As we welcome 2022, some of us are considering their destination for a holiday. Continuing our review of 2021, AIMIR’s selected 5 impressive hotel and resort projects with the best architectural visualization works.

Hotels and resorts, as a destination where people relax and entertain themselves, is truly original experiences. AIMIR’s best 5 hotel and resort projects of 2021 reflects the vision of an independent ideology. All of them combines thought-provoking design, local knowledge, and cultural programming to immerse yourselves. On top of that, amazing ArchViz production stories are involved.

Please join AIMIR – your smart Architectural Visualization consultant – with the journey of seeking more than just accommodation.


#5 Vacation House, Huidong, China

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A shortlisted design for Huidong Vacation House competition! A luxuriant forest covers these vacation houses in the deep mountain of Huidong, Guangdong Province. Three wald houses sit not far from each other, where an outdoor amphitheater sitting next to that people can gather for.

AIMIR’s 3D renderings depict a full-of-story place. Because these vacation houses are located in deep forests, our 3D artists had put plenty of attention on landscaping.


#4 Naladhu Island Resort, Maldives

210424-Maldives (1)
210424-Maldives (2)
210424-Maldives (3)
210424-Maldives (4)
210424-Maldives (5)
210424-Maldives (7)
210424-Maldives (8)
210424-Maldives (9)
210424-Maldives (10)
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Find your travel muse and get inspired by this ocean house in Maldives. A combination of typical seaside resort exterior and modern and classic interior.

Step into this glorious private island through AIMIR’s 3D renderings, with its brilliant beach, elegant rooms, and cultural indulgences. These images can be found on their website on booking pages. For real estate companies, 3D Architectural Visualization is a perfect tool for marketing.


Find out more about Naladhu Island Ocean House >


#3 Vineyard Hills RV Resort, Texas, USA

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Three renders tell a story about this RV resort, a new plan for Fredericksburg area. This area developed over many years in a unique German Hill Country style based on stone building material.

As an irreplaceable tool for marketing, 3D rendering & animation provide a truly engaging experience for their viewers. We have created 3D renderings and a 40-second animation to demonstrate the resort. These works were used in marketing promotion and received positive results.


Find out more about Vineyard Hills RV Resort >


#2 Hotel with Swimming Pool, Qingdao, China

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Extra points go to this hotel, given the magnificent seaside setting for a relaxation space and an indoor swimming pool. This hotel is situated by the sea, and the view is visible through large ceiling-to-floor glass windows and doors.

These renderings beautifully depict the streamlined ceiling and wall design, along with the marble floors. AIMIR, as a professional ArchViz service provider, created these two renderings in 4 days.


#1 Riverside Wharf, Miami, USA

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Snaking its way through downtown, this historic river will be home to the Riverside Wharf, a 10-story entertainment complex which will bring new life to this area. With a 165-room luxury property from Dream Hotel Group, it will officially open in 2025.

Our 3D renderings accelerated the reporting process to Miami city, and got this project approved. For such a huge project, AIMIR has been following it from 2020. 3D Architectural Visualization is a versatile tool for demonstrating the ideas.


Find out more about Riverside Wharf >



These sum up the best 5 hotel and resort projects from 2021. Hope you can get some inspiration from them, to dream, to experience, to create. Our review of 2021 is still on board, please follow AIMIR to get updates on more topics and themes. If you have any topic you’d like to see, or any interesting projects coming, you’re welcome to talk to our professional architectural visualization studio.

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