A. Design Background

The East Lake Hi-tech Development Zone with a planned area of 518 square kilometers is also known as Optical Valley of China. After more than 30 years of development, its comprehensive strength and brand influence have been greatly improved, ranking the first among national hi-tech zones in knowledge creation and technological innovation ability. It becomes one of key construction programs of national “world-class hi-tech park”. Optical valley central ecological corridor runs through the west area of optical valley central city, connecting Jiufeng mountain in the north and Longquan mountain in the south, with 10 kilometers in length and an average width of 300~500 meters. The Corridor is highlighted on “three ways & five nodes” (railway, greenway, and waterway; Jiufeng Mountain and Longquan Mountain urban balconies, the core node of Golden Cross Axis, the node of Gaoxin Second Road, and the node of integrated free trade zone).

The core node of Golden Cross Axis is located at the intersection area of the north-south central ecological Corridor and the east-west Optics Valley Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, including the intersection, surrounding open spaces, and part of Jiufeng Forest Park. The urban balcony nodes of Jiufeng Mountain and Longquan Mountain are located on the top area of two mountains respectively, which have a panoramic view as the commanding points of the north and south. The sky train project started recently is strengthening the accessibility of these nodes.

In order to benchmark the world-class standards, reveal the charm of technology and ecology of Optics Valley, and systematically create urban high-quality public space and landmark scenery nodes, The East Lake Hi-tech Development Zone Administration now publicly solicit the schematic design for the core node of Golden Cross Axis, Jiufeng Mountain and Longquan Mountain urban balconies from excellent design institutions local and overseas.

Fig.1 Location map


B. Design Scope and Design Requirements

1. Design of the core node of Golden Cross Axis

  • Design scope

The intersection of Gaoxin Avenue and Guanggu Fourth Road and the extended area within 200~250 meters is our proposed scope. It could be adjusted according to specific designs. The design institutions should consider its connection with the central ecological corridor, railway stations, and planned cultural facilities comprehensively. The overall implementation scope of the node should be taken as the scope of design. The scope of the research is extended to the surrounding green fields which is approximately 166 hectares.

Fig.2 Design scope map of the core node of Golden Cross Axis

Fig.3 Surrounding projects of the core node of Golden Cross Axis

Fig.4 Surrounding traffic of the core node of Golden Cross Axis

  • Design requirements

The design aims continuing the international vision to enhance the overall ecological strategy in Wuhan and emphasize the main corridor of Optics Valley, and creating a landmark scenery on the Golden Cross Axis to reveal the charm and achievements of Optical Valley as well.

a) Firstly, to create both a “new urban landmark” with both international qualities and local characteristics originally, and a forward-looking multi-dimensional landscape and public space system benchmark.

b) Secondly, all designs must compliance with the laws and regulations regarding ecological resources protection and historical resources conservation. to reconstruct the local landscape and the public space system, using new technologies and materials properly to create a functional space which is humane, comfortable, abundant, enjoyable, distinctive, both dynamic and static adaptively.

c) Thirdly, to shape an open, collaborative and innovative city temperament, through building the ecological adaptive features with an open and interconnected landscape model to stimulate a variety of activities and exchanges.

d) Fourthly, to create traffic distribution space with a great sense of design by deepening the planning of the Golden Cross Axis to achieve the “transportation, ecology and culture” functions of the cross nodes, and coordinate the organic connection of metro, ground, sky train and stations. See the design assignment of this project for specific requirements.

2. Design of the urban balconies of two Mountains

  • Design scope

The top areas of two mountains are our proposed scope. The design institutions can also optimize the scope of design base on your research. The scope of design should include the implementation area of the landscape improvement. The holistic design of two balconies need to be considered.

Fig.5 Design scope map of urban balcony of Jiufeng Mountain

Fig.6 Surrounding projects of urban balcony of Jiufeng Mountain

Fig.7 Surrounding traffic of urban balcony of Jiufeng Mountain

Fig.8 Design scope map of urban balcony of Longquan Mountain

Fig.9 Surrounding projects of urban balcony of Longquan Mountain

Fig.10 Surrounding traffic of urban balcony of Longquan Mountain

  • Design requirements

The design aims continuing the international vision to enhance the overall ecological strategy in Wuhan and emphasize the main corridor of Optics Valley, and creating a landmark scenery on the Golden Cross Axis to reveal the charm and achievements of Optical Valley as well.

a) Firstly, all designs must compliance with the laws and regulations regarding ecological resources protection and historical resources conservation. On base of current resources conditions in mountain scenic spots, to protect and strengthen the natural beauty of the site through a cautious design strategy, and to create a demonstration of ecological public park by combining the needs of low-cost and sponge city as well.

b) Secondly, to strengthen the integration and interconnection of scenic spots and urban areas, conceiving it as a dynamic natural playground where people could explore new possibilities of symbiosis between technological innovation and the nature.

c) Thirdly, to forge a new people-oriented network of regional tourism by which the need of peripheral cities is fully considered, the nature and urban areas are closely connected, and various recreation spaces and facilities are provided.

d) Fourthly, to consider public art to form public space with an artistic atmosphere.

