Organizer: Hunan Baisha Green Island Investment Development Corp.
Agency: Guangzhou Wangtat Project Management & Consultancy Co., Ltd

1. Overview

1.1 Project

Hunan Baisha Green Island Industrial Park Space Development Planning Competition

1.2 Background

Located in the southern part of Hengyang downtown, Hunan Baisha Green Island Industrial Park lies in Dongyangdu Town in Zhuhui District in Hengyang, the country’s important transportation hub, and Nanjiang District in Baisha Industrial Park. It covers an area of 47 square kilometers. In accordance with the concept of the integration of production and city, the industrial park co-ordinates high-end manufacturing, high-end equipment, scientific and technological development, new materials, new technology, new energy for energy conservation and environmental protection which is the core of the industrial chain system, the construction service outsourcing base, new materials industry base, logistics base and industrial transferring to undertaking the base and other industrial supporting systems. The strategic goal is to build an industrial park with national demonstration significance, an industrial city with high concentration of industry, perfect urban function and beautiful ecological environment, as well as an important growth pole to support development.

In order to make it a domestic first-class industrial park, Hunan Baisha Green Island Industrial Park Space Development Planning Competition is held to seek creative and high-quality schemes for high-standard establishment at high starting point.

1.3 Range (The final requirements are subject to Technical Document.)

Situated in the southern part of Hengyang downtown, it covers an area of about 47 square kilometers (see Attachment 1), north, south and west to Xiangjiang river as the boundary, east to Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, including about 4.64-square kilometer-large 272 Uranium Company, 1.5-square kilometer-large Honghua Machinery Company, 16.5-square kilometer-large Baishazhou Industrial Park and Zhuhui District.

2. Assignment (The final requirements are subject to Technical Document.)

2.1 Content

The content of space development planning mainly contains strategic planning, industrial planning and spatial planning.

Centered around the concept of the integration of production and city, combined with the characteristics of the times, the design shall introduces modern aesthetics, fully reflect the cultural quality of the cities on the Xiangjiang River, and use flexible techniques to create an environment-coordinated Baisha Green Island Industrial Park with landmark effect and a collection of modern, ecological, scientific and technological sense. The designer shall do some systematic researches on strategic development orientation and construction objectives, industrial function layout and industrial development direction, spatial structure of urban design, urban design elements and urban design implementation measures, and then put forward the scheme.

2.2 Deliverables (offered individually at two stages)

The required deliverables consist of pamphlets, drawings and electronic documents.

3. Rules

3.1 Stage 1: Registration and Prequalification

(1) Open to the public, this competition accepts the registration of any design institutions.
(2) After registration, the organizer will set up a qualification review group legally which is responsible for assessing the materials like company strength , business achievement, group composition and so on. Through open vote, there will be 5 teams chosen to proceed to the next stage according to their performance.

3.2 Stage 2: Designing

It is divided into two sessions — Schemes Competition and Schemes Deepening Competition.

(1) Schemes Competition

Five teams shall carry out the design in accordance with the subsequent released Technical Document and submit the qualified deliverables, each limited to 1 scheme. No schemes from other design institutions is accepted. The qualification review group will conduct a detailed assessment of all the proposals and select the top 3 winners (not in order) and the 4th and 5th candidates by open vote.Top 3 winning teams will enter the stage of Schemes Deepening competition.

(2) Schemes Deepening Competition

According to experts’ opinions, top 3 winning teams shall make adjustment, improve the design, and then submit the deepened results. The jury will conduct a detailed evaluation of the submitted results, and rank all the schemes by open vote, of which the first scheme will be the final winner in the competition. As a contracted unit for space development planning, the winner will undertake the follow-up scheme integration, make adjustment, and form formal results (submitted for approval).

(3) If the winning team gives up or does not agree with the competition organizer on the terms of the contract, the entry deposit shall not be refunded. The competition organizer can select the other candidates according to the rankings based on the experts’ evaluation, or the winning scheme is vacant.

3.3 Stage 3: Subsequent Work

Based on its scheme, the winner shall combine the merits of other entries and integrate, adjust the scheme according to the opinions from the experts, the organizer, and relevant departments, etc., further deepen the indicators, produce sand table models, and finally form the formal results (submitted for approval). And the final results must meet the requirement of Technical Standards and Guidelines for Urban Planning Management in Hengyang.

Meanwhile, it should undertake the revision of the scheme, cooperate with the organizer’s project report, public participation, publicity and other related work, and offer relevant design materials and technical support.

4. Schedule (tentative)

Time Item
Stage 1:

Registration and Prequalification

July 15, 2019 – July 29, 2019 Release announcement

and accept applications

Before 15:00

of July 29, 2019

Deadline for the submission of application documents
Early August, 2019 Prequalification meeting
Announce prequalification results
Stage 2: Designing Schemes Competition From mid-August

to mid-October

Design the schemes
Mid-August, 2019 Press conference and site survey;

Candidates to submit the Competition Participation Confirmation Letter

Mid-October, 2019 Candidates to submit deliverables

(the place will be notified)

Scheme review meeting;

Announce the results

of the first session

Schemes Deepening Competition From late October

to late November

Top 3 candidates to proceed to the second session
Late November Top 3 candidates to submit the deliverables of the second session
Scheme review meeting;

Announce the results

of the second session

Stage 3:

Subsequent Work

About 2 months Finish Space Development Planning

5. Prize

1st (the final winner): It will get the right of signing a contract of subsequent schemes and the design fee of RMB 447,9000. (It contains the cost of the subsequent work including tax).

