86 20-61101333-1870
Address: Bidding agency Department, 18th floor, No. 4, Guangwei Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong

(Ⅳ)Design Competition Registration Documents

i .The following documents should be in A4 format in accordance with Annex III “Registration Document Format”. The total number of pages should not exceed 200 with double-sided printing on paper less than 80g. The documents should be bound as a single volume with soft cover. The original volume and two copies to be sealed together. The original volume is stamped with the design company’s official seal according to the position marked in the format document, and also stamped on the edges of all pages (For a consortium, the page stamping will only require the main unit’s official seal).

According to the 《Selection Rules for the Yuejiang Road (Canton Tower-South China Expressway) Riverside Section Landscape Environment Enhancement Design Competition》(refer to Annex 6), the following points (1) to (7) are mandatory materials for compliance review and hence they need to be prepared strictly to the requirements as stipulated in Annex 3 《Registration Document Format》。

(i)《Registration Information Sheet for Participating Design Company》 (to be signed and affixed with official seals).
(ii)Official registration confirmation letter.
(iii)Consortium Agreement (only applicable to design companies registered as a consortium).
(iv)Name of design company and listing of relevant qualifications (provide a copy of qualification certificates).
(v)Brief Introduction and registration information of the design company (provide a copy of the relevant registration certificate or business license, and if the overseas design company is represented by its branch in China, it should provide a description of the branch’s shareholding structure).
(vi)Certificate of legal representative (original), power of attorney of legal representative (original) (applicable to domestic design companies or domestic design companies in a consortium); certificate of person in charge of design company (original), power of attorney of person in charge of design company (Original) (Applicable to overseas design companies or overseas design companies in a consortium); a copy of the authorized person’s valid personal identity documents.
(vii)Lead designer’s letter of employment and letter of commitment for participation in the entire design competition process.
(viii)Lead designer’s detailed resume and relevant experience & achievements.
(ix)Design experience and achievements of similar projects undertaken by design companies (since January 1, 2016).
(x)Professional experience and achievements of the designers in the participating teams.
(xi)Understanding of the tasks of the design competition (including but not limited to the understanding of the design requirements of the competition, overall design objectives, design strategies, analysis of critical success factors, etc. Presentation of conceptual design proposals and usage of simple sketches to convey design ideas.
(xii)Other information deemed necessary by the design company.

ii. A conceptual proposal should be provided in response to the design task requirements of the design competition. It should be typeset horizontally in A3 format, with 25mm reserved for the left gutter, and printed on no more than 4 pages (double-sided) and on paper below 80g. 8 sets of documents are to be printed.

iii.Concurrently, the following documents should be copied to a USB flash drive (the total size of all documents shall not exceed 200M) and replicated to another similar flash drive. Both flash drives are to be sealed together with the registration materials.
(i)The above-mentioned bound documents need to be scanned as *.pdf files after the original is stamped.
(ii)The above-mentioned conceptual proposal to be exported as *.JPG file, with an image resolution no less than 300dpi.
(iii)Registration Presentation Document: The design company’s introduction, related achievements, understanding of the tasks of the design competition and introduction of the design team to be included in a *.pptx/*.ppt format presentation file (within 30 pages, 16:9 aspect ratio, containing Chinese translations, refer to Annex 5 for the format specifications). 8 sets of documents are to be printed.
(iv)List of Registered Design Companies (Refer to Annex 4 for format specifications).

Ⅵ. Design Competition Approach

(Ⅰ)Selection of participating design companies

The design competition will adopt an online registration approach, through publication of the design competition announcement on official websites, accepting public registration of domestic and overseas design companies, and selection and ranking by industry experts. The top 8 design companies are selected as the participating companies, and the 9th-10th will be considered as reserved participating companies. If there are less than 8 design companies that satisfy the qualifications for the design competition, the organization unit may decide to extend the registration time or reorganize the registration work according to the project situation. if the participating design companies give up its qualification for any reason before the technical documents are released and after the determination of the participating design companies, they will be replaced, in turn, by the reserved participating design companies. The organizing unit will issue formal invitation letters to the selected participating design companies, and the design competition proposals submitted by the other design companies that are not formally invited will not be accepted.

