As an effective marketing tool for the promotion of architectural, 3D renderings are more and more popular in real estate development. You may ask a question that what exactly the advantages it possesses and what about its price? AIMIR would like to answer.


1. Multiple angles of view.

3D rendering’s multiple angles of view enable real estate developer and architects to bring their works to life in full, glorious 3D. Audiences will be able to know the internal structures and surroundings of the buildings well.

2. The expectation scene will be showcased by 3D renderings.

Not only the construction but also human activities can be designed for clients who would be more willing to buy the residences after enjoying the 3D renderings showing the scene when the buildings were completed and residents lived in their new house.

3. Accelerate the project.

In order to create a 3D rendering, all of the designs of the construction have to be done rapidly. Therefore, architects need to settle down all the details first, which benefits to shorten the whole projects time scale. In this way, architects can promote their works with attractive 3D rendering in the early time period, which bring an edge on those without this technology. What’s more, the sales volume will increase without doubt.

4. 3D rendering is better than the traditional ways of presenting a construction.

Though sand table is inexpensive, it is stable, unlike animation, which can showcase the dynamic scene. Some customers might say that sand table is just as vivid as the Lego toys of my son. Lack of reality is the biggest shortcoming of the sand table. What? Do you talk about the model room? Before you complete your model room, your competitors have created their strong images and robbed most of your target customers.

5. 3D rendering benefits urban planning

Sometimes 3D rendering not only shows a building but presents a whole district of the city. The scene appearing on the picture is the combination of the modern city and the future one. Just like AIMIR’s Westport 50 projects, telling people what the Westport will look like in 2050.

Westport, 2000

Westport, 2050

Market Price


1. The price varies from excellent 3D rendering to common 3D rendering.

As for MIR, one of the most famous architectural visualization company, their works’ price is highest. The price for those 3D renderings that combine some materials simply will be low. However, AIMIR, a professional 3D rendering company, aiming to offer the most cost-effective 3D rendering for our clients. Our experts will make full use of everything to showcase clients’ works in their full splendid and price is fair.

2. The difficulty of making a 3D rendering is an important factor of pricing.

If the rendering is easy to make, it will cost little time for the makers and the price is low. Likewise, some complex rendering will be charged more. AIMIR has the ability to get every mission done and fulfill whatever our clients demand.

All in all, with the development of technology, architectural visualization will become a common thing. What’s more, VR and AR will be integrated into this industry, which allows audients have better feelings. AIMIR CG will keep the beast with the latest development and attempt to serve our clients well.

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