In order to build the central rail hub of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, reshape the vitality of the northern part of the new central axis of Guangzhou, and lead the regional urban renewal, it is planned to optimize and upgrade the urban landscape and environment of the Guangzhou East Railway Station area. Invitation to tender now invites domestic (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and foreign first-class planning and design teams to brainstorm ideas, with international perspective, and latest concepts to enhance the municipal and regional functions of Guangzhou East Railway Station area, with high-quality area characteristics to promote high-quality development. The Guangzhou East Railway Station area will be built into a demonstration zone for the integration of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Rail Hub Station City.

I、Project Background

Implementing the strategic plan of “New Vitality for Old Cities” by Secretary-General Xi Jinping, and with the design concept of “ecology, vertical multifunction, garden city, integration of city and station”, an urban landscape system will be built in line with the locality of ” Livable Flower City, Dynamic Global City” and the characteristics of the Tianhe Central Business District to create a high-quality urban environment in the Guangzhou East Railway Station area. By building a “city + traffic + landscape” complex, the international influence of Guangzhou East Railway Station will be further enhanced and a new mode of urban development in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao will be explored.

II、Design content and scope

(I)The design scope is divided into two parts, namely the scope of the regional environmental landscape improvement planning research and the scope of the core area design. The scope of the regional environmental landscape improvement planning research is bordering north to Yueken Road-Yudong West Road, south to Huangpu Avenue West, west to Guangzhou Avenue Middle, east to Tianshou Road-Tianhe East Road, with an area of about 597 hectares; The scope of the core area is bordering north to Yanling Park, south to Tianhe North Road, east to Linhe Middle Road, west to Linhe West Road, with an area of about 92 hectares. 

Design Scope Diagram

(II) The design results submitted for this tender are divided into two levels: one is regional environmental landscape enhancement planning, the other is core area design.

(III) Design requirements for the project

1. The regional environmental landscape improvement plan must reach the depth of conceptual urban design. Adhering to the design concept of “station-city integration, people-oriented”, it connects Yanling Park, Guangzhou East Railway Station, South Square of East Railway Station, Green Square, Tianhe Sports Center, Tianhe Business District, links up to Huacheng Square, and runs through the new central axis of Guangzhou City, Coordinate the spatial design of buildings, transportation hubs, plazas, parks and road networks to create high-quality place nodes that take into account the sensory experience and interactive experience of citizens.The design includes, but is not limited to, spatial and morphological enhancement of the landscape environment, regional traffic optimization (including stereoscopic optimization of motorized traffic and slow-moving traffic), and so on.

2. The core area design shall reach the depth of the concept design. From the landscape layout, architectural style, spatial form, color system and other aspects of the core area (including inside and outside the railway red line) to coordinate the landscape, traffic and important building nodes design style. With reference to the Flower City Square, the quality of the landscape environment along the axis from Yanling Park to Tianhe Sports Center will be improved to create a new city hall that is multi-dimensional, open, innovative and energetic; the stereoscopic connection between the East Railway Station area and the buildings on the east and west wings, as well as CITIC Square and Tianhe Business District will be strengthened to realize the interconnection and intercommunication of traffic, buildings and public space within the area. The specific design includes landscape concept design, stereoscopic slow traffic system design, and architectural design of important nodes.

(IV) Compensation and reward for the project design achievement is about 22.5 million yuan.

III、Qualification requirements (see “Qualification Review Form” for details)

Bidders must have: ① urban and rural planning preparation Class A qualification;②engineering design comprehensive class A qualification or engineering design construction industry class A qualification or engineering design construction industry (construction) professional class A qualification or construction engineering design firm qualification.

Consortium is allowed to apply for this project.

IV、Information to be submitted for registration

( I ) Information to be submitted
1. Letter of intent to Bid (see annex 1 for format details)
2. Company profile
3. Performance of similar completed projects
4. Brief introduction of the lead designer and design team members
5. The overall conceptual outcome of the project design
6. Video presentation documents
Note: See the Eligibility Form and the Evaluation Record Form for specific information.

