Who is in the world of architectural visualization? AIMIR Is Listed In Gayarre Infografia’s Top Architectural Visualizers Around the World List!

Why people choose AIMIR?

Nowadays, architectural visualization has become a revolutionary and favorable tool in the real estate industry. It shows the real picture of a future place, and with clients getting a better 3D visualization, it can carry your message to the heart of your client and speed up the sales process.

As the top 3D rendering company of the Gayarre Inforgrafia Architectural Visualizers, we deliver consistent high-end architectural rendering, animation, and virtual reality solutions. Over the years, we have been creating the next generation of digital imagery that inspires our clients and sparks the right response from their customers, resulting in an unprecedented increase in your clients and inquiries.

How does it work?

At AIMIR, accurate 3D models, realistic photographic quality renderings and lively computer animations are based on owning a competent team of architects and photographers, coupled with state-of-the-art software technologies and a trained artistic vision. Not only does our extensive experience permit us to handle complex and large-scale projects, but also, we provide the highest quality architectural visualization solutions to bring your abstract blueprints to life with stunning depth, color, and reality,leaving your client a lasting impression, all within your budget and time frame.

Our commercial building renderings have been the greatest way to convey our clients’ vision. The interior renderings have also been the essential tool for our clients to help demonstrate a new look or layout for their spaces. All the AIMIR’s computer graphics are a wonderful visual experience for our clients – seeing is believing!

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