According to Pyramid psychology, the brain will transform the picture into feelings when people see a picture, making it echo a person’s life experience. And that is the reason why people will have emotional change when they see the view. However, different people have different life experience so architectural renderings’ audience is also varied.

As for clients who lack relevant knowledge and professional skills, they will tend to connect the content of renderings with the real world. In other words, they would more likely to consider those renderings that similar to the real scene as the better works. In their mind, leaves should be green or yellow, followers should be red, and the sky should be blue. In order to catch their eyes, the most important way is to make the renderings consistent with the scene where the construction was completed.

Let’s see how AIMIR do.

The frozen trees, cold blue sky and the mist make the viewer think of a brumal winter morning. Teenagers are skating and playing on the snowfield. The picture shows one of those sweet unremarkable days full of simple pleasures of life. It’s what everybody can refer to: winter sunlight, white trees with frozen ices, tranquil walk home. And this takes place near the building–with it and because of it. This is a fascinating 3D rendering for AIMIR’s clients.

On the other hand, when it comes to those renderings used to take part in the contest or exchanging ideas, they can be a little abstract. Why? It is because the professionals can accept and maybe more like the non-representational one. Most of the renderings that we can see from Issuu and Pinterest can be classified into this category. This kind of renderings abstract the concrete and express the infectivity through presenting the ideas and features (space, material, light, shadow, human activities).

The light creates a warm atmosphere when the night falls. The owner of the residence stands in front of a big glass looking far into the distance. The light and shade contrast sketch the façade of the construction perfectly.

The feelings toward renderings are varied from people to people. Thus, to make an excellent and attractive rendering, an architectural visualization company need to take design ideas of architects, the content of the renderings and acceptability of clients into account. And that is exactly AIMIR’s principle.

No matter what kind of 3D rendering do you need, you can find anything you want from AIMIR, a 3D rendering company, which is attempting to offer the first-class 3D renderings and animations that showcase your work in a vivid way to our clients. Please contact us if you have anything you need without hesitation.

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