Founded in 2006, AIMIR has been learning and growing in the architectural visualization industry, during which a complete and thorough service system was built in the early days. We had introduced our service system in a blog back in 2016, but we decided to give a more comprehensive introduction today.

This blog consists of four sections, following the production order chronologically. It started with AIMIR’s key features. Then we’ll focus on our service before/during/after the production. Finally, we summarized some other client care solutions.

Now, let’s start off the journey!


Key Features: What makes us Different?


What makes AIMIR different from other architectural visualization firms? Our remote 24/7 service? 7,000+ projects we’ve been completed? Long-term partnership with fabulous architects around the world? No. We’ve been extreme clear on this question since AIMIR was established:

Our Professional Consulting Service.

On top of general excellent 3D visualization services which we’re very proud of, we provide deep, constructive, and comprehensive advice during the production. We have an eye for our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities that may bring the projects to a higher level. Our friendly team members are here 24/7 to provide efficient and flexible solution for your project.

Read Naladhu Island Resort project, Vineyard Hills RV Resort project, and Wilshire Courtyard project to discover more about how AIMIR gives professional advice.

Meanwhile, there are other key features that have been supporting our services including:

  • Crosscheck System: Comprehensive internal-check system for various scenarios including but not limited to quality control system, 3D artists crosscheck system; repeated comments checking system, checklists for preparation, etc. More information will be given in the “During Production” part.
  • Summary & Survey System: We care about what our clients think. After each project, we will send out our summary for this unique project and a survey, so the clients’ feedback will in turn help improve our service in the future.
  • Continuous Content Support: We keep updating and sharing industrial news and trends, such as architectural design competition information, professional articles, monthly newsletters, and SNS posts.


Before Production


AIMIR has a clear workflow to provide service from the moment our clients reach us to the second the production starts. It is easily divided into two period: proposal and preparation.

  • Proposal

Our email address [email protected] is not the only way to reach us. AIMIR is on various platforms to ensure that clients can reach us easily. We are easily found on various social network website, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Behance, and Twitter.

We guarantee the tailored proposal will be sent with 24 hours after our first contact. Our service flow as shown below:

For pricing, we have a comprehensive pricing system to support fair and transparent pricing. In addition, we have Long-term Partnership Agreement to help maintain a healthy cooperation while guarantee our partners’ benefit.

  • Preparation

Once the proposal is accepted, a formal contract will be signed and an invoice of the deposit will be sent. A kick-off meeting will be held at our end between:

  1.  Project Manager;
  2.  Production Director;
  3.  Production Team, which is 3D artists involved.

We will stick to the “one team to one client” principle, with a whole team as strong backup at the same time.


During Production


Production is a vital part because the products are made during this time. AIMIR knows this probably is the most concerned process for the clients, thus, various tools are introduced to guarantee the production. Under the help of our mature workflow, your 1 to 1 project manager and project 3D artist team will work at full capacity to guarantee the quality and final delivery.

This is the workflow of production:

During each round, we do:

During the past 16 years, AIMIR has posted more than 500 blogs about architectural visualization. Among those, we recommend some professional articles if you’re looking for 3D rendering services or have confronted with any difficulties. Here is part of them:

Professional guides:

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Case studies:

AIMIR’s 3D Renderings Help Win the LABC’s 51st Annual Architectural Awards: Sphere on Sunset Project in Los Angeles

How did AIMIR Turn a Single Sketch into a 3D Rendering? Case Study of Royal Manor Residential Project

3D Rendering & Animation Marketing for Vineyard Hills RV Resort in Fredericksburg, Texas: Case Study

How 3D Rendering and Animation Highlight your Presentation: Case Study of Second & Peabody Project

How 3D Renderings Help Get Approval from the City Council: Case Study of Wilshire Courtyard

Beautiful Ocean House Renderings: Making of Naladhu Island Resort – a Private Island in Maldives

Case Study: Chabad of Lakeview Captures beauty with 3D Renderings

3D Rendering: How AIMIR Gives a New Life to the H+C Office Building

3D Visualization Created Gorgeous Renderings for Furano ZEKKEI Hotel


After Production


It is not finished. We know the importance of after-production support. So, AIMIR is proud to introduce our after-production care.

  • Works

We understand the changeable nature of design industry, so we offer free modification service after the project is delivered. However, not all modifications are free.

We’d like to serve our clients in the most comfortable way. Therefore, if you have any concerns after the final delivery, please feel free to voice, we’re always here to help.

  • Service

AIMIR cares about feedback. In order to constantly improve our service, we built the Summary & Survey System.

Summary & Survey System: After each project, we will send out the summary of this project and a survey. Until 30th June 2021, we’ve received tons of positive feedback on our works and service, and our client satisfaction rate is over 98%. At the same time, advice is a great help in improving ourselves, which in turn, are able to provide professional services.


Other Client Care Solutions


  • Long-term Partnership Agreement: To provide timely and accurate standard service, AIMIR has LPA for regular clients based on the principle of equality and mutual benefit. This agreement helps maintain healthy partnership and brings benefit for the clients.
  • Sustainability Development: AIMIR care about the planet. We are a paper-free office. During the Covid-19, we telework with our clients and our team.
  • On-site Support: AIMIR offers on-site support. Our client can choose to work remotely with AIMIR or show up on site to get a closer look at the production process of AIMIR’s team.
  • Various Content Support: We keep sharing our works and updating industrial trends with audience, and are active on social network platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Behance, and Twitter. Meanwhile, our monthly newsletter has gained 10,000 subscribers in 2021.


At AIMIR, we create the best CGI works and deliver services that satisfy our clients’ needs, wants, or aspirations. With the help of our advanced and thorough Service System, AIMIR has been standing out in Architectural Visualization since 2006, and will keep delivering sought-after 3D works to excellent architects and designers worldwide.

If you’re interested in our service system, or have upcoming project to talk about, you’re more than welcome to contact us!

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