Project Overview


Project Name:

International Consultation on the Development Strategy Planning of Guangzhou Aerotropolis Development District


Project Background

Airport economy is regarded as the economic development form and the main driver in the fifth wave of urban development, after sea transportation, natural canal, railway and highway. For example, Singapore Changi Airport, as a main air hub in Asia, is currently the seventh busiest international airport around the world. It drives the development of related industries such as international headquarters cluster, exhibition and logistics in and around the area, and supports 10% of Singapore’s GNP. These years, the Regulations of Guangzhou Airport Economic Zone and the 14th Five-Year Plan for Guangzhou’s Airport Economic Development were promulgated successively. Guangzhou Airport Economic Zone boasts national and provincial functional platforms, including National Airport Economic Demonstration Zone, National Comprehensive Bonded Area, Aerotropolis National Logistics Hub, and Guangdong Free Trade Zone Linkage Development Zone. Moreover, the Phase III expansion project of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is being accelerated. Guangzhou Aerotropolis Development District is welcoming new development opportunities. With international vision and experience, this international consultation will take the advantage of Baiyun Airport as the hub to develop surrounding areas and major platforms. With a clear development trend of airport economy in the future, it will coordinate the planning and construction of the airport and the 116km2 surrounding areas. Like this, it will promote the transformation from a “transportation hub” to an “economic hub”, “opening-up hub” and “gateway hub”, and build an international aviation city that leads the higher-quality development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and has a global reach.


Working Range and Content


Working Range

This international consultation falls into two levels: research scope and planning scope.
Research scope: 
The Aerotropolis Development District and surrounding areas as a whole, and the total area is not limited.
Planning scope: 116km2 Aerotropolis Development District, with Liuxi River in the east, North Second Ring Expressway in the south, Tieshan River – National Highway 106 – Jinghu Avenue in the west, and Huadu Avenue in the north, as well as the northern and southern areas of the former Baiyun Airport Comprehensive Bonded Area.


Schematic Diagram of International Consultation Scope


Work Content

A. Current situation and development trend

Preparing a comprehensive summary of the current situation and relevant plan of the area; studying well-known airports in and outside of China, and airports in airport economic zones, Yangtze River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, Chengdu-Chongqing Region and other regions, comparing airports in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area horizontally, and analyzing the new dynamics, trends and business formats of airport economic development as a whole.

B. Regional coordination

Aligning with Guangzhou’s urban development strategic plan of “one corridor, one belt, two cores and five poles”, clarifying its role of differentiated and coordinated development in the region, and proposing a regional coordinated development strategy.

C. General goal and vision

Further proposing the target orientation and image vision with characteristics and attraction, based on the benchmarking case, and from the view of accelerating domestic and international dual-cycle development and promoting the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

D. Spatial development structure

Refining the leading industries in the district to highlight the advantages of resource combination between the airport and surrounding areas; establishing a spatial distribution map of airport industrial chain system; forming an organic, flexible overall blueprint of the district.

E. Industrial convergence

From the perspective of global supply chain and geo-economy, linking up industrial plans, further optimizing the spatial layout of airport industrial chain system, and promoting the interaction and coordinated development between the zone and surrounding major platforms.

F. Transportation organization

Implementing the concept of low-carbon smart transportation, predicting future production mode and lifestyle, and strengthening the traffic connection with surrounding hubs, major platforms, key areas, and main cities in the Greater Bay Area, so as to achieve coordinated and efficient urban transportation and land use.

G. Suggestions for supporting system optimization

Providing suggestions for optimizing supporting systems such as ecological protection and utilization, urban renewal, commercial consumption, cultural tourism and leisure, infrastructure, historical context, and supporting policies, based on the regional functional layout, future population portrait and population distribution.


Conditions for International Consultation



Guangzhou Aerotropolis Development District Management Committee



Guangzhou Construction Engineering Supervision Co., Ltd.


Solicitation Method of International Consultation


Public solicitation is adopted for this international consultation. There are two stages: unit solicitation stage, scheme preparation and evaluation stage. In public solicitation, bulletins will be published on Guangzhou Public Resource Trading Center website (URL:, China Tendering and Bidding Public Service Platform (URL:, ABBS Architecture Forum website (URL:, and Guangzhou Construction Engineering Supervision Co., Ltd. (URL: Registration of applicant agency at home and abroad will be accepted publicly.

