There were many provocative stories and creative designs emerged in the past year. In AIMIR’s yearly review, we have selected the top 10 stunning and eye-pleasing 3D renderings of 2019. What greatness we achieved in the past and the likes we received from our clients greatly inspired us to embrace the opportunities of self -improvement. We will stay true to what we believe and endeavor to offer realistic and attractive renderings for our clients.

Now, let’s enjoy this reviewing tour of all these amazing projects in 2019.

AM1 Mosque

Project name: AM1 Mosque

Location: KSA Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Project: June 12th, 2019

Architects:  ** Consultants

The cubic mosque is designed to encourage “peaceful co-existence and openness”. It is the perfect combination of traditional culture and modern architectural style. The layout of this dome-less mosque is a glass box with a large open prayer hall. The mosque encompasses Main Prayer Hall (Men), Ladies Prayer Hall, Services Area, and Circulation and multi-purpose rooms. The aerial view showed the overall building and the surrounding context and in the two human eye level renderings, they depicted the glass box and its unique outer exterior construction. A minaret rose from the open-air space. More importantly, the dusk moon is the icing on the cake. It enshrined the image and make it more appealing.

Reizen Residence

Project name: Reizen Residence

Project Location: Bay Harbor Islands, Florida

Project: June 2019

Architects:  *** ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN

This two-storey house, rose above a Florida street, enabling the homeowners to enjoy ample natural light. It was a renovation project with new ambitions. This new home took advantage of the siting to maximize the experience of changing daylight. Encompassed rush vegetation, a swimming pool and wood-made awning in the back yard, it’s a good place to relax and gathering. The interior was full of simplifying style. The marble dining table, white furnishing, and soft lighting intensified the theme of being elegant. All the details were carefully selected and placed. It created a serenity not often found in the center of this busy city.

His & Her Master Suite

Project name: His & Her Master Suite

Location: America

Project: March 2019

Architects:  * * of Chicago

Those renderings are made by the new technology- Corona Renderer. Corona Renderer is a modern high-performance (un)biased photorealistic renderer, available for Autodesk 3ds Max, MAXON Cinema 4D, and as a standalone application. This project follows the design philosophy of luxury and premium lifestyle. The charcoal-colored wood cabinet, golden mental, crystal chandelier, and finest textures created an entirely new impression and reflect the very soul of modern. The interior details elevate the standard to an unprecedented level. These dramatic and eye-catching renderings have dazzled lots of people because it’s hard to tell if they are photos or renderings.

Collins Avenue Hotel

Project name: Collins Avenue Hotel

Location: Miami Beach, Florida

Project: Jan. 2019

Architects:  * 3

The full-height glazed hotel fills transparency that sets it apart from the surrounding buildings. The guest rooms are wrapped by glass panels, which are cast in the Y shapes concrete boards to reference the “creative output of the locals”. With an open balcony and terrace, it offers visitors uninterrupted city views and exposure to sunlight. Besides, the carefully selected dusk mood and lighting blend into the context, nature and landscape unite and thrive.

The Walker Residence

Project name: The Walker Residence

Location: California

Project: June 2019

Architects:  **Design

This low-rise residence merged with the local landscape in California aimed to offer a comfortable living space for the residents. It’s necessary to establish a dialogue between the natural scenery and the architecture. The good images reveal the interiors inside the building as well as additional facade details. And the eye-pleasing vegetation throughout the building created a feeling of calm and serene atmosphere.

The Matt House

Project name: The Matt House

Location: America

Project: June 2019

Architects:  * URBAN

The client’s brief was to create a bright and fresh environment. The exterior covered with black steel panels and grey brick contrast the bright interior. This two-storey house accommodated with a rooftop deck and pool made the most of the space. The refinement of the project is found in the details, all of which create a perfect balance both inside and outside.

218 4th Avenue

Project name: 218 4th Avenue

Location: Nashville, America

Project: September 2019

Architects: No**

This 24-storey mixed-use development contained luxurious penthouses and common units rose toward the skyline. It features a reflective exterior comprising a mixture of materials including glass panels, satin-finished stainless steel, broad louvers and open balconies that make it further stand out from its brickwork neighbors. What’s more, this high-rise building gave access to the expansive view of the city.


Albany Building

Project name: Albany Building

Location: New York

Project: June 2019

Architects: ** Architects, PLLC

It’s important to combine the building with the surrounding when making a photorealistic rendering. The designer used red and white brick, featuring plenty of windows and open balconies, to transform it into a light-filled home. AIMIR has made two different scenes for this project. The snowy background blends with the building, adding holiday decorations to create joyfulness. Isn’t it warm and happy when you picture the Christmas day?

Commercial Building

Project name: Commercial Building

Location: Ash Shati, Saudi Arabia

Project: Jan. 2019

Architects: * Harasani Architects

The most attractive part of this project is the unique glass construction – Fritted Glass, which is a popular building element. It not only helps reduce glare and heat, protecting guest’s privacy but also gives the facade a distinctive look with patterns from simple shapes to intricate designs.

5 Star hotel

Project name: 5 star hotel

Location: Greece

Project: April 2019

Architects: **opos

Occupied on a sloping site in the resort of Greece island, this stone-wall hotel features rooms that open onto a communal deck overlooking the ocean. There are a private pool and leisure area in front of each guest room. It seeks to make optimal use of its setting without disrupting the untouched natural landscape.

AIMIR‘s principal ambition is to seek amazing ways to represent the power of ideas and help our clients to tell their stories via the most stunning and breathtaking 3D renderings. We offer the best-tailored service to meet customer individual needs. Let us know if you’re interested in working together!

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