Competition Organizer: Guangzhou Yuexiu Group Co., Ltd

Competition Co-organizer: Guangzhou Yuexiu Fengxing pastoral complex Co., Ltd

Competition Name: International Design Competition of Yuexiu Fengxing National Pastoral Complex In Conghua District Guangzhou


Project background

The CPC Central Committee released a package of policies in 2018 charting the roadmap for rural vitalization,featuring thriving businesses, pleasant living environment, social etiquette and civility, effective governance and prosperity. In October of the same year, Guangzhou issued the implementation opinions of the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government on promoting the rural vitalization Strategy, to clarify the positioning of Guangzhou as a good example and model in rural vitalization of Guangdong province, to walk out a road of rural vitalization with Guangzhou characteristics .In May 2021, the general office of the Ministry of Finance issued the notice on further improving the pilot work of National Pastoral Complex construction, on the basis of National Pastoral Complex construction pilot experience. In 2021, the central government will continue to support qualified regions to carry out the pilot construction of national pastoral complexes.Yuexiu Fengxing National Pastoral Complex In Conghua District Guangzhou is the only pastoral complex project registered by the Ministry of Finance in Guangdong Province in May 2021. The business covers modern agriculture, home accommodation, catering, intangible cultural heritage, culture and tourism, etc. The goal of the project is to realize the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, with rural cooperatives as the key, and realize the integration of agriculture, leading agriculture and enriching farmers.

The project is located in Aotou Town, Conghua District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, involving Longtan village, Hengjiang village and Wushi village. The Pajiang river passes through the three villages, adjacent to national highway 106 in the East and Guanglian Expressway in the West.Conghua district is the ecological core area in the north of Guangzhou. It takes the lead in realizing the full coverage of clean and tidy villages and beautiful and livable villages in the whole province, forming a good example of rural vitalization and characteristic towns. Aotou town is a new urbanization demonstration town in Guangdong Province and Guangzhou and a demonstration pilot town in Guangzhou. It is a major agricultural town in Conghua district and one of the five demonstration towns in Guangzhou to create high grain production. It has the development foundation for building a Rural Vitalization demonstration area.

In order to further implement the National Rural Vitalization Strategy, speed up the cultivation of new driving forces for high-quality development of rural economy, and create a National Pastoral Complex, Guangzhou Yuexiu Fengxing Pastoral Complex Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou Yuexiu Fengxing Pastoral Complex Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangzhou Yuexiu Group Co., Ltd.) launched the international competition for the design scheme of Yuexiu Fengxing National Pastoral complex in Conghua District, Guangzhou (hereinafter referred to as the “competition”), in order to realistically develop the village and build a demonstration area for Rural Vitalization in Guangdong.


Working range and competition content

This competition covers two levels: research area and overall design area, of which the overall design area includes two sub projects. See Annex 1 for details.

  1. Research areaThe project involves Wushi village, Hengjiang village, Longtan Village in Aotou Town, covering an area of 21.27 square kilometers. The competition content covers the overall positioning, cluster structure and regional traffic road system optimization and so on.
  2. Overall design area

Sub project 1 is Rural architecture and landscape design:The total area is about 19.9 hectares, which is divided into three areas: Wushi Village area, Ge Village area and Xujia courtyard area, with a planning area of about 10.4 hectares, 5.8 hectares and 3.7 hectares respectively. The rural architecture and landscape design scheme should focus on the rural activation under the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries in the area, and put forward design strategies. The design content includes the transformation and utilization aimed at activating the operation, such as the transformation of rural Courier station, home accommodation, facade upgrading, public space upgrading, farmland and woodland activation, etc. No less than 3 key node concept designs are proposed in each area.

Sub project 2 is cultural tourism project design:the project is located in Qinglong base, Hengjiang village, Aotou town. The design area includes Huamei pasture and surrounding villages. The planned area is about 295.3 hectares, of which the core area design scope is about 106.7 hectares.The main design content needs to fully combine the operation concept and mode of the pastoral complex, build brand IP around cow IP, and innovate the design of buildings and landscapes with industrial and rural local characteristics.Through the creation of a serious of unique rural life scenes and the shaping of landmark buildings, the project creates a unique pastoral complex to achieve four new highlights of “Industrial Innovation, Environmental Renewal, Cultural Renewal and Institutional Innovation”.