Unit solicitation stage: The sponsor organizes the International Consultation Committee according to law, which will hold a unit solicitation meeting. The credit standing, relevant achievements (strategic development consultation and planning projects of the airport economic zones or aviation new cities, or strategic development consultation or urban industrial consultation and planning of megacities), and team competence of applicant agencies will be considered comprehensively. Then, four candidates will be selected and enter the scheme preparation and evaluation stage. Meanwhile, two alternative units shall be selected (in order). If any selected applicant agency applies to withdraw in the second stage, the alternative units will take the place in order.

Scheme preparation and evaluation stage: four selected units submit the final results scheme, which will be evaluated by experts organized by the International Consultation Committee. The schemes will be evaluated and ranked, and the winning applicant agencies will obtain the corresponding bonuses. The winning applicant agencies should integrate and optimize work with the support of technical services and schemes, until the strategic plan is approved by the government.


International Consultation Bonuses


According to the evaluation and ranking of the submitted schemes by the Scheme Evaluation Committee, the four selected units will obtain the following awards:
First Prize: RMB 3.5 million (including tax);
Second Prize: RMB 1.8 million (including tax);
Merit units (2): RMB 800,000 (including tax)of cost compensation for each, totaling RMB 1.6 million. Except for the above four finalists, no other units with qualification and registration will receive any compensation.

If, after review, the bid winner is a consortium, the sponsor of international consultation shall pay the cost compensation, bonus, or both in full to the only legal Chinese account designated by this applicant, which is not necessarily the leading party’s account. The sponsor will not pay any other expenses to the member of the consortium.

The ownerships of all the schemes and results that have passed the effectiveness review and win compensation belong to Guangzhou Aerotropolis Development District Management Committee, the sponsor of international consultation, while the applicant agency enjoy the signing rights of consulting results. In addition, the sponsor enjoy the ownerships of all the consulting results collected in this international consultation event, and no consulting results will be returned to the applicant agencies after review. Applicant agencies that have submitted a valid Application Form as required by this announcement of solicitation shall be deemed to agree to this clause.


International Consultation Schedule


Stage Time Matter
First Stage
Application and unit selection
April 3, 2023 Issuing formal announcement and accepting registration
Before 17:00, April 17, 2023 Deadline for submitting application documents
Late April 2023 The selection meeting will be held to publicize results and issue the finalist notice and international consulting technical documents
Second Stage
Scheme preparation and evaluation
Early May 2023 Q&A and mid-term inspection
Late June 2023 Submitting formal consulting schemes
Late June to July 2023 Scheme evaluation meeting and results publicity

Note: All times are based on Beijing time. The sponsor and organizer reserve the right to adjust the schedule.


Application for International Consultation



  1. Consortia are accepted in the application of this international consultation. There may not be more than three institutions in a consortium. The consortium shall submit the agreement of consortium application as required (the agreement of consortium application shall be affixed with the official seal of each member; if there is no official seal for an overseas agency, the agreement can be signed by its legal representative or legal authorized representative).
  2. No application in the name of individuals is accepted in this international consultation. Domestic applicant agencies shall have independent legal person qualification, and provide a valid business license or legal person certificate, and they should not be in a bad state such as revoked business license, ordered to close down or be revoked. Overseas applicant agencies shall be legally registered in its base, and provide valid a business registration certificate. Different units at home and abroad, with the same person in charge or have holding and management relationship, may not register for this international consultation event at the same time. (Note: A base refers to the main place where a company, enterprise or commercial institution is legally registered to operate or set up an office) If the applicant is an overseas agency, it shall form a consortium with a domestic unit for application, and the domestic unit shall be the leading party. (The agreement of consortium application shall be affixed with the official seal of each member, and the leading party of the consortium shall be specified.)
  3. An applicant agency shall have relevant project experience, such as strategic development consulting and planning projects of airport economic zones or aviation new cities, or strategic development consulting or urban industry consulting and planning projects of megacities, since January 1, 2017 till the application deadline (it shall provide the first page of contract or consultation report, or the copy of certificate recognized by the owner, or other certificates such as awards; for undertaken as a consortium, it shall provide relevant documents proving that the scope of work it undertook in the project meets the requirements of this event; the project time is subject to the time of signing the contract).
  4. The General Project Leader shall directly participate in the whole process of international consultation, attend at least 2 meetings in person for scheme report, and provide commitment according to the Statement of Applicant Agency. The applicant agency must ensure that the General Project Leader and the main consultants are always engaged in the consultation and will not be replaced in the midway. If case of consortium applications, the General Project Leader must be a personnel of the leading party of the consortium.


