I. Project Background
Binbei Super Headquarter Base is located in the core area of the west of Xiamen Island and the North Bank of Yundang Lake. This project is an important measure to implement the requirements of “high quality and high value” and to promote the implementation of the strategy of “great promotion within the island” by the municipal party committee and the municipal government. The district plans to introduce first-class investment, introduce regional headquarters and well-known high-tech enterprises, such as the world’s top 500 companies, the Belt and Road, etc., to build a super-headquarters concentration area, to enhance the radiation power to the regional economy, and to further enhance the city’s popularity and influence.
In order to create a high-quality development, a high-quality life, a green environment and a dynamic urban space environment in accordance with the international first-class standards, high starting point planning and high-standard construction, and to form a model of three-dimensional, efficient and intensive development, and to establish a system of urban design oriented to planning and control, so as to provide a basis for subsequent planning optimization, architectural landscape design and implementation of the
construction, the international solicitation work is specially carried out.

Figure 1 Location map

II. Design Scope
(I) Urban design scope
(1) Overall urban design range: east to Lianyue Road, south to Yundang Lake, west to Huwei Mountain, north to Xianyue Mountain, total land area of about 3 square kilometers, and the conceptual overall urban design is completed.
(2) Urban design scope of the key areas: east to Hubin East Road, south to Yundang Lake, west to Hubin Middle Road, north to Xianyue Road, with a total area of about 90 hectares.
(II) Design scope of architectural concept plan
Including the original foreign trade warehouse area, the court on the north side, the talent market and the original Xiamen new piece area and other plots, with a total area of about 30 hectares.

Figure 2 Schematic diagram of design scope

III. Ways of Solicitation
The international solicitation includes two stages: “open solicitation and institutional selection” and “program preparation and evaluation”。 The design institute will submit the corresponding registration documents and concept proposal according to the international collection rules and design specifications. The sponsor will hold an expert review meeting and select 6 finalists to participate in the next stage of planning and evaluation.

IV. Registration Requirements
The international solicitation activities do not have qualification requirements, domestic and foreign design agencies can sign up to participate, allow the consortium to register, do not limit the number of members of the consortium. Entries of individual and individual groups are not accepted. The parties to a consortium may no longer participate in the international solicitation by themselves or in a consortium with other design agencies.
The domestic and foreign design institutions must have the business license registered legally and within the validity period, and must have the legal person status of an independent enterprise. The legal representative shall be two or more legal persons of the same person, the parent company, the wholly-owned subsidiary, and its holding company, and shall not enter for the competition at the same time.
In view of the impact of the new crown epidemic on international flights, overseas design institutions (no branch in China) must form a consortium with domestic design agencies to participate in the international solicitation.
The designers participating in the international solicitation competition shall be the participants of the design organization. The lead designer shall be a well-known architect who has presided over many projects of the same type and won the International and Domestic Architectural Achievement Award. He shall have more than 10 years of relevant working experience and shall be directly involved in the whole process of the design consultation, including on-site reconnaissance, report of achievements, evaluation and question answering, and other important work (including video conferencing.  it is found in the international solicitation process that the principal designer is not in conformity with the team members submitted by the registered materials, the organizer has the right to cancel his qualification. In order to ensure an accurate understanding of the local background and related requirements of the project planners and planners, there should be at least one Chinese-speaking person.
Design organizations with the following similar project experience are preferred:
(1) He/She has comprehensive research ability and practical experience in the urban design of international high-end central business district (Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, etc.), transportation hub area, key area, and waterfront area;
(2) He/She has rich experience in urban planning, urban design, architectural style, public space, etc.
V. Schedule
The international solicitation includes two stages: “open solicitation and institutional selection” and “plan preparation and review”。 The specific arrangements are show in the following table:

Note: The above time is based on Beijing time. The organizer reserves the right to make timely adjustments to the specific time node.

VI. Collect bonus
The design institution shall submit valid requisition documents within the prescribed time period and meet the requirements of this solicitation document, and the review committee shall review the design results submitted by 6 institutions according to the procedure, and determine the ranking, and the design institution shall receive the following solicitation bonus (including tax):
First prize: a total of RMB five million five hundred thousand only (lowercase RMB 5,500,000.00), including RMB three million only in bonus (lowercase RMB 3,000,000.00 )and RMB two million only in the plan for further integration (lowercase RMB 2,500,000.00);
Second prize (1 person): RMB two million six hundred thousand only (lowercase RMB 2,600,000.00)
The third prize (1 person): RMB two million four hundred thousand only (lowercase RMB 2,400,000.00).
Other shortlisted units (3 persons): RMB two million each only (lowercase RMB 2,000,000.00).
The bonus will be paid after the announcement of the results of this international solicitation without any objection. The bonus fee shall be paid in RMB, and any taxes incurred by the design institution shall be borne by the design institution itself.
The design organization shall provide payment information such as domestic legal VAT invoice and cooperate to complete the expenses settlement procedures as required.
If an overseas design institution is unable to use its account to collect RMB, it may authorize the domestic legal independent legal person to collect and issue invoices.
In principle, the first prizewinning design institutions to complete the plan to deepen integration work; If the first prize institutions to give up deepening integration work, the second prize and third prize design shall obtain the scheme deepening integration qualification in accordance with the sequence, and another contract to deepen the integration of work services signed, the total cost of RMB two million five hundred thousand only (lowercase RMB 2,500,000.00 including tax.

Ⅶ. Registration Method
For those who are interested in participating in the solicitation activities, they should register first, download the application form (Appendix 1) and complete the registration information. The application form should send an email to the designated email address [email protected] receiving the application form, the sponsor responds to the solicitation documents and the guidance manual for the preparation of the application documents by mail. Since there is any questions from the solicitation company,please send the Email to the sponsor mailbox: [email protected]. The sponsor will reply twice on January 5th and January 20th in Email to answer all the questions.The application form should be submitted before 17:00 on February 1, 2021. Any overdue or non-conforming registration information will not be accepted.
The application materials should be made in strict accordance with the relevant requirements. Submission materials include two ways: on-site delivery and express mail. Please reserve sufficient express shipping time for delivery by courier in special epidemic situation.
The date and place of submission of the application materials: The applicant should submit the paper documents and USB flash drive form of the application materials (including the application documents and the concept proposal) to the designated place by 16:00 on February 9, 2021. Address of written application materials: Construction Headquarters of Binbei Super Headquarters Base, No. 101, Hubing North Road, Siming District, Xiamen City, Yan Gong (received), 010-58323854. The time of receiving application materials is 09:00-16:00 on weekdays, late delivery or not in line with the requirements of the registration materials will not be accepted.

If you need further information, please feel free to contact AIMIR.  What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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