Registration Method

  1. Registration Qualification Required
  • The design organization applicants from domestic shall have the independent legal person qualification, and provide business license , not being ordered to close or being repealed. The design organization applicants from overseas must be a legally registered design institution in the place where it is located, and provide a valid registration certificate. If the person in charge of the company is the same person or different companies with holding or management relationship, it’s forbidden to sign up for the competition project at the same time. (Note: LOCATION refers to the main place where companies, enterprises or commercial institutions are registered to operate business or set up offices according to law)
  • Domestic applicant must have one of the following valid qualifications: (1)Construction Industry Engineering Design Qualification Class-A (2) Construction Industry (Construction Engineering) Professional Design Qualification Class-A (3)Engineering Design Integrated Qualification Class-A (4)Urban and Rural Planning Qualification Class-A (5) Landscape Professional Engineering Design Qualification Class-A (6)Tourism Planning and Design Qualification Class-A. Copies of relevant documents hould be provided with official seals.
  • Personal registration is not accepted in this competition(including all members of the consortium).
  • The design organization applicant (either party of the consortium)shall have the relevant planning (or design) achievements of Rural Vitalization or ecological town or characteristic town or cultural tourism or artistic installation from January 1, 2017 to the deadline of registration (The copy of contract and other supporting documents shall be provided. For the past performance undertaken by a consortium, relevant materials shall be provided to prove that the working contents undertaken by the company in the project meets the requirements of this item. The performance calculation time shall be subject to the contract signing time).
  • The General Project Leader/Chief designer must directly participate in the whole process of design activity,and personally attend the competition site to report the plan at least 2 times.The design organization applicant shall ensure the General Project Leader/Chief designer and main designers always participate in design that shall not be replaced midway.
  • In order to ensure that the project designers have an accurate understanding of the Chinese background and relevant requirements, the overseas design organization must have at least one person familiar with Chinese.
  • The application by the consortium is accepted in the competition. The number of organizations constituting the consortium shall not exceed 2. The consortium shall submit the Agreement of Consortium Participating in the Competition as required (each member of the consortium shall affix the official seal of the corresponding entity; if the overseas design organization has no seal, it can be signed by its legal representative or legal authorized representative).

Note: For detailed information, please refer to Annex 3: Collection Document ,Part two. Composition of The Application Documents, Annex 3-1 Qualification Form, Annex 4 Concept Proposal.

  1. Registration Time

Based on Beijing time, 9:00-12:00 am and 14:00-17:00 PM from July 28 to August 16, 2022 ( Don’t accept the submission of materials on legal holidays).

  1. Registration Method

The design organizations intending to participate in the competition MUST upload the completed application registration form and attachments (refer to Annex 2 for details) affixed with official seal to E-mail box:[email protected] within the specified time.

It is allowed design organizations intending to participate in the competition to apply for two sub projects at the same time, but which cannot be recommended as the participating design organization and candidates of the two sub projects at the same time. That is to say, sub project 1 will be selected first. If it has been recommended as a participating design organization in sub project 1, it will no longer participate in the selection of sub project 2.Before the selection of sub project 2, the participating design organization that have been recommended as sub project 1 shall be eliminated first, and then the participating design institutions and candidates shall be recommended in turn according to the selection rules. If the candidate of sub project 1 is selected as the participating design organization of sub peoject 2, the candidate of sub project 1 will be postponed according to the ranking after excluding the organization. If the candidate of sub project 2 is the candidate of sub project 1, the candidate of sub project 2 will also be postponed in the above-mentioned manner.

  1. Competition Registration Documents
  • The design organizations intending to participate in the competition MUST send or post the completed competition application document (refer to Annex 3 and Annex 4 for details) in written form to the competition co-organizer before 17:00, Aug.16, 2022. If the design organization submits the documents by mail, the submission time shall be subject to the time when the competition co-organizer signs and receives the registration documents.

The receiving address information is as follows:

Name of recipient:Chen Yiyang

Contact phone number:020-83546050、13611455891

Address: 62nd floor, Zhujiang New Town International Financial Center, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

  • For different sub projects,the design organization applicant must prepare a complete application document and bind it into a volume. It can be bound in separate volumes when the content is overmuch. The cover of the registration documents bound independently shall be affixed with the official seal of the design organization applicant, and the registration documents shall be affixed with the official seal of the design organization applicant in the slit and on each page. If the overseas design institution has no official seal, it can be signed by its legal representative or legal authorized representative .The representative of the design organization applicant can be the legal representative or its authorized representative. The registration document signed by the authorized representative shall be accompanied by a valid power of attorney signed by the legal representative.
  • The design organizations must bear all the consequences caused by any mistake or omission in the application documents.
  • The registration documents are should be in quadruplicate (1 original and 3 copies, which must be marked with the words “original” and “copy” on the cover of the registration documents), and one electronic copy of the registration documents (including one document in WORD format and original paper document color scanned in PDF format ,which shall be stored in USB flash drive, without encrypted and virus). If the original is inconsistent with the copy, the original shall prevail.
  • The registration document shall be duly signed by a legally authorized representative of the design organization applicant and any changes, if any, shall be signed by the original signatory.
  • All registration documents should be delivered to the competition co-organizer before the deadline. Overdue documents will not be accepted. The co-organizer will not be responsible for the damage or loss of the registration documents caused by force majeure.
  • All application documents must be sealed in a sealed envelope or package with the official seal of the design organization applicant affixed to the seal. (1) the original (with official seal on the original), (2) the copy, (3) the application registration form and (4) the electronic version of the application document should be sealed separately and marked,the above contents shall be written on the cover of each envelope or package(see the selection document for details).
  • The written registration materials made in accordance with the registration requirements in (I) of the competition registration methods in this announcement VI must be delivered to the site or by post before the registration deadline. The written registration materials delivered before the deadline (subject to the mail signing record or the on-site signing form record) will be deemed as successful registration.