2nd: It will receive RMB 180,0000 (including tax) as a bonus.

3rd: It will receive RMB 150,0000 (including tax) as a bonus.

4th and 5th: It will receive RMB 100,0000 (including tax) as a bonus.

P.S. The candidates whose entries are assessed as invalid by the jury could not get the relevant fees.

Payment: The competition fees obtained by candidates shall be paid in RMB. If the participation is in the form of a consortium, the fees will be paid to the sole account designated by both parties in the consortium.

6. Requirement

There must be 1 main designer in this project, who must be personally responsible for the design. Without the consent of the organizing, the main designer and the team’s main professional leader must not be replaced midway.

The main designer should personally attend the launch event and carry out the site survey, present the scheme in the review meeting. If the main designer is unable to attend the above-mentioned meeting under exceptional circumstances, the candidate must submit a written letter of explanation to the organizer, stating the reason for the absence of the creator, the resume of the alternative person and his/her specific work in the project. The candidate could appoint him/her to attend the meeting only after the organizer has agreed.

7. Registration

7.1 Conditions

(1) The institution must have a legally registered business license within the validity period. It must have an independent corporate personality. If the legal representative has the same person among two or more legal persons, the parent company, wholly-owned subsidiary and his/her holding company shall not register for the competition at the same time.

(2) The institution must have Grade A qualification of urban and rural planning. Priority will be given to those who can provide the business achievement on planning and designing similar industrial parks in the last 5 years.

(3) The main designer must have the title of a senior engineer (or above) in urban and rural planning or other relevant fields. Or he/she must have the qualification of registered urban planner within the validity period, and can offer industrial park designing experience as the main designer. Priority will be given to those whose main designers are domestic famous experts.
(Note: There is only 1 main designer in the project)

(4) Design consortium is allowed with no more than 2 members for each consortium. All members in the consortium must meet the above requirements at the same time, and the consortium must submit the consortium agreement at the time of registration, in which the principal unit of the consortium is identified. After signing the Consortium Agreement, any member of the design consortium can’t apply for the competition individually, or join the other team, or organize a new team.

7.2 Application

(1) The candidates must first send the filled Prequalification Questionnaire (see Annex 2, sign and stamp the official seal of the legal representative) to the agency by July 26, 2019. The officially stamped questionnaire is submitted in PDF or JPG format, while another separate word format (without the seal) is submitted for summary and statistics. The time is subject to when the agency receives the documents. Late arrival will not be accepted.
(Note: Candidates could send the PPT about self-introduction in advance by e-mail to the agency. The content could include but not limited to company profiles, similar project performance (pictures and texts), the introduction of the main designer. This electronic document is used only to sort out the information and cannot be used as the application document.

7.3 Deadline

The deadline for registration is 15:00 p.m. (Beijing time) on July 29, 2019 (subject to the time when the agency receives the written registration documents). Late arrivals will not be accepted.

7.4 Registration documents (the original and the copy)

Candidates shall prepare two copies of Attachment 3 Registration Document Content and Format Requirements content in order and bind them in accordance with A4 paper specifications. One is the original, the other one is the copy. Taking environmental conservation into considerations, double-sided printing is recommended. Registration documents shall be mailed or delivered to the agency (Guangzhou Wangtat Project Management & Consultancy Co., Ltd.)

8. Websites to Get Attachments

Attachments could be downloaded at the following websites:

9. Competition Deposit

In order to ensure the success of the competition, all the candidates who are formally invited to participate in the competition, must pay the deposit of RMB 20,000 to confirm participation.

The deposit of the 4th and 5th candidates will be returned to the payment account within one month after the evaluation in Schemes Competition Session (excluding interests, the same as below). The deposit of the 2nd and 3rd candidates will be returned to the payment account within one month after the evaluation in Schemes Deepening Competition. The deposit of the 1st (i.e. the final winner) will be returned to the payment account within one month after signing the contract and sending the copy of the contract (copy) to the agency.

10. Contact (For further information, please contact the agency.)

Organizer: Hunan Baisha Green Island Investment Development Corp.
Contact: Liu Zhen 18973489665

Agency: Guangzhou Wangtat Project Management & Consultancy Co., Ltd
Address: (Guangdong Province) Guangzhou Science City Science Avenue 99, Jingu 2nd Street, 7thWangtat Construction Building, 5th floor
Contact: 020-87562291. Switch Wen (to 8536, mobile phone 18825166340), Zhang (8539), Zhong (8560)
Post code: 510663
E-mail: [email protected]
Fax: 020-87562532

Aimir as always committed to provide international competitions information for you, if you want know more details, please feel free to contact us at all times.

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