( II ) Information requirements
1. Application documents should be A4 (210mm × 297mm) format bound booklet with cover page indicating “Guangzhou East Railway Station area Application documents for international consultation on urban landscape and environmental design invitation to tender”.
2. Eight copies of application documents, including one original and seven copies.
3.The submitted information should be marked with the name of the bidder, which involves signature or seal: an official seal must be affixed for mainland China companies, signatures must be provided for overseas and non-mainland China (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) companies.
4. Electronic documents of all application materials shall be submitted in the form of USB drive, all electronic cocuments shall be in ﹡.pdf or ﹡.doc file format.
5. The video presentation documents (within 10 minutes, in the format of ﹡. MP4, ﹡. Avi or ﹡. Wmv) for the understanding and rationalization of the project shall contain Chinese voice commentary or Chinese (Simplified) subtitles.
6. In the case of application by consortium bidding, except for the “Consortium Agreement”, all parties in the consortium must sign or affix their seals as required, and any other part of the document involving a signature or seal can be signed or seal affixed by the primary body of the consortium.
7. Such other information as the bidder deems necessary.

V、Determination of formal bidders

The project tender owner will set up a Qualification Committee and organizes a centralized evaluation after the closing of applications. The Qualification Review Committee determines no more than eight formal bidding candidates through a comprehensive review of the application documents and video presentation documents submitted by the bidders, and submits them to the regulatory authorities for the record to determine the formal bidders.


( I ) Application period: 8 July 2020 – 14 July 2020 (9:00 am – 12:00 pm. 14:00-17:00 pm; Execpt the Public Holidays).
( II ) Registration address: Guangzhou Public Resources Trading Center (No. 133 Tianrun Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou). No._40_Counter.
( III ) Formal bidders submit their bidding documents as required by the tender documents, and after passing the evaluation, the bidders will receive fees as follows.

1.  Cost compensation fee for shortlisted bids:
Based on 8 companies;Each company will receive a cost compensation fee of 2 million yuan; The total fee is 16 million yuan.
2. Compensation fee for successful selection bids: Based on the calculation of three companies, on the basis of cost compensation fee, the compensation fee for successful selection bids will increase by 1 million yuan for each company, amounting to a total of 3 million yuan;
3. Compensation fee for the winning bid and deeper comprehensive design integration costs: Based on one company’s calculation, on the basis of the cost compensation fee and the compensation fee for the successful selection bid, the compensation fee for winning bid will be increased by 1 million yuan, 2.5 million yuan fee for the deeper program service and next phase of consultancy, amounting to a total of 3.5 million yuan.
(IV) Before registration, bidders (including members of the consortium) must apply for the business information registration (CA digital certificate) at the Guangzhou Public Resources Trading Center. For details, please refer to the “Guangzhou Public Resources Trading Center Network-CA Digital Certificate and Electronic Signature Registration Guidelines”:
(V)This announcement is published on the website of : Guangzhou Public Resources Trading Center; Guangdong Province Bidding and Tendering Supervision Network; and Architecture BBS (ABBS).
(VI) Contact

1. Chinese Contact: Mr. Chen (bidding agency)
Phone: +86 18819424776/+86 20 85530825-612 for inquiries in Chinese

2. English contact: Ms. Wu
Phone: +86 15914335221/+86 20 85530825-682 for inquiries in English??
Fax: +86 020 85520192
E-mail: [email protected]

Address: No.15, Liuhua Exhibition Hall, No.117 Liuhua Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

3. Chinese contact: Mr. Yan (The tender owner)
Phone: +86 13760835935/+86 20 28079070 for inquiries in Chinese

Special Note: In case of inconsistency between the Chinese and English versions of this announcement, the Chinese version shall prevail. The content of the documents submitted by overseas and non-mainland China companies must include Chinese (simplified) translation. The Chinese expression shall prevail.

Annex: 1. Letter of Intent to Bid

2. Qualifying documents

Note: This open tender is published by ABBS.

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