Application method

  1. Application method: Applicants shall prepare the Application Form and Letter of Commitment to Confidentiality (see Annex 1), Information of Applicant Agency (see Annex 2), and Application Document Templates (see Annex 3) as required by this solicitation announcement, deliver or send the written documents before the deadline during April 3, 2023 – April 17, 2023 (9:00 – 12:00, 14:00 – 17:00, excluding legal holidays), and send the editable electronic documents and sealed scanned copies of the above documents to the organizer’s e-mail ([email protected]). Deadline: Before 17:00, April 17, 2023. If the applicant agency sends the application documents by mail, the submission time shall be subject to the time when the organizer receives the application documents. The written application documents must be delivered to the site or mailed to the receiving address before the deadline. If the written application documents are delivered before the deadline (subject to the mail receipt record or site receipt record), the application shall be deemed successful. All the consequences arising from the failure of delivering the written application documents before the deadline due to mailing and other reasons and during the mailing process shall be borne by the applicant agency.


Requirements for documents

  1. The format and submission of application documents are subject to the requirements in the Application Document Templates (see Annex 3).
  2. The applicant agency shall prepare complete application documents and bind them into a volume. If there are many contents, they can be bound in volumes. The cover of each volume of application documents shall be affixed with the official seal of the applicant agency; the application documents shall be stamped with the official seal of the applicant agency on the perforation. The representative of the applicant agency can be its legal representative or authorized representative. With the application documents signed by the authorized representative, a valid power of attorney signed by the legal representative shall be submitted.

Note: Only the Consortium’s Participation Agreement is required to be affixed with the official seals of each member; other application documents can be sealed and signed by the leading party of the consortium. All the above official seals required can be electronic seals.

  1. The agency must bear all consequences caused by any errors or omissions in its application documents.
  2. All application documents shall be in nine copies (including 1 original copy and 1 electronic version of the original copy; the electronic version can only be saved in a USB flash drive with no password and no virus; the content of electronic version shall be consistent with the written application documents printed by the applicant agency; in case of any difference, the written application document shall prevail), 8 photocopies, marked with “original” and “photocopy”. If the photocopies are inconsistent with the original, the original shall prevail. The application documents shall be formally signed by the legal authorized representatives of the applicant agency. Any change (if any) shall be signed by the original signatory.
  3. All application documents shall be delivered to the international consultation organizer before the deadline, and handed over to the full-time person in charge of the sponsor. Any documents arriving after the deadline cannot be accepted. The international consulting organizer is not responsible for the damage or loss of the application documents caused by force majeure events.
  4. All application documents shall be sealed in an envelope or package, affixed with the official seal of the applicant over the seal. Application documents, including a. Original (including the electronic version of application documents), b. photocopies, and c. Application Form shall be bound separately and packaged together. The cover of the envelope or package shall be written with:



Special notes:

  • Disputes arising from this international consultation shall be governed by courts under the jurisdiction of the People’s Republic of China. The international consultation work and all documents shall be governed by Chinese laws. In case of any dispute, both parties shall negotiate amicably. If negotiation fails, both parties have the right to file an appeal to the people’s court where the purchaser is located.
  • This project is a non-mandatory bidding project. The applicant agency shall ensure carrying out consulting work in strict accordance with the purchaser’s demand.
  • Overseas agencies must be authorized by the headquarters before participating in the international consultation.
  • To ensure the project consultants’ accurate understanding of the regional background and relevant requirements in China, overseas applicant agencies shall be equipped with at least one person who is proficient in Chinese.
  • All documents of international consultation application and achievements shall be in Chinese version. In case of any inconsistency between the Chinese and English expressions in this announcement and its annexes, the Chinese version shall prevail. The documents submitted by an overseas agency shall include Chinese (simplified) translation. If the documents submitted in simplified Chinese are inconsistent with those in non-Chinese, the simplified Chinese version shall prevail.


The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to know more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

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