The selection results of participating design companies for the design competition will be announced before 29 October 2021 (tentative).

(Ⅱ)Release of design competition technical documents

The official technical document release meeting of the design competition project will be held in Guangzhou. Both site survey and Q&A will be organized at the same time. The tentative date will be 4 November 2021, where the exact location and date specified in the invitation letter shall prevail.

(Ⅲ)Proposal outcome submission deadline

The deadline for submission of the design competition proposal outcome is tentatively set before 5pm, 5 January 2022. All participating design companies must submit the design competition proposal outcome documents to the designated location before the deadline, subject to the actual date of receipt.

(Ⅳ)Proposal evaluation approach
The proposal evaluation approach of the design competition comprises of two stages: the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposal and proposal evaluation. The review committee will first review the feasibility of all proposal outcomes and determine the effectiveness of the proposals. Unfeasible proposals may not enter the proposal evaluation stage.

The proposal evaluation committee will review the effectiveness outcome of the proposals, and shortlist three proposals by voting on the basis of detailed comparison and careful assessment of the design competition technical documents.

(Ⅴ)Evaluation approach of awarding winning proposal
The top 3 design companies of the design competition project are required to submit business documents and project team information, etc., as required by the organizing unit.

The review committee will evaluate the above mentioned documents and award one winning proposal by vote.

(Ⅵ)Fee payment arrangement

i.Design Competition Cost Compensation Fee

For participating design companies (consortium is regarded as one participating design company) confirmed by experts committee as having feasible design proposals, they can receive a cost compensation fee of RMB 800,000.00.

ii. Bonus for winning proposal

Upon confirmation of winning proposal by experts committee, and after submitting the display model as required by the organizing unit, the design company of the winning proposal will receive a bonus of RMB 500,000.00 on top of the cost compensation fee. That is to say, the winning participating design company will receive a total of RMB 1,300,000.00.

iii.Proposal integration and expansion fee

The winning participating design company that has been granted the rights and successfully submits the integration and expansion proposal outcome that meets the requirements as specified by the organizing unit, will receive a total of RMB 1,000,000.00 in addition to the cost compensation fee and bonus. That is to say, the participating organization will receive a total of RMB 2,300,000.00.

iv.Mode of Payment
The design competition cost compensation, bonus and proposal integration and expansion fees are all paid in RMB and shall be settled by the organizer of the design competition with the participating design companies, and any taxes incurred shall be borne by the participating design companies. The cost compensation, bonus and proposal integration and expansion fees will be paid in RMB to domestic participating design companies in China.

( i ) Participating design companies whose design competition proposal outcomes are deemed unfeasible by the review committee will not be eligible for any design competition cost compensation, bonuses and fees.

( ii ) The cost compensation fee of this design competition includes all the costs incurred by the participating design companies during the design competition (including but not limited to design fees, results production costs, design research costs, travel costs incurred for holding relevant project communication meetings, design copyright fees, relevant taxes, etc.). No other expenses will be paid.

Ⅶ. Design competition deposit

No deposit is required for the design competition.

Ⅷ. Other key notes:

(Ⅰ) The design competition is governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China, and the competition work and all documents are subject to Chinese laws. In case of dispute, if negotiation fails, it shall be submitted to the Guangzhou Arbitration Commission for arbitration. The arbitration shall be final and binding on all parties.

(Ⅱ) If there is any discrepancy between the design competition announcement and the official Technical Document of the Design Competition, the official Technical Document of the Design Competition shall prevail.

(Ⅲ) In case of any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions of the design competition announcement, the Chinese version of the announcement shall prevail.

(Ⅳ) All registration materials will not be returned. All design competition registration documents and design competition proposal outcome documents must be prepared in Chinese.

(Ⅴ) Participating design companies only have the signatory rights to the design competition proposal outcomes, other intellectual property rights belong to the organizer and sponsors of the design competition.
(Ⅵ)Overseas design companies must obtain authorization from their headquarters to participate in the design competition.


The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to know more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

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