Competition method

  1. Selection of design organization

This competition adopts the method of public registration. By publishing the competition announcement on the website, it openly accepts public design organization applications from domestic and overseas..Through selection and ranking by experts,the top three design organizations in each sub project are selected as the participating organizations, and the fourth is the candidate . If there are less than 6 design organizations that meet the requirements of competition qualification, the competition sponsor may decide to extend the registration time or reorganize the registration according to the project situation. If any design organizations give up the shortlisted qualification for some reason after the shortlisted institutions confirmed and before the release of the competition documents, their competition shall be replaced in turn among the alternate design organizations until 3 are supplemented.. The competition co-organizer will send a formal invitation to the shortlisted design organizations, and the competition schemes submitted by other design organizations that have not been formally invited will not be accepted.

The selection results of the competition design organizations will be announced in mid-late August 2022.

  1. Release of competition technical documents

The official competition technical document release meeting of the project is tentatively scheduled to be held in mid-late August 2022., and the site survey and Q &; A will be organized at the same time. The specific place and time in the invitation letter shall prevail.

  1. Submission time of achievements

The deadline for submission of results is tentatively set for early October 2022. All design organizations must submit the final competition outcome documents to the designated place before the deadline, subject to the actual signing time.The design cycle is about 45 calendar days.

  1. Results review method

The evaluation of the competition results includes two stages:the validity review and the scheme evaluation. The review committee of technical will first review the validity of all achievement schemes to determine the validity of achievement schemes. Results programmes that fail to pass the validity review shall not enter the scheme review.

The evaluation committee of scheme will evaluate the valid achievement scheme which pass the validity review, and select a winning scheme for each sub project by voting on the basis of careful study of the competition technical documents and full discussion and comparison.

The competition evaluation results of this project will be tentatively announced within 5 working days after the competition results evaluation meeting.

  1. Competition expense arrangement
  • Competition cost compensation and bonus

If the design result is confirmed to be valid by experts,in each sub project,the third ranked design organization will receive cost compensation of seven hundred thousand RMB (¥ 700000.00), the second ranked design organization will receive cost compensation of eight hundred thousand RMB (¥ 800000.00), and the first ranked design organization will receive cost compensation of nine hundred thousand RMB (¥900000.00). The result that fails to pass the validity review will not receive cost compensation. If the scheme is evaluated by experts and finally confirmed by the organizer, the design organizations of the scheme can obtain another deepening design fee of one million RMB (¥ 1000000.00) on the basis of cost compensation.

Note: The participating unit of the consortium is regarded as a design organization.

  • Payment method

The competition cost compensation fee and the deepening design fee are paid in RMB, the expenses shall be settled with design organization by the institution, and any taxes incurred are borne by the design organization. If the competition design organization is a consortium, it shall form a written agreement on the proportion of the consortium’s expenses within 28 days from the date of the press conference of the competition technical documents and submit it to the competition co-organizer. Those who fail to submit within the time limit will only settle all the expenses of the consortium with the main part of the consortium.

The cost compensation and deepening design fees obtained shall be paid to all signing up for the competitions in China in RMB. If the overseas design organization cannot use its own account to collect RMB, it can authorize the domestic legal independent legal person to collect the money, and the relevant handling fees, taxes and other fees shall be borne by the design organization.


  1. The design organization whose competition design results are evaluated as invalid by the evaluation committee will not be compensated for the competition cost.
  2. The cost compensation fee of this competition includes all expenses incurred by the design organization during this competition (including but not limited to design expenses, achievement production expenses, design research expenses, travel expenses incurred in cooperating with the holding of relevant project communication meetings, design copyright fees, relevant taxes, etc.), and no other expenses will be paid.



  1. The competition shall be governed by the laws of the people’s Republic of China, and the competition work and all documents shall be governed by Chinese laws. In case of any dispute, if the negotiation fails, it shall be submitted to China Guangzhou International Arbitration Center for arbitration. The arbitration shall be final and binding on both parties.
  2. In case of any discrepancy between this competition announcement and the officially released competition technical document, the officially released competition technical document shall prevail.
  3. In case of any inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version of the registration announcement of this competition, the Chinese version of the announcement shall prevail.
  4. All application materials will not be returned.
  5. The above contents or requirements are applicable to all sub projects unless otherwise specified.
  6. If there is no special explanation for all the requirements of “company seal” in this project, the overseas design institution shall be signed by its legal representative or legal authorized representative. If the registered design organization is a consortium, the main party of the consortium shall affix the company seal in addition to the consortium entry agreement.
  7. If the materials provided by overseas units are in foreign languages, Chinese materials notarized by qualified translation institutions or notary offices shall be provided.
  8. The agency service fee is charged separately by sub projects. The participating design institutions that obtain the winning scheme will be charged at 3% of the sum of cost compensation fee and deepening design fee. The participating design institutions that obtain cost compensation fee will be paid at 3% of cost compensation fee, and the above payment procedures will be handled in RMB.


The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to know more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

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