See the design assignment of this project for specific requirements.


C. Registration Requirements

  1. For the project of the core node of Golden Cross Axis and the project of Jiufeng Mountain and Longquan Mountain Urban Balconies, the design institutions can choose both or either to register.
  2. Without qualification requirements, all design institutions whether in local or overseas with relevant design experience (organizations with the independent legal personality or with the ability to bear civil liabilities independently) can register.
  3. Local or overseas design institutions must have legally registered and valid business licenses. Different design institutions and organizations with the same person in charge, or have an association of holding controlling interest or management, are not allowed to register simultaneously.
  4. Consortiums with no more than 3 members are allowed to register, a written consortium agreement to clarify the lead unit and the respective responsibilities is needed. All units in one consortium cannot join in other consortiums or as an Independent unit to register.
  5. Individuals and individual combinations are not accepted in registration.


D. Solicitation Process

The open solicitation is divided into two stages, “registration plus pre-qualification”  and ”schematic design review”.

1. Registration and pre-qualification Stage

As soon as the registration form is submitted and verified (attached), organizer will provide assignments and basic material packages about the two projects. The design institutions conduct the surveys and develop CD. The organizer Initiate a pre-qualification meeting. The panel of experts composed of management department, construction unit and external experts will vote to select 6 design institutions without ranking, and 2 design institutions as alternatives from each project. If one or two of the 6 design institutions withdraw, the 2 alternatives could replace them. If the valid shortlist of design institutions is less than 8, sponsor of the solicitation will reorganize the registration and pre-qualification.

2. Schematic design review Stage

The design institutions in the shortlist continue completing SD base on the panel’s opinions. The organizer organizes the Q&A meeting,sites visit and the SD review meeting, 3 winning scheme designs will be selected by the panel.


E. Solicitation Schedule

The duration of the solicitation is from December 2021 to April 2022, and schedule is as follows:

Notes: The above date and time is based on Beijing time. The organizer reserves the right to adjust the schedule.


F. Design Fees

The total design fee is 5.1 million yuan (about US$801,600). The fee for the core node of Golden Cross axis design, the fee for Jiufeng Mountain and Longquan Mountain urban balconies design are 2.55 million yuan (about US$400,800) and 2.55 million yuan (about US$400,800) respectively.

Each of the 6 shortlisted design institutions will receive a design compensation of 250,000 yuan (about US$39,290). To the three winning design institutions, the first will receive 650,000 yuan (about US$102,155), the second 300,000 yuan (about US$47,150) and the third 100,000 yuan (about US$15,710).

The final winner needs to integrate and optimize the formal scheme base on the panel’s opinions and the requirements of the organizer, not including DD or CD.

Note: All the above fees include taxes.


G. Solicitation State

  1. The design fees of the solicitation will be paid in RMB within the borders of China. Domestic independent legal person could be authorized to receive the payment on their behalf if the design institutions or individuals from overseas cannot receive a payment of RMB.
  2. The design institutions should have the rights of authorship of SD. With the permission of the sponsor, SD will be evaluated and displayed through mass media, professional magazines, books and periodicals or other forms. The sponsor, organizer and the project construction company have the rights to use or adjust SD wholely or partly in the consultation of the project, and the rights to print, publish and exhibit SD through mass media, professional magazines, books and periodicals or other forms.
  3. SD should be original and not have been published in any form. SD or any material used in will not infringe any copyright, trademark right, patent right and other rights of the third party. If infringement occurs, all such disputes and legal liabilities will be borne by the design institution. If causes losses, the compensation will be borne by the design institution too.
  4. The design institutions should abide by the relevant provisions in China, properly keep the drawings and data provided by the sponsor, and protect their intellectual properties. Assignments and basic material packages will not be transferred to a third party or used in other projects without the permission of the sponsor.
  5. The design institutions participating in the solicitation are regarded as acknowledging all the provisions in this Announcement.
  6. The laws and regulations applied to the solicitation activity and related documents are the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China.


H. Organization and Contact Information

Sponsor: The East Lake Hi-tech Development Zone Administration

Organizer: Natural Resources and Planning Bureau of East Lake Hi-tech Development Zone

Wuhan Planning & Research and Exhibition Center


Co-organizer: Wuhan Optical Valley Central City Construction and Investment Co., Ltd.

Contact information:

+86 027-82719137

+86 15927332351 Ms.Yang

+86 15623540639 Ms.Dong

Consultation time: 9:00-12:00,15:00-17:30, from Monday to Friday

Address: Block A, Jianghua Complex Building, Jiang’an District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province

Contact mailbox: whcsyjwl@163.com

For follow-up information,please subscribe Wechat Official Account:


The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to know more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

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