As part of our review of 2021, here are 5 renderings of residences we’ve selected from 2021 projects. We look at the houses, apartments, cottages, villas, and any other types of homes which provide a private space for living.

Hope these photorealistic visual works would share a hint of inspiration, or a sheer of enjoyment.


#5 Joyce House, New Jersey, USA

In its extension of an American-style residence in New Jersey, the architect added a 2-story frame garage that went along the same style with the existing primary house.

The added garage contains two stories of spaces for parking and guest suite respectively. It is animated with a mix of different façade treatments, including masonry and standing seam metal roofing.

With the help of AIMIR’s 3D rendering, the project was approved. This two-and-half-story masonry dwelling now can be accessed through the paver driveway which leads to the new garage.


#4 212 Front St House, California, USA

210715-212 Front St House (1)
210715-212 Front St House (2)
210715-212 Front St House (3)
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A two-story cottage with standing seam metal roofing and brick and inset windows. The white fish scale shingles and grill add a playful mood to the whole house.

AIMIR’s 3D renderings create a simple and elegant rustic but modern dwelling. The model was not complete when the production started, a lot of details were added at that time, such as trims, posts, window skirts, and brackets. As an ArchViz consultant, AIMIR always enjoy giving advice and enriching the design together with the clients.


#3 Community Development, La Caña, Dominican Republic

Community Design (1)
Community Design (2)
Community Design (3)
Community Design (4)
Community Design (5)
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Facing the Caribbean Sea, this residential community is part of a huge master plan for the locals. The architecture is inspired by famous coastal architecture such as Alys Beach, Mediterranean cities.

Not only 3D renderings, an animation was created for this community as well. The model was modified a couple of times during the production. AIMIR had cope with the issues fast and smart.


Find out more about Residential Community Development in Dominican Republic >


#2 Apartment, New Jersey, USA

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An excellent story about how this project was created, and how it sells more with AIMIR’s suggestions. As an ArchViz consultant, AIMIR gave suggestions after the final delivery, which surprised the client and helped the presentation a great deal.

Situated on Main Street in Hackensack, this mixed-use project is 12 miles from Manhattan town. It will be the new addition to Main Street. The brick, loft-style façade interprets the residential character of the neighborhood with three different veneers that create depth found in traditional brick buildings.


Find out more about Apartment in New Jersey >


#1 Royal Manor Residential, Canada

We can’t express how much we love this project, just as we can’t value how much AIMIR’s team had devoted into creating this project. It is a project starting with one single conceptual sketch. With 25 units, this 3-story apartment building is showcasing to its future residents.

Confronted with the situation where the design was not finished yet, AIMIR’s team built the model from sketch and revised it again and again together with the architect.


Find out more about Royal Manor Residential >



That’s 5 residences AIMIR has selected from 2021’s projects. Including apartment, cottage, house and residential community. We hope you like them, or part of them.

No matter you need them for marketing, presentation, reporting, or fundraising, there is nothing like a creative 3D rendering to show off your exciting idea! AIMIR has been providing high-end ArchViz works since 2006. If you have any exciting project, please don’t hesitate to contact our architectural visualization studio!

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